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Jewhen Martschuk (2004)

Jewhen Kyrylowytsch Martschuk ( Ukrainian Євген Кирилович Марчук , scientific transliteration Jevhen Kyrylovyč Marčuk ; born January 28, 1941 in Dolyniwka , Kirovohrad Oblast ; † August 5, 2021 ) was a Ukrainian politician . He was Prime Minister of Ukraine from March 6, 1995 to May 27, 1996.

Jewhen Martschuk graduated from the Kirovohrad Pedagogical Institute in 1963 . He then worked at the KGB of the Ukrainian SSR (USSR) in the Department of Reconnaissance and Counter-Reconnaissance. Until the political change in the Soviet Union , he rose to the rank of general of the KGB. From 1990 to 1991 Martschuk was Minister of Defense, State Security and Disaster Control of the USSR. Martschuk was one of the few senior KGB cadres who were positive about Ukrainian independence. The KGB of the USSR was directly under the leadership in Moscow until the collapse of the Soviet Union .

In the first years of the independent Ukrainian state, from 1991 to 1994, he was chairman of the Sluschba bespeky Ukrajiny (German Security Service of Ukraine ), the successor organization to the KGB of the USSR.

In 1994 Martschuk returned to the government and was initially deputy prime minister . In March 1995 he was first provisional Prime Minister. In the course of the year he was officially confirmed in this office and remained Prime Minister of Ukraine until May 27, 1996. Also in 1995 he was elected to the Verkhovna Rada , the parliament of Ukraine, for the first time. Here he represented a constituency in the Poltava Oblast . In 1998 he again obtained a mandate on the list of the United Social Democratic Party of Ukraine .

In 1999, Martschuk took part in the election for President of Ukraine as a candidate and was eliminated in the first round with just over 8% of the vote. After the polls, he was appointed to the post of Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council by the re-elected President Leonid Kuchma . In 2003 he switched to the government and was again Minister of Defense of Ukraine for a year.

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