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Francesco Cardinal Colasuonno

Cardinal Francesco Colasuonno (born January 2, 1925 in Grumo Appula , Province of Bari , Italy ; † May 31, 2003 ibid) was an Italian clergyman and apostolic nuncio in Italy and San Marino .


Colasuonno visited the seminary of Bari and received on 28 September 1947, the sacrament of Holy Orders . He studied at the University of Bari and the Pontifical Gregorian University . Francesco Colasuonno holds a PhD in Catholic Theology and Canon Law . He later entered the diplomatic service of the Holy See . Pope Paul VI bestowed on him on June 21, 1963 the honorary title of Surplus Chamberlain of His Holiness ( Monsignor ) and on October 17, 1971 the title of Honorary Prelate of His Holiness .

Paul VI appointed him on December 6, 1974. the Titular Archbishop of Truentum and apostolic delegate in Mozambique . He was ordained bishop on February 9, 1975 by the Archbishop of Naples , Cardinal Corrado Ursi ; Co-consecrators were the later cardinals Duraisamy Simon Lourdusamy and Anastasio Alberto Ballestrero . In the following years he was first Apostolic Pro-Nuncio in Zimbabwe (1981–85) and Yugoslavia (1985–86), later Apostolic Nuncio in Poland (1986–1990), Apostolic Delegate in the Russian Federation (1990–1994) and Apostolic Nuncio in Italy (1994–1998) and San Marino (1995–1998).

Before and during the end of real socialism in Eastern Europe, Colasuonno was also responsible from Poland for other socialist states such as Czechoslovakia, where the Catholic Church was exposed to severe reprisals and surveillance of its priests. Nevertheless, the communists succeeded in the three episcopal ordinations on 11/12. June 1988, where Colasuonno was the main or co-consecrator: Jan Lebeda , Antonín Liška , Ján Sokol . In August and September 1989 he also consecrated František Vaňák , Josef Koukl and František Tondra .

He also consecrated the bishops Gheorghi Ivanov Jovcev (Bulgaria, July 1988), Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz (Belarus, October 1989), György-Miklós Jakubínyi (Romania, April 1990), Pál Reizer (Romania, May 1990), John Bukovsky in or for Eastern Europe (Romania, October 1990), Jan Purwiński (Ukraine, March 1991), Jan Pawel Lenga (Kazakhstan, May 1991), Jānis Pujats (Latvia, June 1991), Joseph Werth (Russia, June 1991), Jānis Bulis (Latvia, June 1991).

Pope John Paul II accepted Colasuonno on February 21, 1998 as a cardinal deacon with the title deaconry Sant'Eugenio in the college of cardinals .

Cardinal Colasounno died on May 31, 2003 in Grumo Appula and was buried in the local parish church.


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