Undine Bremer

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Undine Bremer , b. Hartmann (born June 30, 1961 in Magdeburg ) is a German athlete who, starting in the 1980s for the GDR , was one of the world's best 400-meter runners . In the 4 x 400 meter relay , which won the title at the 1983 World Championships , she was used in the preliminary run (together with Kerstin Walther , Sabine Busch and Ellen Fiedler ).

Undine Bremer started for SC Magdeburg , in 1981 and 1986 she was GDR champion with the relay. She set her best time over 400 meters of 51.40 s in 1983. In her active days she was 1.68 m tall and weighed 58 kg.