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coat of arms Austria map
Coat of arms of Kohfidisch
Kohfidisch (Austria)
Basic data
Country: Austria
State : Burgenland
Political District : Oberwart
License plate : OW
Surface: 31.32 km²
Coordinates : 47 ° 10 '  N , 16 ° 21'  E Coordinates: 47 ° 10 '25 "  N , 16 ° 21' 26"  E
Height : 258  m above sea level A.
Residents : 1,431 (January 1, 2020)
Postal code : 7512
Area code : 03366
Community code : 1 09 08
Address of the
municipal administration:
Obere Hauptstrasse 4
7512 Kohfidisch
Website: www.kohfidisch.at
Mayor : Norbert Sulyok ( ÖVP )
Municipal Council : ( 2017 )
(19 members)
A total of 19 seats
Location of Kohfidisch in the Oberwart district
Bad Tatzmannsdorf Badersdorf Bernstein Deutsch Schützen-Eisenberg Grafenschachen Großpetersdorf Hannersdorf Jabing Kemeten Kohfidisch Litzelsdorf Loipersdorf-Kitzladen Mariasdorf Markt Allhau Markt Neuhodis Mischendorf Neustift an der Lafnitz Oberdorf im Burgenland Oberschützen Oberwart Pinkafeld Rechnitz Riedlingsdorf Rotenturm an der Pinka Schachendorf Schandorf Stadtschlaining Unterkohlstätten Unterwart Weiden bei Rechnitz Wiesfleck Wolfau BurgenlandLocation of the municipality of Kohfidisch in the Oberwart district (clickable map)
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Source: Municipal data from Statistics Austria


Kohfidisch is a market town with 1431 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2020) in Burgenland in the Oberwart district in Austria .

The Hungarian place name of the municipality is Gyepűfüzes and indicates the importance of the place in the context of the Hungarian border guard Gyepű in the Middle Ages.


The community is located in southern Burgenland.

Community structure

The municipal area comprises the following three localities and cadastral communities of the same name (population in brackets as of January 1, 2020):

Neighboring communities

Mischendorf Badersdorf
Güttenbach Neighboring communities German Schützen-Eisenberg


In 1971 the municipalities of Badersdorf, Harmisch and Kirchfidisch were merged with Kohfidisch. In 1993 Badersdorf became independent again.


Like all of Burgenland, the place belonged to Hungary (German-West Hungary) until 1920/21 . Since 1898 had due to the Magyarization of the government in Budapest of Hungarian name Gyepűfüzes be used. After the end of the First World War , after tough negotiations, German-West Hungary was awarded to Austria in the Treaties of St. Germain and Trianon in 1919. The place has belonged to the newly founded federal state of Burgenland since 1921 (see also the history of Burgenland ).

During the Second World War , Kohfidisch was the scene of fierce fighting between units of the German Wehrmacht and the Red Army . On April 6, there was even violent hand-to-hand fighting in Kohfid Castle after units of the Soviet 26th Army had managed to break into the town. The German 1st Mountain Division was able to repel the attack and even include the Csaterberg again in the defense line for a few days. After the retreat of the German units in the night of April 11th to April 12th in the direction of Lafnitztal, Kohfidisch was finally occupied and part of the Soviet rearland, while fighting on the Styrian border continued until the German surrender.

Kohfidisch has been a market town since 1982 (by VO 81, 7/1982).

Population development

Culture and sights

The branch church Kohfidisch, consecrated to St. John Nepomuk in 1978.
The interior of the church
Trinity Chapel on the Csaterberg
See also:  List of listed objects in Kohfidisch
  • Kohfidisch Castle
  • Bell tower with chapel in place
  • Marienkapelle on Hoch-Csaterberg above the vineyards with cellar houses
  • Burial chapel of the Erdődy family in the Fidi Forest
  • Engagement chapel on Klein-Csaterberg
  • Roman milestone, found on Csaterberg, now located near the school
  • Affiliate church Kohfidisch (dedicated to St. John Nepomuk)


Municipal council

Local council election 2017

The council comprises a total of 19 members based on the number of eligible voters.

Results of the municipal council elections since 1997
Political party 2017 2012 2007 2002 1997
Sti. % M. Sti. % M. Sti. % M. Sti. % M. Sti. % M.
ÖVP 560 48.82 9 696 62.37 12 654 56.62 11 473 42.92 8th 396 40.28 8th
SPÖ 512 44.64 9 354 31.72 6th 478 41.39 8th 629 57.08 11 587 59.72 11
FPÖ 75 6.54 1 66 5.91 1 23 1.99 0 not running not running
Eligible voters 1462 1439 1417 1336 1257
voter turnout 87.41% 85.41% 88.14% 89.97% 89.58%

Parish council

In addition to Mayor Norbert Sulyok (ÖVP) and Deputy Mayor Jürgen Laky (SPÖ), the executive councils Andreas Horvath (SPÖ), Wilfried Müllner (ÖVP) and Jochen Weiner (ÖVP) also belong to the community board.

Mario Dürnbeck (ÖVP, for Harmisch), Arthur Pfeiffer (ÖVP, for Kohfidisch) and Jochen Weiner (ÖVP, for Kirchfidisch) were appointed mayors.


Mayor is Norbert Sulyok (ÖVP). After the resignation of Willibald Gabriel (SPÖ), who was mayor from March 1989 to March 10, 2007, Johann Schuch (SPÖ) was initially elected by the local council as local chief. In the direct mayor election on October 7, 2007, Schuch received 41.32% and thus lost to Sulyok, who won 58.68%. In the election on October 7, 2012, Sulyok achieved 70.29% against two competitors. In the mayoral election on October 1, 2017, Sulyok won with 51.38% against Willibald Gabriel (SPÖ, 43.01%) and Martin Resner (FPÖ, 5.61%). In the constituent meeting of the municipal council, Gabriel was elected deputy mayor.

Head of the municipal office is Rainer Oswald.

coat of arms

AUT Kohfidisch COA.png The municipal coat of arms was awarded on May 9, 1982 by the Burgenland state government .

Blazon : "In the shield, split by blue and gold, a golden stag grows from a wheel district at the front , a blue vine growing from a green mountain district at the back ."


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