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Huffpost ( spelling HuffPost , until 2017 The Huffington Post , also HuffPo ) is an American online newspaper with regional editions in various languages. It was founded by Arianna Huffington , Kenneth Lerer , Andrew Breitbart and Jonah Peretti and went online on May 9, 2005 as a news and commentary platform. According to the Encyclopædia Britannica , it was founded as a liberal alternative to the Drudge Report , a conservative news and commentary website by Matt Drudge.

The newspaper was owned by AOL since February 2011 . Arianna Huffington became President and Editor-in-Chief of the newly formed Huffington Post Media Group . Since September 2017, Huffpost has been part of Oath , a merger of the AOL and Yahoo! resulting companies. In 2012, the Huffington Post became the first commercial online newspaper to receive a Pulitzer Prize .

The German edition, which started on October 10, 2013 together with Hubert Burda Media , was discontinued on March 31, 2019.

Publication model

The Huffpost combines different author models , including own articles, external links to news sources and columnists, and content from freelance journalists and bloggers . A fluctuating proportion of the contributions are written by unpaid, voluntary authors. In some cases, content from third-party providers is revised and linked. In addition, there are in-house columns from Huffington itself and a core team of employees. The Huffpost also publishes articles by celebrities from the fields of politics, journalism, business and entertainment (including Norman Mailer , John Cusack , Bill Maher ).


Development from 2008

In 2008, Huffington began to restructure their company based on economic success. She hired well-known journalists from established media and built up an editorial team that operates independent journalism. In February 2011, Huffington sold her company as a whole to AOL for $ 315 million. As a result, all journalistic areas of both companies were brought together under the umbrella of the AOL Huffington Post Media Group and the management of Huffington.

Huffpost has been expanding worldwide since 2011 , mostly in cooperation with national media companies. In May 2011, for example, a Canadian Huffpost was launched, which, depending on the regional focus, appears in English and French (Le Huffington Post Québec) . Country versions for Great Britain followed in July 2011, France in October 2011 (with partner Le Monde ), Spain in June 2012 (with partner El País ) and Italy in September 2012 (with partner Gruppo Espresso ). There has been a German version since April 2013 (see below), and since May 2013 also a Japanese version together with partner Asahi Shimbun , followed in June 2013 by the French-language edition of Al Huffington Post for the states in the North African Maghreb . In January 2014 the Portuguese edition Brasil Post came out with the partner Grupo Abril and in February the Korean Huffington Post with the partner Hankyoreh . In August 2016, Huffington announced her resignation as editor-in-chief. She has been replaced by Lydia Polgreen , who came from the New York Times, on December 6, 2016 .

Since September 2017, Huffpost has been part of Oath , a merger of the AOL and Yahoo! created company that is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Verizon .

Huffpost Germany

The German edition of Huffpost has been planned by AOL since the end of 2011 and took on more concrete forms in April 2013 when the German-language branch was founded together with the Burda subsidiary Tomorrow Focus . The German edition started on October 10, 2013 with Sebastian Matthes as editor-in-chief and Cherno Jobatey as publisher. The editorial office became Munich . On January 1, 2018, Sebastian Matthes moved to the Handelsblatt editor-in-chief. The editorial management was taken over by the deputy editors-in-chief Benjamin Reuter and Kinga Rustler, the position of editor-in-chief remained vacant .

On January 11, 2019, Burda Forward announced the discontinuation of the German edition as of March 31, 2019. According to their own information, Burda Forward would have liked to continue the portal, but the American parent company HuffPost, which was apparently in financial difficulties, apparently no longer wanted to invest in the German branch and made use of an extraordinary right of termination, whereby they prematurely terminated the license agreement for the German HuffPost .



  • According to the market research company Comscore , Huffpost had 77.2 million website visitors worldwide in May 2013, of which 47.8 million were visitors to the US edition.
  • The daily speaks of the most networked political blog on the Internet
  • Spiegel Online calls Huffpost the most important source of information for millions of Americans and the most influential alternative medium in the USA .
  • From Time Magazine Arianna Huffington is out in the list of 100 most influential people.

Reception Huffpost Germany

  • Jürn Kruse described the political orientation of Huffpost Germany in the daily newspaper as " economically liberal " and "conservative".
  • Stefan Niggemeier published a critical article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in October 2013 (a key phrase reads: "Journalists, on the other hand, are suddenly confronted with the fact that they are being offered attention at every point, but the opportunities to exchange them for euros are increasingly lacking") .
  • The Huffington Post blogger Thilo Specht published an article in October 2013 that rumored that the Huffpost is not a classic news format, but rather an engagement platform (quote: “The Huffington Post is a content management system with an attached 15-person editorial staff and Community. ")
  • Cicero describes the German-speaking branch of Huffpost as a “new gateway for lobbyism” into the Internet. The author of the article refers to the “Hymn of Praise for the Russian Energy Giant” Gazprom published on the first day of the offer under “Recommended blog posts”by the head of the export division of the same company, Alexander Medvedev .
  • The German Association of Journalists (DJV) criticizes the fact that Huffpost Germany's guest authors “not only work for free, but also transfer (almost) complete rights and also assume liability”.
  • According to Spiegel Online , the German-language initial edition is characterized by a certain proximity to the Union parties ; the American edition, on the other hand , is conceived as a left-wing liberal counterweight to media like “ Fox News ”.

Columnists / bloggers

Many well-known columnists (known as bloggers ) write for the Huffpost , including:


  • In 2006 the online newspaper won its first Webby Award for best political blog.
  • In 2012, Huffpost won the Pulitzer Prize in the national reporting category for a series of articles by its military correspondent, David Wood, on wounded American war veterans.

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