Canton of Brest-L'Hermitage-Gouesnou

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canton of Brest-L'Hermitage-Gouesnou
region Brittany
Department Finistère
Arrondissement Brest
main place Brest
Dissolution date March 29, 2015
Residents 15,630 (Jan 1, 2012)
Communities 1 + 1 partially
INSEE code 2946

The Canton of Brest-L'Hermitage-Gouesnou was 2015 a French canton in the Arrondissement Brest , in the Finistere region and in the region of Brittany ; its main town was Brest .


Location of the canton of Brest-L'Hermitage-Gouesnou


The canton of Brest-L'Hermitage-Gouesnou consisted of parts of the city of Brest and the municipality of Gouesnou.

 local community   Breton   Population 
 Code postal   Code Insee 
Brest (partially) Brest 140.064 unknown 29200 29019
Gouesnou Gouenoù 6.116 08/12 29850 29061
Canton Brest-an-Ermitaj-Gouenoù 15,630 unknown - 2946


The city of Brest was only a single canton from 1793 to 1801. As early as 1801, the city was divided into the cantons of Brest-Ville, Brest-2 and Brest-3. 1973 Brest-Ville was renamed Brest-1 and the cantons Brest-4 to Brest-7 were also created. In 1985, the canton of Brest-8 was added to the new development areas. The subdivision of the city of Brest and some suburbs into the cantons of Brest-Bellevue, Brest-Cavale-Blanche-Bohars-Guilers, Brest-Center, Brest-Kerichen, Brest-Lambezellec, Brest-L'Hermitage-Gouesnou, Brest- Plouzané, Brest-Recouvrance, Brest-Saint-Marc and Brest-Saint-Pierre existed since 1991.

Population development

1999 2006 2012
15,478 15,600 15,630