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Family coat of arms of those of Köckritz

Köckritz , also Köckeritz , is the name of an old, originally Vogtland noble family , some of whose branches still exist today. The Lords of Köckritz later also acquired property and prestige in Bohemia , Silesia and Lower Lusatia .



In older literature, a Silesian origin of the sex or Wendish origins from Lusatia are suspected. From there, branches of the family are said to have settled in neighboring countries.

The family first appeared in documents in 1209 with Poppo et Henricus de Kokericz . The uninterrupted family line begins with Konrad von Kokericz , who is mentioned in documents from 1287. Köckritz, the parent house and manor of the same name , is now part of the municipality of Harth-Pöllnitz in the Greiz district in Thuringia .

Spread and personalities

Manor Koppen around 1860, Alexander Duncker collection , owned by Carl von Köckeritz since 1827
Groß-Sürchen manor house

Lorenz Peckenstein calls the knight Poppo von Köckritz, around 1304 Mr. zu Altdöbern , as a war hero. A document from 1326 shows that Heinrich von Köckritz was in the feudal possession of the castle and rule of Elsterwerda of the Meissen margrave . In a document from 1343, Conrad von Köckritz appears as an owner named "Herr von Elsterwerda"; the family remained in the fiefdom until 1512. Kraupa , Krauschütz , Biehla , Kotschka , Plessa , Dreska and Kahla also belonged to the Elsterwerda rulership . In 1408 Konrad and Poppo von Köckritz appear on Saathain and Glaubitz .

Walther von Köckritz was Bishop of Merseburg from 1407 to 1411 and became the first Cancellarius perpetuus ( Chancellor ) of Leipzig University after it was founded . A Ditpold Köckritz is named as the bravest knight of the Teutonic Order around the same time . Johann von Köckritz took part in the Council of Constance in 1414 . In 1426, 26 Köckritzers, who fought in the army of the Saxon Elector Frederick the Armed Forces , are said to have died in the battle of Aussig .

Around 1500 the robber baron Georg von Köckritz lived at Reddern Castle , and in 1527 the brothers Georg and Hans von Köckritz were granted ownership of their fiefdoms Reddern, Peitzendorf , Gräbendorf and Göritz (near Altdöbern ).

The lineage was successfully continued and branches of the family also settled in the Silesian principalities, in Lausitz and in Kurbrandenburg. Members of the family held high state and court offices in the later Kingdom of Prussia and served as officers in the Royal Prussian Army . Karl Leopold von Köckritz from the Zielenzig family (* 1744) joined the Prussian Army in 1762, was adjutant general in 1797 and promoted to major general in 1805 . He died in 1821 as a lieutenant general and was considered an accomplished courtier in his day.

In Bohemia the family owned, among other things, the rulers Hackeberg and Wenzenberg. However, they were abandoned in the 17th century as a result of the religious disputes during the Thirty Years' War . The last owner, Christoph Volkmar von Köckritz, died in Dresden in 1657 .

Karl Friedrich Otto Sigismund Freiherr von Köckritz, state elder , was still in the Kingdom of Prussia in the middle of the 19th century , zu Groß-Sürchen (today: Żerków), Leipnitz, Pathendorf and Thiergarten, all in the former district of Wohlau / Lower Silesia, as well as to Kniegnitz in the district Neumarkt owning. August Heinrich von Köckritz, royal Prussian major , was lord of Siewisch in the district of Calau and Friedrich von Köckritz, royal Prussian major, was lord of Kosemitz in the district of Nimptsch .

Status surveys

Karl von Köckritz auf Groß-Sürchen, Leipnitz and Pathendorf, state elder of the district of Wohlau, was elevated to the Prussian baron status in Berlin on October 15, 1840 . The title was in primogeniture from a noble marriage and tied to the possession of Groß-Sürchen ( diploma issued on May 9, 1846).

On December 23, 1907 Diepold von Köckritz , Fideikommissherr auf Mondschütz with Kanthen in the district of Wohlau, royal Prussian chamberlain , Rittmeister out of service and member of the Prussian manor house for life, received the Prussian baron status through the highest cabinet order at Potsdam Neues Palais (diploma issued on 16. March 1908 in Berlin). The title of baron was in primogeniture and linked to the ownership of the Fideikommiss Mondschütz.

Coat of arms graphic by Otto Hupp in the Munich calendar of 1934

coat of arms

Family coat of arms

The family coat of arms shows a shield split by blue and silver with three (2: 1) golden lilies . On the helmet with blue-silver helmet covers two buffalo horns , the right one blue and the left one silver.

Baron coat of arms

The Prussian baronial coats of arms, awarded in 1846 and 1908, show the coat of arms of the family coat of arms with two helmets. On the right the trunk helmet, on the left with blue-silver helmet covers a wing divided by blue and silver .

Heraldic saga

According to a legend, an ancestor of the family is said to have served in France. After he had fought valiantly against the enemy, his shield was pelted with lilies, as a special royal grace. Since then, the family has been said to have three golden fleur-de-lys in a split shield , two at the top and one at the bottom against the tip of the shield.

Name bearer

Individual evidence

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