Canton of Brest-Lambezellec

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canton of Brest-Lambezellec
region Brittany
Department Finistère
Arrondissement Brest
main place Brest
Dissolution date March 29, 2015
Residents 17,275 (Jan 1, 2012)
Communities 1 (partially)
INSEE code 2947

The Canton of Brest-Lambezellec was 2015 a French canton in the Arrondissement Brest , in the Finistere region and in the region of Brittany ; its main town was Brest .


The canton of Brest-Lambezellec consisted of parts of the city of Brest.


The city of Brest was only a single canton from 1793 to 1801. As early as 1801, the city was divided into the cantons of Brest-Ville, Brest-2 and Brest-3. 1973 Brest-Ville was renamed Brest-1 and the cantons Brest-4 to Brest-7 were also created. In 1985, the canton of Brest-8 was added to the new development areas. The subdivision of the city of Brest and some suburbs into the cantons of Brest-Bellevue, Brest-Cavale-Blanche-Bohars-Guilers, Brest-Center, Brest-Kerichen, Brest-Lambezellec, Brest-L'Hermitage-Gouesnou, Brest- Plouzané, Brest-Recouvrance, Brest-Saint-Marc and Brest-Saint-Pierre existed since 1991.

Population development

1999 2006 2012
17,928 17,428 17,275