Ambulance 7

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Television series
Original title Ambulance 7
Country of production Germany
original language German
year 1976
Taunusfilm GmbH
length 25 minutes
Episodes 13 in 1 season
genre Family series
production Helmuth Ashley , Bruno Hampel
music Peter Thomas
First broadcast December 1, 1976 on German television

Notarztwagen 7 is a thirteen-part, color-shot television series from 1976 that depicts the contemporary everyday life of an ambulance team in a big city.


The emergency ambulance  7 (NAW 7) of the professional fire brigade Frankfurt is moving - at the time of the film production still in the compact system  - from the professional association accident clinic Frankfurt am Main (BGU) u. a. to traffic accidents, domestic accidents but also suicide attempts and is supported by the fire brigade, police and other aid organizations. The rescue teams from NAW 7 around the two Frankfurt emergency doctors Dr. Barbara Kersten and Dr. Günter Brandenberg show their work in emergency medicine in thirteen episodes .

Each episode deals with a different facet of accident rescue and emergency medicine. Not only the rescue and care of the patient is shown, but also the history of the emergency. The viewer is always taught the respective aspect of accident prevention with a slightly raised index finger .

From today's point of view, the rescue service measures shown appear questionable, for example the shock position of a patient with a heart attack and the supine position of the unconscious without endotracheal intubation . However, the care of the patients shows the emergency medical standard of the time.


The television series was produced in 1976 by Taunusfilm GmbH on behalf of Hessischer Rundfunk . Directed by Helmuth Ashley , the screenplay was written by Bruno Hampel , who also worked for series such as Der Alte , Tatort and Achtung Zoll! was active. The music for the series was written by Peter Thomas . The shooting took place mainly in and around Wiesbaden and Frankfurt am Main .

In order to save production costs and at the same time to be able to depict the work of the rescue services as authentically as possible, many of the rescue scenes were realistic exercises by the professional fire departments in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden. Except for the two protagonists, the emergency services were real rescue personnel.

The other actors were well-known actors of their time.


The series was broadcast for the first time in the winter of 1976/77 in the evening program of German television . At the end of 1988 and most recently in the 1990s, the series was repeated on television on RTL . On April 25, 2009, another repetition started on hr television . On Saturdays at 6:20 p.m. all episodes were shown with the exception of the first one. In autumn 2016, the series was broadcast on Saturday night on hr television. There was another repetition in Sept./Oct. 2017.


The opening credits of the series show an alarm run by NAW 7 at Eschenheimer Tor in Frankfurt.

episode title theme First broadcast Locations Other vehicles in use
1. Destination Frankfurt Crashed person in the hold 1st December 1976 Main near Frankfurt; East port HLF 16 -3, Police boat Hessen 4/01, RTH Christoph 2
2. The courtesy Traffic accident caused by an unsafe vehicle December 8, 1976 Gerbermühle , Frankfurt GW , KW 16 , GW-Licht , ELW 1 , KTW
3. Late spring Person having a heart attack 15th December 1976 Wiesbaden spa gardens , near Dietenmühle; Tennis courts ibid. no
4th 801 takes over the search Person trapped in refrigerated trucks 22nd December 1976 Old town Wetzlar ; A5 between Wetzlar and Frankfurt am Main ; AK Bad Homburg Police helicopter Hessen 8/92
5. The jubilee Person unconscious after falling in apartment 5th January 1977 Winkeler Strasse 9, Wiesbaden no
6th The bankruptcy must be celebrated Serious motorcycle accident January 12, 1977 Restaurant Street Mill, Wiesbaden-Dotzheim ; Glöcknerstrasse underpass, Wiesbaden-Igstadt no
7th Last call for Dr. Reimann Person with food poisoning 19th January 1977 Berliner Strasse , Frankfurt no
8th. Bottomless carelessness Unconscious people in the shaft after gas penetration 2nd February 1977   GW , ELW 1 , RTW  42
9. The exam Person threatens to jump from skyscraper with suicidal intent February 9, 1977 Eschersheimer Landstrasse  10, Frankfurt no
10. Only 220 volts Electrical accident February 16, 1977 Rheinufer , Eltville am Rhein no
11. Himself is the man Trapped person due to inadequate securing during repair work on motor vehicles March 2nd 1977 Waldhaus, Wiesbaden-Rambach ; Köpfchenweg, Wiesbaden-Bierstadt ; Kohlheckstrasse, Wiesbaden-Dotzheim
12. Canal terminus Unconscious person in car crashed on river bank March 9, 1977 Nordweststadt , Frankfurt; Old Niddabrücke , Ffm- Praunheim Week 16
13. The big show Unconscious person on the house roof, onlookers March 23, 1977 Winkeler Strasse, Wiesbaden TM , LF 16


“A great series. [...] up to date at the time of their creation. "


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