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The list of ISO-3166-2 codes for the United States includes the codes for the 50 states and the District of Columbia and six suburbs .

The codes consist of two parts separated by a hyphen. The first part gives the country code according to ISO 3166-1 (for the United States US), the second the code for the states, the District of Columbia and the American suburbs.

The current country code has not been updated since it was published in 1998.

The current codes are available on the ISO website under #iso: code: 3166: US .

These consist of two letters and except for American Oceania ( US-UM ) they correspond to the addressing abbreviations of the American Post ( United States Postal Service ).

Coding list

States and District

State code
USA AlabamaAlabama Alabama US-AL
USA AlaskaAlaska Alaska US AK
USA ArizonaArizona Arizona US-AZ
USA ArkansasArkansas Arkansas US AR
USA CaliforniaCalifornia California US CA
USA ColoradoColorado Colorado US CO
USA ConnecticutConnecticut Connecticut US CT
USA-DelawareDelaware Delaware US-DE
USA-District of ColumbiaDistrict of Columbia District of Columbia US DC
USA FloridaFlorida Florida US FL
USA GeorgiaGeorgia Georgia US GA
USA HawaiiHawaii Hawaii US HI
USA IdahoIdaho Idaho US ID
USA IllinoisIllinois Illinois US IL
USA IndianaIndiana Indiana US IN
USA IowaIowa Iowa US-IA
USA KansasKansas Kansas US KS
USA KentuckyKentucky Kentucky US KY
USA LouisianaLouisiana Louisiana US LA
USA MaineMaine Maine US-ME
USA MarylandMaryland Maryland US MD
USA-MassachusettsMassachusetts Massachusetts US MA
USA MichiganMichigan Michigan US MI
USA MinnesotaMinnesota Minnesota US MN
USA Mississippi Mississippi US MS
USA MissouriMissouri Missouri US MO
USA MontanaMontana Montana US MT
USA NebraskaNebraska Nebraska US NE
USA NevadaNevada Nevada US NV
USA New HampshireNew Hampshire New Hampshire US-NH
USA New JerseyNew Jersey New Jersey US NJ
USA New MexicoNew Mexico New Mexico US NM
USA New Yorknew York new York US NY
USA North CarolinaNorth Carolina North Carolina US NC
USA North DakotaNorth Dakota North Dakota US-ND
USA OhioOhio Ohio US OH
USA OklahomaOklahoma Oklahoma US OK
USA OregonOregon Oregon US OR
USA PennsylvaniaPennsylvania Pennsylvania US PA
USA Rhode IslandRhode Island Rhode Island US RI
USA South CarolinaSouth carolina South carolina US SC
USA South DakotaSouth Dakota South Dakota US SD
USA TennesseeTennessee Tennessee US TN
USA TexasTexas Texas US TX
USA UtahUtah Utah US-UT
USA VermontVermont Vermont US-VT
USA VirginiaVirginia Virginia US VA
USA WashingtonWashington Washington US WA
USA West VirginiaWest Virginia West Virginia US-WV
USA WisconsinWisconsin Wisconsin US-WI
USA WyomingWyoming Wyoming US WY

American outskirts

area code
Samoa AmericanAmerican Samoa American Samoa 1 US-AS or AS 1
GuamGuam Guam 1 US GU or GU 1
Mariana Islands NorthernNorthern Mariana Islands Northern Mariana Islands 1 US MP or MP 1
Puerto RicoPuerto Rico Puerto Rico 1 US-PR or PR 1
USA Minor Outlying IslandsUnited States Minor Outlying Islands United States Minor Outlying Islands 1 US UM or UM 1
American Virgin IslandsAmerican Virgin Islands U.S. Virgin Islands 1 US-VI or VI 1

1 The American outskirts have their own geocode lists.

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