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Tollow - view from the west
Tollow - view from the west
Waters Baltic Sea
Geographical location 54 ° 15 '6 "  N , 13 ° 21' 43"  E Coordinates: 54 ° 15 '6 "  N , 13 ° 21' 43"  E
Tollow (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania)
length 300 m
width 100 m
surface 1.74 ha

The uninhabited island of Tollow is located in the Maltziener Wiek , a bay of the Greifswald Bodden and is almost completely enclosed by the Zudar peninsula belonging to the island of Rügen . It is about 300 meters long and 100 meters wide, with an area of ​​1.74 hectares. It has belonged to the city of Garz / Rügen since the incorporation of the municipality of Zudar in 2004 .

A large population of cormorants lives on Tollow , and their droppings have largely destroyed the original vegetation. The cormorants, which at times have grown from tree to ground brooders, are now slowly disappearing after their droppings have destroyed the trees and thus their nesting base.

According to a legend, which could never be proven with exact sources, the grave of the pirate Klaus Störtebeker , who was executed by heads in Hamburg on October 20, 1401, is on the island. The grave was never found, and it is also very unlikely that the remains of a delinquent judged in Hamburg were laboriously transported over several hundred kilometers to this island for burial. Further stories say that Tollow is a treasure island .

Individual evidence

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