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The FIS Cup is an international ski jumping series of the Fédération Internationale de Ski . The series includes both competitions in winter and mat jumping in summer. Jumping is mainly done on normal hills . After the World Cup and the Continental Cup, the FIS Cup is another international jumping series. For many ski jumpers, the FIS Cup serves as an entry or re-entry into the international ski jumping competitions after the ski jumping Alpine Cup and national ski jumping series. Accordingly, the participants are mostly young ski jumpers, but there is no upper age limit, so that even ski jumpers who were previously successful in the World Cup can sometimes end their careers in the FIS Cup or use the competitions in order to still be able to remain active in training if they are not included in the team .

FIS Cup winner


season winner Second Third
2005/06 AustriaAustria Mario Innauer PolandPoland Wojciech Skupień AustriaAustria Gregor Schlierenzauer
2006/07 AustriaAustria Nicolas Fettner AustriaAustria Stefan Innerwinkler RussiaRussia Pavel Karelin
2007/08 AustriaAustria Markus Eggenhofer AustriaAustria Nicolas Fettner PolandPoland Łukasz Rutkowski
2008/09 GermanyGermany Felix Brodauf GermanyGermany David Winkler GermanyGermany Marc Krauspenhaar
2009/10 GermanyGermany Felix Brodauf GermanyGermany Nico Hermann GermanyGermany Jörg Ritzerfeld
2010/11 SlovakiaSlovakia Tomáš Zmoray AustriaAustria Lukas Müller RussiaRussia Ilmir Khasetdinov
2011/12 SloveniaSlovenia Cene Prevc SloveniaSlovenia Rok Justin GermanyGermany Michael Dreher
2012/13 AustriaAustria David Unterberger GermanyGermany Markus Eisenbichler AustriaAustria Markus Schiffner
2013/14 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Marco Grigoli SwitzerlandSwitzerland Pascal Egloff SlovakiaSlovakia Tomáš Zmoray
2014/15 PolandPoland Andrzej Stękała SloveniaSlovenia Žiga Mandl PolandPoland Przemyslaw Kantyka
2015/16 GermanyGermany Danny Queck GermanyGermany Michael Dreher AustriaAustria Simon Greiderer
2016/17 PolandPoland Paweł Wąsek JapanJapan Yūken Iwasa SloveniaSlovenia Aljaž Osterc
2017/18 AustriaAustria Elias Tollinger GermanyGermany Dominik Mayländer AustriaAustria Markus Rupitsch
2018/19 GermanyGermany Fabian Seidl SwitzerlandSwitzerland Luca Egloff GermanyGermany Johannes Schubert
2019/20 GermanyGermany Tim Fuchs AustriaAustria Stefan Rainer AustriaAustria Maximilian Steiner


season Winner Second third
2012/13 RussiaRussia Sofja Tikhonova RomaniaRomania Daniela Haralambie SloveniaSlovenia Ema Klinec
2013/14 SloveniaSlovenia Urša Bogataj RussiaRussia Sofja Tikhonova Czech RepublicCzech Republic Michaela Doleželová
2014/15 GermanyGermany Gianina Ernst RomaniaRomania Daniela Haralambie GermanyGermany Svenja Würth
2015/16 PolandPoland Kinga Rajda RomaniaRomania Daniela Haralambie SloveniaSlovenia Urša Bogataj
2016/17 RomaniaRomania Daniela Haralambie PolandPoland Kinga Rajda RomaniaRomania Andreea Diana Trâmbițaș
2017/18 SloveniaSlovenia Nika Križnar GermanyGermany Luisa Görlich RomaniaRomania Daniela Haralambie
2018/19 RomaniaRomania Daniela Haralambie AustriaAustria Elisabeth Raudaschl CanadaCanada Abigail Strate
2019/20 Czech RepublicCzech Republic Klára Ulrichová Czech RepublicCzech Republic Štěpánka Ptáčková Czech RepublicCzech Republic Karolína Indráčková

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