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Dirk Bohling

Dirk Böhling (born November 30, 1964 in Preetz / Schleswig-Holstein ) is a German actor , director and author .


Böhling grew up in Plön and received his Abitur there in 1984 at the “State Boarding School Schloss Plön”. Even when he was still in school he played various leading and supporting roles at the Niederdeutsche Bühne Neumünster and wrote articles and columns for daily newspapers. After his military service, which he spent mostly singing in the "Seemannschor der MVS " List on Sylt , he completed an acting training in Hamburg and played at theaters in Germany. As a director he has so far staged at many German theaters, as well as audio books and radio play productions for NDR and Radio Bremen .

After completing his acting diploma, Böhling began his beginners engagement at the Landestheater Detmold . He played in the three-branch theater in drama, musicals and operettas. This was followed by festival and guest engagements as an actor at various stages such as the Bremerhaven City Theater , the Oldenburg State Theater , the Osnabrück City Theaters , the theaters in Lüneburg and Herford, and on tour. He was seen both in classic acting roles and in the musical repertoire. He also worked before and during his acting studies in NDR and Radio Bremen radio drama as well as in television productions such as “Ein heikler Fall”, “Die Bombe” or the “Schwarzwaldklinik” and worked for radio as a news anchor and presenter. Over the years he has been seen in many TV roles on ARD , ZDF , SAT1 or RTL and in some cinema productions and has given his voice to roles in radio plays and audio books. In addition, Dirk Böhling is on stage as an entertainer with his band and moderates radio and television programs on Radio Bremen.

For Radio Bremen, for example, Dirk Böhling invented and moderated the monthly radio formats “Böhling's Screen” and the “Oldie Exchange”. As a TV presenter, he presented the ZDF game show “Mattscheibe”, the show for the 40th birthday of the “Beat Club” from Radio Bremen and more than 100 episodes of the music program “VINYL” together with Jörg Sonntag and the quiz -Show "Look At".

In 1997 Dirk Böhling began working as a theater director in theaters in Germany. So he staged a. a. at city and state theaters in Herford , Kiel , Bremerhaven , Detmold , Osnabrück , Münster , Greifswald , Castrop-Rauxel , Schwerin and Bremen as well as at the Hamburg Ohnsorg Theater and at the Clingenburg Festival . In 2005 Dirk Böhling became artistic director and director of the Komödie Kassel. Since 2007 he has been part of the regular directing tribe of the Bremen theater. He has also been working as a radio play director for Radio Bremen, the NDR and for various audio book projects since 2003.

In 2004, Dirk Böhling realized his audio book "Bremen sagas and stories - retold" as a director and in 2011 his audio book "How long have you been here" for children. His short films “Schiet” and “The twelfth man is a woman” as well as the web series “Cuba Libre” developed by him were shown in the Schauburg cinema in Bremen. In 2009 Dirk Böhling was appointed cultural advisor to Bremen for the EXPO 2010 in Shanghai .

In 2011 Dirk Böhling became artistic director and director of the Packhaus Theater Bremen , however, before Böhling took office, the theater stopped operating on May 31, 2011 due to various technical defects.

Böhling lives in Bremen, is married and has three children. He is an ambassador for Bremen's love of reading and the SOS Children's Village Bremen.


After adaptations, one-act acts and piece translations into Low German, Dirk Böhling was able to make a name for himself as a playwright for the first time in 2000 with his 1970s revue “Hossa or when Robert Lembke didn't come”. The play was performed on stages in Detmold, Kassel, Rotenburg / Fulda, Lübeck, Linz / Austria, Dinkelsbühl and others and shown a good 500 times on the Theater Ship in Bremen alone.

After that, the 1980s sequel "I want fun or where is the remote control please" and the 1990 sequel "Girlies, Gameboys, Gummibärchen", the soccer cabaret "The twelfth man is a woman" or his children's plays " Der Zauberer von Oz "based on Lyman Frank Baum," Das Gespenst von Canterville "based on Oscar Wilde and" Pinoccio "based on Carlo Collodi at the Bremen Theater and" Peterchens Mondfahrt "based on Gerdt von Bassewitz, which premiered in 2010 on the municipal stages in Münster and "The Jungle Book" at the Kiel Opera House and "Dr. Dolittle “after Hugh Lofting at the Theater Vorpommern. His tabloid comedy “Abseitsfalle” was premiered in 2012 at the Altmark Theater in Stendal and then played in 2014 at the Packhaus Theater Bremen, the femmage “Lale-Lili-Marleen” premiered in Bremerhaven in 2019.

In addition to his stage plays, Dirk Böhling has been working as an author for radio and television stations since the early 1990s. He wrote TV skits and scenes a. a. for the “ZDF-Flop-Show”, the new edition of the ARD series “Sketchup” and “RTL Saturday Night”, worked as a set author for the Radio Bremen TV production “Without mom it doesn't work” and wrote show Scripts for NDR television and Radio Bremen as well as various radio reports.

In 2004 his first Low German radio play "Totalschaden" was broadcast on Radio Bremen. In 2008 he wrote the 24-part radio series “Christmas at the Diepenaus” for Radio Bremen. In 2010 his children's book “Larissa and the Whale Shark” and his youth novel “The Treasure of Verona” were published - in 2011 his lavish audio book “How long have you been here? - Telling Bremen Buildings “; In 2012 his collection of poems “Bremen's animal life - homeland-related poetry” and in 2019 the collection of columns “Everyone was called Michael except Stefan, his name was Thomas”.

This was followed by the multilingual children's books “The Story of the Little Rice Grain” and “The Downfall of Johanne”. Böhling also wrote various children's books such as "The story of the small grain of rice", "Der Untergang der Johanne" and "Pummel Plüschmoors". In 2014, Böhling invented the television series “Forgotten Bremer”, in which he interviews himself in the roles of former Bremen personalities.

Since 2017, Böhling has also been the author of the monthly column "Baby Boomer Böhling" for the city magazine Bremen.

He is a member of the Federal Drama Association (BFFS).


  • 1985: A delicate case - the proof of love
  • 1986: the bomb
  • 1988: The Black Forest Clinic - A strong woman
  • 1989: Metropolitan area - the new colleague
  • 1990: island of dreams
  • 1990: Vera Wesskamp
  • 1991: Two Munich residents in Hamburg
  • 1992: SOKO 5113
  • 1995: It doesn't work without mom
  • 1995: Stubbe - Case by case : Stubbe's Hundred Thousand
  • 1996: City Clinic (2 episodes)
  • 1997: Tomorrow in Verona
  • 1998: ... that you love ...
  • 1999: Callboys - Every desire has its price
  • 1999: local history
  • 1999: Coast Guard
  • 1999: The people of the Rhine
  • 1999: The death flu in Cologne
  • 2000: I bite back
  • 2000: Heaven and Earth
  • 2001: The Investigator
  • 2001: Paps, promises are kept
  • 2003: Marriage Games
  • 2003: Axel
  • 2003: Forbidden Love (2 episodes)
  • 2004: Tatort - Die and Will
  • 2004: Schiet
  • 2005: The Duo - Bloody Money
  • 2005: metropolitan area
  • 2006: Stubbe - Case by case: Fateful friendship
  • 2006: poor millionaires
  • 2007: Controlled Flight into Terrain
  • 2008: Not from this star (Up! Up! To the Sky)
  • 2008: The duo - dying instead of inheriting
  • 2008: Dr. Martin
  • 2009: Walter stops
  • 2009: A summer with Paul
  • 2009: Prince and Bottel
  • 2009: Behind the dunes
  • 2009: Flemming - The Mistress of Emotions
  • 2010: tunnel
  • 2011: The Trixxer
  • 2012: Like
  • since 2014: Forgotten Bremer (6 seasons Radio Bremen / NDR)
  • 2014: Once Hallig and back
  • 2015: The night in the hotel
  • 2015: The story of the little grain of rice (cartoon)
  • 2015: SOKO Wismar
  • 2016. Cuba Libre (web series)
  • 2016: Forsthaus
  • 2019: The Borgward affair
  • 2019: The Golden Glove
  • 2019: Murders in the north - class struggle
  • 2019: We are the law
  • 2019 Curveball
  • 2019: Boot un Dood
  • 2019. The great freedom
  • 2019: close shot
  • 2020: No. 10
  • 2020: The blonde Hans
  • 2020: Heinrich Vogeler - From the life of a dreamer

radio play

  • Paul Klettermeister - Children's radio play Radio Bremen / NDR
  • The last snowball hits - children's radio play + GEOLINO CD
  • The order or the matter with Frazer - Radio Bremen
  • Sea fog - Radio Bremen / NDR
  • The Dekameron - Radio Bremen
  • Plague-Hell-Devil - Live radio play
  • Hotel Imperial - Live radio play
  • Composer Coaching - RBB / Audiobook Preiser Records
  • Kastendieck & Bischoff - RB radio play series - various episodes
  • Dickie Dick Dickens - Radio Bremen (+ audio book)
  • Werder reads fairy tales - audio book
  • Bremen Christmas - audio book
  • Christmas stories by Hermann Gutmann - audio book

Theater roles (selection)



  • Reef - (West Side Story)
  • Brad - (Rocky Horror Show)
  • Seymour - (The Little Horror Shop)
  • Claude - (Hair)
  • Billy Flynn - (Chicago)
  • Oscar - (Sweet Charity)

Theater productions (selection)


  • "All of Shakespeare's works slightly shortened" - Landestheater Detmold
  • “It wasn't the fifth - it was the ninth” - Theater Herford
  • "Gianni, Ginetta and the others" - Landestheater Detmold
  • “And the money rushes forever” - Stadttheater Bremerhaven
  • "A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy" - Bremerhaven City Theater
  • "Piaf" - Detmold State Theater
  • "Creeps" - State Theater Detmold
  • "Gretchen 89 ff" - Bremerhaven City Theater
  • "The beaver fur" - Landestheater Detmold
  • “A dream of a wedding” - Comedy Kassel
  • “Cold Showers” ​​- Comedy Kassel
  • "Goodbye Memories - The Life of Lale Andersen" - Theater Osnabrück
  • "The double bass" - Landestheater Detmold
  • “The history of the zoo” - Theater Bremen
  • “Ben Hur” - Münster Municipal Theaters
  • "Mona & Lisa" - Theater of the Altmark Stendal
  • "My friend Harvey" - Theater Bremen
  • "Family ties" - play in Kiel
  • "Allens for Mama" - Ohnsorg Theater Hamburg
  • “De Nervbüdel” - Ohnsorg Theater in Hamburg
  • “Maria, he doesn't like it” Westfälisches Landestheater Castrop-Rauxel
  • "Lale-Lili-Marleen" piccolo theatro Bremerhaven

Musical / operetta

  • “The Rocky Horror Show” - City Theater Bremerhaven / Städtische Bühnen Kiel, Theater Vorpommern, Clingenburg Festival
  • "Poor Jonathan" - Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater Schwerin
  • "Anatevka" - Bremerhaven City Theater
  • “La Cage aux Folles - a cage full of fools” - Musical Theater Bremen
  • “The bird dealer” - Bremerhaven City Theater
  • "Sweet Charity" - Landestheater Detmold
  • "Fame" - Bremerhaven City Theater
  • “Pettycoat and Mini Skirt” - Bremerhaven City Theater
  • "Singin in the Rain" - Landestheater Detmold
  • "Shockheaded Peter" - Münster Municipal Theaters
  • “The little horror shop” - Münster Municipal Theaters
  • "Hair" - Landestheater Detmold
  • "Jesus Christ Superstar" - Bremerhaven City Theater

Children's pieces

  • “Maya the Bee” - Comedy Kassel
  • "The Little Prince" - Bremerhaven City Theater
  • “The Wizard of Oz” - Theater Bremen
  • “The Canterville Ghost” - Theater Bremen
  • "Pinocchio" - Theater Bremen
  • "The Jungle Book" - Drama Kiel
  • “Emil and the Detectives” - Theater Vorpommern
  • "The flying classroom" - Theater Vorpommern
  • "Dr. Dolittle - The doctor who speaks to the animals “- Theater Vorpommern


  • "Hossa or when Robert Lembke didn't come" (70s revue)
  • "I want fun or where please is the remote control" (80s revue)
  • "In love, engaged, married or happy ending in the economic miracle" (50s / 60s review)
  • "The twelfth man is a woman" (soccer cabaret)
  • "Offside Trap" (tabloid comedy)
  • "Lale - or can the wind explain why it becomes a storm" (piece with music)
  • "The Wizard of Oz" (children's play with music based on Frank Lyman Baum)
  • "The Canterville Ghost" (children's play with music based on Oscar Wilde)
  • "Pinocchio" (children's piece with music after Carlo Collodi)
  • "Peterchens Mondfahrt" (children's play with music based on Gerdt von Bassewitz)
  • "The Jungle Book" (children's play with music based on Rudyard Kipling)
  • “Maria, he doesn't like it” Dramatization of the novel by Jan Weiler
  • "Pummel Plüschmoors" - puppet theater piece based on the children's book of the same name
  • "Lale-Lili-Marleen" The life of Lale Andersen as a chamber play with music
  • "Dr. Dolittle - The Doctor Who Talks to Animals "(Children's play with music based on Hugh Lofting)
  • "Girlies, Gameboys, Gummy Bears" (90s revue)
  • "The last Kroog vör Helgoland - the Bratfisch-Revue"

(The plays by Dirk Böhling are published by H & S Verlag "Hartmann & Stauffacher".)

  • "Total loss" (radio play)
  • "Bremen legends and stories - retold" (audio book)
  • "Christmas at the Diepenaus" (radio series in 24 parts)
  • "Werder reads fairy tales" (Ed.)
  • “Bremen Christmas” (audio book) - published in 2008 by Bremer Tageszeitungen AG
  • "Larissa and the Whale Shark" children's book - published in 2010 by "Inselzauber Medien"
  • “The Treasure of Verona” novel - published in 2010 by Schünemann-Verlag
  • “Christmas stories - Dirk Böhling reads Hermann Gutmann” (audio book) was published in 2010 by Edition Temmen
  • “How long have you been standing here? Telling Bremer Gebäude ”(audio book) - published in 2011 by Bremer Tageszeitungen AG
  • "Bremens Tierleben" - homeland-related poetry (poetry collection) - published in 2012 by Bremer Tageszeitungen AG
  • “The story of the small grain of rice” - children's book was published in 2013 by Kellner Verlag Bremen
  • “Der Untergang der Johanne” - published in 2014 by Bremer Tageszeitungen AG
  • “Pummel Plüschmoors - oder Geiht nich gifft't nich!” (Low German children's book) was published in 2017 by Bremer Tageszeitungen AG
  • “De Bremer Stadtmuskanten” (The fairy tale in Low German) was published in 2018 by Schünemann-Verlag Bremen
  • "All were called Michael except Stefan his name was Thomas" (column collection) published in 2019 by Bremer Tageszeitungen AG


During his first theater engagement at the Landestheater Detmold , Dirk Böhling and his colleagues won the 1990 award for “Best Young Ensemble NRW 1990”. In the award-winning TV film “A Summer with Paul” he is also part of the “Best Acting Ensemble”. For his script treatment for “Verona's Treasure”, he won the Nordmedia script award “Bremer Filmidee 2006”.

Awards from film and television productions in which Dirk Böhling has participated:

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