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The Georg Trakl Prize for Poetry is a literary prize for poetry awarded by the City of Salzburg and the State of Salzburg on the occasion of the anniversary of the birth and death of Georg Trakl (1887–1914).

The Salzburg State Prize is awarded to German-speaking poets or, as a federal state prize, to Austrian citizens and those born in the former Austro-Hungarian monarchy who permanently reside in Austria.

The aim of the award, which was first awarded on November 3, 1952, is to honor the complete lyric works. The prize is endowed with € 8,000 (as of 2014). In addition, the Georg Trakl Prize for Poetry in the amount of € 3,000 can be awarded to Salzburg authors.

The Salzburg Poetry Prize , endowed with € 3,000, has been awarded since 1993 in the years that do not have a round birthday or death for Trakl .

When in 1967 the prize was awarded to the largely unknown Gundl Nagl and the Salzburger Volksblatt printed her poem "Zahnweh", a controversy between a traditional form of the poem and editorial articles and numerous letters to the editor resulted in the local press for several weeks Audience and the defenders of a "modern" lyric. The dispute ended with a full-page article by the juror and laudator Walter Weiss in the Salzburger Nachrichten , in which he used a Goethe poem to demonstrate that every serious poem often has problems of understanding that are no longer perceived in the classics and that only the reader's work of interpretation can overcome.

Award winners

year Georg Trakl Prize for Poetry Georg Trakl Promotion Prize Salzburg Poetry Prize
1952 Maria Zittrauer , Josef Laßl Elisabeth Effenberger , Gerhard Amanshauser
1954 Wilhelm Szabo , Michael Guttenbrunner , Christine Busta , Christine Lavant
1957 1. (Prize) Erna Blaas , 2. Walter Zrenner , 3. Juliane Windhager Hans Deißinger , Karoline Brandauer
1962 Paula Ludwig , Johann Gunert
1964 Christine Lavant
1967 Gundl Nagl Felicie Rotter , Franz Braumann
1970 Max woods
1972 not forgiven Peter Coreth , Christian Wallner
1974 Ernst Jandl
1977 Friederike Mayröcker , Reiner Kunze Erwin Einzinger
1979 Ilse Aichinger not forgiven
1982 Christoph Meckel Christoph Wilhelm Aigner
1984 Kurt Klinger not forgiven
1987 Alfred Kolleritsch Susi Grinninger
1989 Julian Schutting Wilfried Steiner
1992 Walter Helmut Fritz Martin Amanshauser
1993 Hansjörg Zauner
1994 Hans Raimund Dietmar Jahnel
1996 Roswitha Klaushofer
1997 Günter Kunert Robert Kleindienst
1998 Lisa Mayer
1999 Elfriede Gerstl Hans Lutsch
2000 Brigitte Niederseer
2002 Andreas Okopenko Martin Tockner
2003 Christoph Janacs
2004 Ferdinand Schmatz Petra Nagenkögel
2005 Christine Haidegger
2006 Bettina Balàka
2007 Franz Josef Czernin Lisa Mayer
2008 Wolfgang Wenger
2009 Michael Donhauser Michael Burgholzer
2012 Elke Erb Christian Lorenz Müller
2014 Waltraud Seidlhofer Peter Enzinger
2016 Elke Laznia
2017 Oswald Egger
2018 Bettina Balàka
2019 Hans Eichhorn


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