List of clubs in the VVDSt

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The list of associations in the VVDSt provides an overview of the member unions in the Association of Associations of German Students (VVDSt).

Active connections

connection University location country founding coat of arms Circle Members
VDSt Aachen-Breslau II Aachen DE 1920
VDSt Berlin & Charlottenburg Berlin DE 1881
VDSt Bielefeld Bielefeld DE 1985
VDSt to Bonn Bonn DE 1882 VDSt Bonn Wappen.png VDSt Bonn Circle.jpg
VDSt Braunschweig Braunschweig DE 1898 Circle VDSt BS.png
VDSt Bremen Bremen DE 1993
VDSt Breslau-Bochum Bochum DE 1966
VDSt Clausthal Clausthal DE 1903
VDSt Dresden Dresden DE 1895 VDSt Dresden magnificent coat of arms large.png Circle VDSt Dresden.tif
VDSt Erlangen gain DE 1886
Association of Frankfurt Students in the VVDSt Frankfurt am Main DE 1919
VDSt Freiberg Freiberg DE 1922
VDSt Freiburg Freiburg DE 1901 VDSt Freiburg Circle jm7375.jpg
VDSt Fünfkirchen Pécs HU
VDSt Giessen to water DE 1891
VDSt Göttingen Goettingen DE 1884
VDSt Graz Graz AT 1876
VDSt to Greifswald Greifswald DE 1881
VDSt Halle-Wittenberg Hall DE 1881
VDSt Hanover Hanover DE 1881
VDSt Heidelberg Heidelberg DE 1882
VDSt Innsbruck innsbruck AT 1921
VDSt Karlsruhe Karlsruhe DE 1957 Circle VDSt Karlsruhe.jpg
VDSt Kiel Kiel DE 1881
VDSt Cologne Cologne DE 1920
VDSt Königsberg-Mainz Mainz DE 1885 VDSt Königsberg-Mainz.jpg
VDSt Leipzig Leipzig DE 1855
VDSt Leoben Leoben AT 1919
VDSt Linz Linz AT
VDSt Magdeburg Magdeburg DE
VDSt Mannheim Mannheim DE 1953
VDSt Marburg Marburg DE 1886 VDSt Marburg.jpg Circle VDST Marburg.jpg
VDSt Munich Munich DE 1885 Ornamental coat of arms VDSt Munchen.png Circle VDSt Munchen.png
VDSt Münster Muenster DE 1902
VDSt Osnabrück Osnabrück DE
VDSt Strasbourg-Hamburg-Rostock Hamburg DE 1883 Hamburger-VDSt.jpg Compass SB HH RS.jpg
VDSt to Tübingen Tübingen DE 1883
VDSt to Vienna "Philadelphia" Vienna AT 1881
VDSt Würzburg-Jena Wurzburg DE 1919/1903

All clubs do not wear colors and are non-striking; all use the colors black-white-red, only the VDSt in Vienna "Philadelphia" wears the colors black-red-gold with pink percussion.

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