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The Ski Jumping Continental Cup , abbreviated to COC , formerly also the Intercontinental Cup , is a series of competitions in ski jumping organized by the World Ski Association FIS every year from the winter of 1991/92 . It followed the European Ski Jumping Cup . For the first two years, the series was carried out as a European Cup / Continental Cup with two names. The COC is often incorrectly referred to as the B World Cup , probably based on the Nordic Combined World Cup , in which athletes move up and down between A and B World Cup.

For both men and women, the Continental Cup is the second highest competition class, right after the World Cup . Younger jumpers usually compete here in order to secure a place in the World Cup team in their country. Some jumpers switch back and forth between the COC and the World Cup several times in a season, so that there is often no continuous participation in the Continental Cup, which is why its overall winner does not necessarily have to be the best jumper. In contrast to the top performance level - where a distinction is made between winter World Cup and summer Grand Prix - the series are referred to as the Continental Cup in both seasons.

For women, the Continental Cup was the only and automatically the highest competition class up to and including the 2010/11 season . Since the 2011/12 season, however, a women's World Cup series has also been held, so that the Continental Cup is only the “second division” here. The situation is similar with the summer competitions: since the Ski Jumping Grand Prix opened for women in 2012, the summer Continental Cup has been the second highest competition class.

Lists of the winners of the Continental Cup overall rankings

Men's winter

season winner Second Third
2019/20 AustriaAustria Clemens Leitner AustriaAustria Clemens Aigner JapanJapan Taku Takeuchi
2018/19 AustriaAustria Clemens Aigner PolandPoland Aleksander Zniszczoł NorwayNorway Marius Lindvik
2017/18 NorwayNorway Marius Lindvik GermanyGermany Andreas Wank GermanyGermany David Siegel
2016/17 AustriaAustria Clemens Aigner SloveniaSlovenia Miran Zupančič SloveniaSlovenia Nejc Dežman
2015/16 NorwayNorway Tom Hilde AustriaAustria Clemens Aigner GermanyGermany Karl Geiger
2014/15 SloveniaSlovenia Anže Semenič NorwayNorway Kenneth Gangnes SloveniaSlovenia Miran Zupančič
2013/14 AustriaAustria Manuel Fettner SloveniaSlovenia Nejc Dežman SloveniaSlovenia Rok Justin
2012/13 SloveniaSlovenia Anže Semenič NorwayNorway Fredrik Bjerkeengen SloveniaSlovenia Matic Benedik
2011/12 NorwayNorway Andreas Stjernen NorwayNorway Kenneth Gangnes AustriaAustria Michael Hayboeck
2010/11 SloveniaSlovenia Rok Zima AustriaAustria Mario Innauer GermanyGermany Andreas Wank
2009/10 AustriaAustria David Unterberger AustriaAustria Michael Hayboeck AustriaAustria Manuel Fettner
2008/09 AustriaAustria Stefan Thurnbichler Czech RepublicCzech Republic Lukáš Hlava GermanyGermany Christian Ulmer
2007/08 AustriaAustria Stefan Thurnbichler AustriaAustria Bastian Kaltenböck NorwayNorway Lars Bystøl
2006/07 AustriaAustria Balthasar Schneider NorwayNorway Morten Solem AustriaAustria Stefan Thurnbichler
2005/06 NorwayNorway Bardal is different NorwayNorway Morten Solem AustriaAustria Mathias Hafele
2004/05 NorwayNorway Bardal is different AustriaAustria Balthasar Schneider AustriaAustria Stefan Thurnbichler
2003/04 NorwayNorway Olav Magne Dønnem AustriaAustria Balthasar Schneider AustriaAustria Stefan Kaiser
2002/03 AustriaAustria Stefan Thurnbichler NorwayNorway Morten Solem GermanyGermany Michael Möllinger
2001/02 GermanyGermany Michael Neumayer FinlandFinland Janne Ylijärvi GermanyGermany Jörg Ritzerfeld
2000/01 FinlandFinland Akseli Lajunen GermanyGermany Christoph Grillhösl FinlandFinland Lassi Huuskonen
1999/00 GermanyGermany Dirk Else GermanyGermany Georg Späth GermanyGermany Dennis Störl
1998/99 GermanyGermany Roland Audenrieth NorwayNorway Marius Småriset NorwayNorway Wilhelm Brenna
1997/98 GermanyGermany Alexander Lord AustriaAustria Falko Krismayr SloveniaSlovenia Damjan Fras
1996/97 NorwayNorway Hein-Arne Mathiesen NorwayNorway Simen Berntsen Czech RepublicCzech Republic Roman Křenek
1995/96 NorwayNorway Stone Henrik Tuff AustriaAustria Michael Kury GermanyGermany Hansjörg Jäkle
1994/95 FinlandFinland Olli Happonen AustriaAustria Martin Höllwarth FinlandFinland Risto Jussilainen
1993/94 GermanyGermany Ralph Gebstedt GermanyGermany Ronny Hornschuh AustriaAustria Klaus Huber
1992/93 AustriaAustria Franz Neuländtner AustriaAustria Christian Moser AustriaAustria Christoph Müller
1991/92 AustriaAustria Andi Rauschmeier AustriaAustria Franz Neuländtner GermanyGermany Remo Lederer

Men's summer

season winner Second Third
2019 PolandPoland Klemens Murańka SloveniaSlovenia Rok Justin GermanyGermany Pius Paschke
2018 AustriaAustria Philipp Aschenwald SloveniaSlovenia Žak Mogel SwitzerlandSwitzerland Killian Peier
2017 PolandPoland Klemens Murańka SloveniaSlovenia Tilen Bartol GermanyGermany Pius Paschke
2016 GermanyGermany Markus Eisenbichler PolandPoland Jan Ziobro SloveniaSlovenia Rok Justin
2015 NorwayNorway Daniel-André Tande PolandPoland Dawid Kubacki PolandPoland Maciej Kot
2014 PolandPoland Jakub Wolny SloveniaSlovenia Cene Prevc SloveniaSlovenia Miran Zupančič
2013 GermanyGermany Marinus Kraus Czech RepublicCzech Republic Jakub Janda PolandPoland Krzysztof Biegun
2012 Czech RepublicCzech Republic Jan high school diploma AustriaAustria Wolfgang Loitzl NorwayNorway Jacobsen is different
2011 PolandPoland Aleksander Zniszczoł SloveniaSlovenia Peter Prevc GermanyGermany Andreas Wank
2010 PolandPoland Kamil Stoch Czech RepublicCzech Republic Jakub Janda AustriaAustria Andreas Strolz
2009 SloveniaSlovenia Robert Kranjec NorwayNorway Akseli Kokkonen PolandPoland Marcin Bachleda
2008 AustriaAustria Daniel Lackner AustriaAustria Markus Eggenhofer GermanyGermany Severin friend
2007 AustriaAustria Bastian Kaltenböck AustriaAustria Stefan Thurnbichler SloveniaSlovenia Primož Pikl
2006 AustriaAustria Stefan Thurnbichler SloveniaSlovenia Rok Benkovič SloveniaSlovenia Primož Pikl
2005 PolandPoland Marcin Bachleda United StatesUnited States Clint Jones NorwayNorway Bardal is different
2004 PolandPoland Robert Mateja AustriaAustria Stefan Kaiser SloveniaSlovenia Jernej Damjan
2003 SloveniaSlovenia Bine Norčič SloveniaSlovenia Jure Radelj AustriaAustria Wolfgang Loitzl
2002 GermanyGermany Stefan Pieper GermanyGermany Kai Bracht SloveniaSlovenia Rok Benkovič

Ladies winter

season Winner Second third
2019/20 RussiaRussia Xenia Kablukova AustriaAustria Sophie Sorschag GermanyGermany Pauline Hessler
2018/19 SloveniaSlovenia Katra Komar PolandPoland Kamila Karpiel AustriaAustria Elisabeth Raudaschl
2017/18 RussiaRussia Lidija Yakovleva AustriaAustria Daniela Iraschko-Stolz RussiaRussia Alexandra Baranzewa
2016/17 FranceFrance Joséphine Pagnier GermanyGermany Luisa Görlich GermanyGermany Pauline Hessler
2015/16 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Sabrina Windmüller AustriaAustria Julia Huber NorwayNorway Anna Odine Strøm
2014/15 NorwayNorway Anette say AustriaAustria Daniela Iraschko-Stolz Taylor Henrich
2013/14 United StatesUnited States Nina Lussi FinlandFinland Susanna Forsström GermanyGermany Juliane Seyfarth
2012/13 RussiaRussia Irina Avakumova FinlandFinland Julia Kykkänen GermanyGermany Ramona Straub
↑ Second highest competition class / highest competition class ↓
2011/12 AustriaAustria Daniela Iraschko United StatesUnited States Sarah Hendrickson SloveniaSlovenia Maja Vtič
2010/11 AustriaAustria Daniela Iraschko FranceFrance Coline Mattel SloveniaSlovenia Eva Logar
2009/10 AustriaAustria Daniela Iraschko GermanyGermany Ulrike Graessler NorwayNorway Anette say
2008/09 NorwayNorway Anette say AustriaAustria Daniela Iraschko GermanyGermany Ulrike Graessler
2007/08 NorwayNorway Anette say AustriaAustria Daniela Iraschko AustriaAustria Jacqueline Seifriedsberger
2006/07 NorwayNorway Anette say GermanyGermany Ulrike Graessler United StatesUnited States Lindsey Van
2005/06 NorwayNorway Anette say United StatesUnited States Lindsey Van United StatesUnited States Jessica Jerome
2004/05 NorwayNorway Anette say United StatesUnited States Lindsey Van AustriaAustria Daniela Iraschko

Ladies summer

season Winner Second third
2019 AustriaAustria Marita Kramer NorwayNorway Gyda Westvold Hansen Czech RepublicCzech Republic Karolína Indráčková
2018 GermanyGermany Katharina Althaus JapanJapan Kaori Iwabuchi GermanyGermany Juliane Seyfarth Ramona Straub
2017 PolandPoland Kamila Karpiel GermanyGermany Ramona Straub GermanyGermany Juliane Seyfarth
2016 FranceFrance Lucile Morat GermanyGermany Katharina Althaus GermanyGermany Ramona Straub Julia Huber
2015 JapanJapan Sara Takanashi Line year Ema Klinec Maren Lundby
2014 JapanJapan Sara Takanashi United StatesUnited States Sarah Hendrickson FranceFrance Coline Mattel
2013 SloveniaSlovenia Ema Klinec United StatesUnited States Jessica Jerome Line year
2012 AustriaAustria Daniela Iraschko Jacqueline Seifriedsberger
SloveniaSlovenia Anja Tepeš
↑ Second highest competition class / highest competition class ↓
2011 FranceFrance Coline Mattel JapanJapan Sara Takanashi AustriaAustria Daniela Iraschko
2010 AustriaAustria Daniela Iraschko AustriaAustria Jacqueline Seifriedsberger FranceFrance Coline Mattel
2009 GermanyGermany Ulrike Graessler JapanJapan Ayumi Watase GermanyGermany Melanie Faiss
2008 GermanyGermany Ulrike Graessler GermanyGermany Magdalena Schnurr JapanJapan Izumi Yamada

Leaderboard after daily victories

The list contains all female ski jumpers who were able to win a competition in the Continental Cup in an individual discipline. (As of January 4, 2013)

Surname number
1. AustriaAustria Daniela Iraschko-Stolz 46
2. NorwayNorway Anette say 45
3. GermanyGermany Ulrike Graessler 15th
4th FranceFrance Coline Mattel 9
5. United StatesUnited States Lindsey Van 8th
6th GermanyGermany Juliane Seyfarth 7th
7th AustriaAustria Jacqueline Seifriedsberger 4th
GermanyGermany Magdalena Schnurr
9. GermanyGermany Anna Häfele 3
RussiaRussia Irina Avakumova
NorwayNorway Line year
SloveniaSlovenia Ema Klinec
GermanyGermany Jenna Mohr
SloveniaSlovenia Maja Vtič
Surname number
15th United StatesUnited States Sarah Hendrickson 2
JapanJapan Sara Takanashi
CanadaCanada Atsuko Tanaka
CanadaCanada Katie Willis
JapanJapan Izumi Yamada
20th ItalyItaly Lisa Demetz 1
JapanJapan Yūki Itō
United StatesUnited States Jessica Jerome
FinlandFinland Julia Kykkänen
SloveniaSlovenia Monika Pogladič
ItalyItaly Elena Runggaldier
GermanyGermany Carina Vogt
country number
1. AustriaAustria Austria 51
2. NorwayNorway Norway 45
3. GermanyGermany Germany 33
4th United StatesUnited States United States 18th
5. FranceFrance France 9
8th. SloveniaSlovenia Slovenia 7th
7th JapanJapan Japan 5
8th. CanadaCanada Canada 4th
8th. RussiaRussia Russia 3
9. ItalyItaly Italy 2
10. FinlandFinland Finland 1

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