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(upper course: Kaltenbach )
The Elsava near Eschau

The Elsava near Eschau

Water code DE : 24752
location Germany
River system Rhine
Drain over Main  → Rhine  → North Sea
source Elsava spring northeast of Hessenthal
49 ° 55 ′ 46 ″  N , 9 ° 19 ′ 2 ″  E
Source height 350  m above sea level NHN
muzzle at Elsenfeld in the Main Coordinates: 49 ° 50 ′ 40 ″  N , 9 ° 9 ′ 15 ″  E 49 ° 50 ′ 40 ″  N , 9 ° 9 ′ 15 ″  E
Mouth height 117  m above sea level NHN
Height difference 233 m
Bottom slope 9.4 ‰
length 24.7 km
Catchment area 157 km²
Discharge at the Hobbach
A Eo gauge : 80.4 km²
Location: 15 km above the mouth
MNQ  (1991-2013)
MQ  (1991-2013)
Mq  (1991-2013)
MHQ  (1991-2013)
HHQ (1995)
138 l / s
195 l / s
814 l / s
10.1 l / (s km²)
5.18 m³ / s
11.1 m³ / s
Discharge at the Rück gauge (91.8% of the catchment area)
A Eo : 143.63 km²
Location: 5.7 km above the mouth
MNQ  (1991-2013)
MQ  (1991-2013)
Mq  (1991-2013)
MHQ  (1991-2013)
HHQ (1965)
150 l / s
381 l / s
1.23 m³ / s
8.6 l / (s km²)
8.66 m³ / s
28.5 m³ / s
Discharge at the mouth of the
A Eo : 156.53 km²
1.32 m³ / s
8.4 l / (s km²)
Left tributaries Krebsbach , Hirtenbach , Dammbach , Rosselbrunngraben , Brunnfloßgraben , Aubach
Right tributaries Künzbach
The Elsava near Elsenfeld

The Elsava near Elsenfeld

The Elsava is an almost 25 km long right tributary of the Main in the districts of Aschaffenburg and Miltenberg in the Bavarian Spessart .


The original name Elsapha comes from the Old High German word Els for alder and the Indo-European word Ap - which means water. The explanation is “ a watercourse made up of alders ”. The river gave the municipality of Elsenfeld its name. The nearby river Aschaff (from Ascapha " ash water ") has the same name origin .


Elsava spring

The Elsava spring

The Elsava rises in the district of Aschaffenburg northeast of Hessenthal , a district of the municipality Mespelbrunn , in a narrow valley at about 350  m above sea level. NHN at the foot of the Eselshöhe ridge . It arises from two large springs, the cold fountain and the fountain known as the Elsava spring. The cold well is located in a swampy area on the 2308 state road and feeds a small pond . The spring water of the Elsava spring rises directly from a crack in the rock on the left slope . It is one of the largest springs in the Spessart. After heavy rain events , further sources emerge in the bank area. The ground that continues uphill in the direction of Echterspfahl is dry, but belongs to the catchment area of ​​the Elsava. The Kaltenbach, which rises from the Elsava spring, meanders through a clearing and joins the creek from the Kaltebrunnen after about 400 m.


The Elsava near Hobbach

The Kaltenbach flows on the edge of the Waldaschaff forest in a north-westerly direction to Hessenthal. From there, the stream bears the name Elsava , bends to the southwest and passes under the former federal road 8 (today state road 2312 ). From around the Hessenthal pilgrimage church , the river gradually changes its direction of flow to the southeast. The Elsava runs through Mespelbrunn, where Mespelbrunn Castle is located in a side valley . Past the crypt chapel of the Counts of Ingelheim , she reaches the community of Heimbuchenthal .

Followed by the state road 2308, the Elsava bends in the narrowing valley in a south-westerly direction and flows through the village. From there, the Spessart Railway accompanied the river until 1978 . The Elsava crossed into Eschau in the district of Miltenberg and the Neuhammer (the community Dammbach duly) opens the of Rohrbrunn flowing down Dammbach , one of its largest tributaries, from the left.

The Elsava then flows through the district of Hobbach . There it is reinforced by the Rosselbrunngraben , which rises from the Geishöhe (521 m) and runs past the moated castle Oberaulenbach . She reaches Eschau via Sommerau . After the village, the Elsava flows into the market town of Elsenfeld and reaches its apex at the mouth of the Aubache , where it changes its direction to the northwest.

Past the Himmelthal monastery , the river runs through the district of Rück - Schippach and reaches the Main Valley. The Elsava passes under the 2309 state road and the route of the Aschaffenburg – Miltenberg railway , flows through the village of Elsenfeld and flows out at an altitude of 117  m above sea level. NHN from the right into the Main.


Mouth of the Aubach

Flow down from the source to:

Elsava river system


Abfluss Abfluss


In the Elsava there are brown trout , brown lamprey , gudgeon , hazel , Mühlkoppe , rainbow trout , roach and three-spined stickleback .

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  • Anja Zeller: Spessart river tours: Through the Elsava and Hafenlohr valleys. A pleasure tour in the Hochspessart. CoCon-Verlag, Hanau 2009, ISBN 978-3-937774-81-7 , 64 pp.

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