Arid valley

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Arid valley
location Bavaria , Germany
Waters Schambach
Mountains Weissenburger Alb
Geographical location 48 ° 58 '39 "  N , 11 ° 2' 49"  E Coordinates: 48 ° 58 '39 "  N , 11 ° 2' 49"  E
Laubental (Bavaria)
Arid valley
climate temperate, warm
flora Coniferous and mixed forests as well as open arable and pasture areas

The Laubental is an elongated dry valley in the central Franconian district of Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen . It represents a side valley of the Altmühltal .


The Laubental begins at its northernmost point, southeast of Oberhochstatt and southwest of Burgsalach on the edge of a plateau of the Weißenburger Alb , a mountain range of the Franconian Alb . The small fort "In der Harlach" is located nearby . The unwooded valley stretches in a southerly direction and forms the border between the Weißenburger Stadtwald in the west and the forests Wildhau and Raitenbucher Forst in the east. Above the valley slopes run the borders between the large district town of Weißenburg in Bavaria and the communities of Burgsalach and Raitenbuch . The Schambach , a water-rich left tributary of the Altmühl, rises in the valley at an altitude of 482 meters above  sea ​​level .

North of Rothenstein the valley turns to the west. At the Laubenthal forest house of the same name, federal road 13 crosses the valley. Not far is the Laubenbuch nature reserve and several Treuchtlinger marble quarries . The district road WUG 36 branches off the main road and runs parallel to the Schambach through the Laubental.

The valley then reaches the village of Suffersheim and the wilderness of Potschmühle , Hammermühle , Flemmühle and Obere Papiermühle . Above the valley are Haardt , Heuberg and Bonhof on the north side , and the Pappenheim districts of Neudorf , Geislohe and Osterdorf on the south side . At the village of Schambach , below the Osterdorf holes , the valley flows into the broad Altmühl floodplain. Not far there is the Nagelberg , on the other side of the valley are Treuchtlingen and the two double peaks Patrich and Viersteinberg , which are foothills of the Hahnenkamm .

Several hiking and biking trails lead through the valley; in ancient times a Roman road crossed the northern part of the valley. The Laubental is situated in the Altmühltal nature park in a conservation area . Parts of the valley are designated as fauna and flora habitats . The valley has several side valleys, including the Heuberger Tal .

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