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Neuhodis market
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Coat of arms of Markt Neuhodis
Neuhodis Market (Austria)
Neuhodis market
Basic data
Country: Austria
State : Burgenland
Political District : Oberwart
License plate : OW
Surface: 19.94 km²
Coordinates : 47 ° 18 '  N , 16 ° 24'  E Coordinates: 47 ° 17 '46 "  N , 16 ° 23' 44"  E
Height : 326  m above sea level A.
Residents : 661 (January 1, 2020)
Population density : 33 inhabitants per km²
Postal code : 7464
Community code : 1 09 13
Address of the
municipal administration:
Markt Neuhodis 30
7464 Markt Neuhodis
Mayor : Joachim Radics ( ÖVP )
Municipal Council : ( 2017 )
(15 members)
8th 7th 
A total of 15 seats
Location of Markt Neuhodis in the Oberwart district
Bad Tatzmannsdorf Badersdorf Bernstein Deutsch Schützen-Eisenberg Grafenschachen Großpetersdorf Hannersdorf Jabing Kemeten Kohfidisch Litzelsdorf Loipersdorf-Kitzladen Mariasdorf Markt Allhau Markt Neuhodis Mischendorf Neustift an der Lafnitz Oberdorf im Burgenland Oberschützen Oberwart Pinkafeld Rechnitz Riedlingsdorf Rotenturm an der Pinka Schachendorf Schandorf Stadtschlaining Unterkohlstätten Unterwart Weiden bei Rechnitz Wiesfleck Wolfau BurgenlandLocation of the municipality of Markt Neuhodis in the Oberwart district (clickable map)
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Source: Municipal data from Statistics Austria


Markt Neuhodis is a market town with 661 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2020) in Burgenland in the Oberwart district in Austria .

The Hungarian name of the municipality is Új-Hodász , the Croatian name Novi Hodas . In the community there is a large number of members of the Burgenland- Croat minority, which is mainly based in the district of Althodis ( Stari Hodas ).


The community is located in southern Burgenland.

Community structure

The municipality includes the following two localities (population in brackets as of January 1, 2020):

  • Althodis (135)
  • Neuhodis Market (526)

The community consists of the cadastral communities Althodis and Neuhodis Markt.

German place name Hungarian place name Croatian place name
Althodis Óhodász Stari Hodas
Neuhodis market Városhodász Novi Hodas / Nimški Hodas


Like all of Burgenland, the place belonged to Hungary (German-West Hungary) until 1920/21 . Since 1898 had due to the Magyarization of the government in Budapest of Hungarian name Új-Hodász be used. After the end of the First World War , after tough negotiations, German-West Hungary was awarded to Austria in the Treaties of St. Germain and Trianon in 1919. The place has belonged to the newly founded federal state of Burgenland since 1921 (see also the history of Burgenland ). In 1971 Markt Neuhodis was merged with Althodis. Markt Neuhodis has been a market town since 1973.

Population development

Culture and sights

Catholic branch church Althodis


Municipal council

Local council election 2017
( n. K. )
Municipal office market Neuhodis

The council comprises a total of 15 members based on the number of eligible voters.

Results of the municipal council elections since 1997
Political party 2017 2012 2007 2002 1997
Sti. % M. Sti. % M. Sti. % M. Sti. % M. Sti. % M.
SPÖ 318 49.92 8th 308 49.04 7th 337 55.34 8th 303 49.43 7th 312 56.52 7th
ÖVP 288 45.21 7th 320 50.96 8th 272 44.66 7th 310 50.57 8th 200 36.23 5
FPÖ 31 4.87 0 not running not running not running 40 7.25 1
Eligible voters 780 772 769 759 680
voter turnout 86.67% 85.49% 83.88% 87.35% 89.41%


Joachim Radics (ÖVP) has been mayor since the election on October 1, 2017. He is the successor to Johann Wallner (SPÖ), who has headed the community since 2002. The change had been preceded by internal quarrels at the SPÖ, as Wallner initially no longer wanted to run in 2017 and had been looking for a suitable successor for two years. Ultimately, in March 2017, he announced that, after consulting his wife, he wanted to continue. During a meeting of the SPÖ on May 27, 2017, which Wallner left prematurely due to "discouragement", his party colleagues decided to run for mayoral with Klaus Glavanics, a newcomer to the elections. Wallner described the appointment as "contrary to the statutes". In the direct mayor election on October 1, 2017, the SPÖ regained the majority in the local council, Glavanics lost 46.52% to Joachim Radics (50.30%), who had been deputy mayor since 2012 and on the local council since 2012. Stefan Szmolian (FPÖ) came to 3.18%.


  • Joseph Koller (* February 2, 1801 in Althodis; † July 7, 1827 with Strange executed in Pinkafeld ): In 1822, Koller joined the notorious Stradafüßler band of robbers under their leader Nikolaus Schmidhofer, known as Holzknechtseppl , and became a privy councilor or Naßl under the robber names or Kollerl to a local celebrity in what was then the border region of Styria, Lower Austria and Burgenland. He and his cronies fled on the night of May 30th to 31st, 1827 from a makeshift prison in Pinkafeld and shot the corporal of the guards. After Koller and his accomplices were caught again, he was sentenced to death by hanging by a military court in Güns as a deserter . In addition to the murder at the outbreak, he was charged with another murder of a Jew between Ödenburg and Klingenbach as well as four desertions, 8 thefts and 2 robberies with a total damage of 901 guilders. His execution took place on July 7, 1827, together with that of two other subordinates of the gang on the judicial hill in Pinkafeld.
  • Rudolf Kedl (1928 City of Schlaining - 1991 Markt Neuhodis), Austrian sculptor

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