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Allhau market
coat of arms Austria map
Coat of arms of Markt Allhau
Markt Allhau (Austria)
Allhau market
Basic data
Country: Austria
State : Burgenland
Political District : Oberwart
License plate : OW
Surface: 32.29 km²
Coordinates : 47 ° 17 '  N , 16 ° 5'  E Coordinates: 47 ° 17 '29 "  N , 16 ° 4' 49"  E
Height : 349  m above sea level A.
Residents : 1,855 (January 1, 2020)
Population density : 57 inhabitants per km²
Postal code : 7411
Community code : 1 09 12
Address of the
municipal administration:
Gemeindestraße 29
7411 Markt Allhau
Mayor : Hermann Pferschy ( ÖVP )
Municipal Council : ( 2017 )
(21 members)
11 7th 
A total of 21 seats
Location of Markt Allhau in the Oberwart district
Bad Tatzmannsdorf Badersdorf Bernstein Deutsch Schützen-Eisenberg Grafenschachen Großpetersdorf Hannersdorf Jabing Kemeten Kohfidisch Litzelsdorf Loipersdorf-Kitzladen Mariasdorf Markt Allhau Markt Neuhodis Mischendorf Neustift an der Lafnitz Oberdorf im Burgenland Oberschützen Oberwart Pinkafeld Rechnitz Riedlingsdorf Rotenturm an der Pinka Schachendorf Schandorf Stadtschlaining Unterkohlstätten Unterwart Weiden bei Rechnitz Wiesfleck Wolfau BurgenlandLocation of the municipality of Markt Allhau in the Oberwart district (clickable map)
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Evangelical parish church in Markt Allhau
Evangelical parish church in Markt Allhau
Source: Municipal data from Statistics Austria

Markt Allhau is a market town with 1855 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2020) in southern Burgenland in the Oberwart district in Austria . The Hungarian place name of the municipality is Alhó .


The municipality is located in southern Burgenland in the Stegersbachtal on the border with Styria.

Community structure

Markt Allhau has been a market town since 1973 (it was passed on through VO 5).

The municipality includes the following two localities (population in brackets as of January 1, 2020):

The community consists of the cadastral communities Allhau Markt and Buchschachen .

German place name Hungarian place name Croatian place name Roman place name
Book boxes Őribükkösd - Bujschocha
Allhau market Alhó Oljhava Ojhava


In 1971 Buchschachen was merged with Markt Allhau.


The place is mentioned in a document in 1331 and was in the 18th century. raised to the market. Like all of Burgenland, the place belonged to Hungary (German-West Hungary) until 1920/21 . Since 1898 had due to the Magyarization of the government in Budapest of Hungarian name Alho be used.

Allhau market during the conquest of Burgenland
Allhau / Alhó market as part of the Oberwart / Felsöör chair district in Eisenburg county .

After the end of the First World War , after tough negotiations, German-West Hungary was awarded to Austria in the Treaties of St. Germain and Trianon in 1919. However, to prevent the transfer of the western Hungarian villages on Austria, were formed across the country Freischärlergruppen , but where that came from members of the affected areas themselves, rather present the exception. In the area of ​​Markt Allhau, the I. Freischerkorps operated under the command of Lieutenant Arpad Taby, who had its headquarters in Oberwart . When the Austrian gendarmerie tried to occupy Burgenland with 11 columns on August 28, 1921, column 8, which was intended for Markt Allhau, was shot by the irregulars shortly after crossing the border, so that it had to retreat to its starting point in Hartberg without having achieved anything . A second attempt the next day also failed due to the resistance of the militants. These now ruled the area up to the Styrian border again and, under their leader Pál Prónay , even proclaimed an operetta state with the name Lajtabánság / Leitha-Banat on October 4th in Oberwart . With the Venice Protocol , Hungary finally committed to handing over Burgenland. So the armed forces could take over the land from November 25th to 30th without any problems. On the first day of this conquest, units of the Austrian 4th Brigade of the Armed Forces, coming from Hartberg, marched into Markt Allhau, which has now officially become part of the new federal state of Burgenland .

see also: Land grabbing of Burgenland and history of Burgenland

Allhau market during World War II

On April 7, 1941, a Bristol Blenheim of the Yugoslav Air Force had to make an emergency landing in a field near Markt Allhau. The machine had previously flown an attack in retaliation for the Balkan campaign started the day before by the Wehrmacht on Wiener Neustadt airfield . It was so damaged by the German air defense that the three-man crew had to land the bomber. The men came into German captivity, the plane was a rare sight at this phase of the war and was viewed by many onlookers before it was dismantled and transported by train to an unknown destination.

On May 10, 1944, an American Boeing B-17 bomber crashed in the municipality of Markt Allhau after a dogfight with German fighters . Two crew members were killed, while eight others were parachuted to save themselves.

On April 6, 1945 the ground war also reached Markt Allhau. The Red Army had conquered the Oberwart district without any problems and German resistance only stiffened along the Lafnitz at Markt Allhau and Buchschachen. By the end of the war, almost fifty German soldiers died in these battles. The village also paid a high price with five civilian deaths and many destroyed houses.

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Population development

Culture and sights

Catholic branch church in Markt Allhau
Old mill in Markt Allhau


In 1948 the UFC Markt Allhau was founded, which currently plays in the Burgenland League.

  • Buchschachen sports club
  • Buchschachen beautification association
  • Luftgrobmchor Buchschachen
  • tennis club Buchschachen
  • Trachtenmusikkapelle Markt Allhau


Municipal council

The municipal council has 21 members.


Source: Atlas Burgenland

  • 1945: Viktor Bartos (installed by the Soviets)
  • from August 1945: Josef Höltl (ÖVP)
  • 1950–1954: Samuel Hagenauer (ÖVP)
  • 1954–1961: Alois Krutzler (ÖVP)
  • 1961–1966: Emmerich Holl (ÖVP)
  • 1966–1977: Josef Ziermann (ÖVP)
  • 1977–1982: Erich Gall (SPÖ)
  • 1982–1985: Johann Koch (ÖVP)
  • 1985-2007: Engelbert Raser (ÖVP)
  • since 2007: Hermann Pferschy (ÖVP)

coat of arms

AT Markt Allhau COA.svg Blazon : “ At the upper edge of a green shield, three gold-flooded white arcade arches crosswise. In the middle arch protrudes the onion dome of a white church, which stands in the middle of the coat of arms between two blue rivers running straight across in a simple wave shape. There is a green tree to the left and right of the church. A golden anvil, which is surrounded by a golden eight-spoke wheel, is located in the river shield as a symbol for craft and trade. A simple blue line surrounds the shield. "


Web links

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