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Olesja Nikolajewna Sykina ( Russian Олеся Николаевна Зыкина , English transcription Olesya Zykina ; born October 7, 1980 in Kaluga ) is a Russian sprinter who is successful on the 400-meter route in both the individual race and the relay.

In 1998 she finished eighth at the Junior World Championships in the 100-meter run and won silver with the Russian 4-by-400-meter relay . In 1999 she was both over 400 meters and with the relay junior European champion. At the European Indoor Championships in Ghent in 2000, she was the starting runner of the victorious Russian relay. In Sydney at the 2000 Olympic Games , she was only used in the relay in the run-up. Since the season was third in the final, it was also honored with bronze.

At the World Indoor Championships 2001 in Lisbon she ran over 400 meters 51.71 s and finished third behind Sandie Richards (JAM) and her compatriot Olga Kotlyarova . The Russian relay with Julija Nosowa , Sykina, Julija Sotnikowa and Kotljarowa won gold in 3: 30.00 minutes ahead of the relay teams from Jamaica and Germany. At the World Championships in Edmonton , Sykina was sixth over 400 meters in 50.93 s. The Russian season ran 3: 24.92 minutes and took third place behind Jamaica and Germany.

In 2002 Sykina defended her 400 meter title from 2001 at the Russian Championships. At the European Championships in Munich in 2002 , Sykina was able to keep the German favorite Grit Breuer at a distance in 50.45 s with 50.70 s, British Lee McConnell in third 51.02 s. In the relay, Breuer and Sykina ran against each other again as the final runners. This time Sykina could not beat Breuer on the home stretch. The German relay team won in 3: 25.10 minutes ahead of the Russians in 3: 25.59 minutes.

At the World Indoor Championships in Birmingham in 2003 , Sykina only started in the relay that won in the cast Natalja Antjuch , Julija Pschonkina , Sykina and Natalja Nasarowa in 3: 28.45 minutes, clearly ahead of the seasons from Jamaica and the United States. At the World Championships in Paris / Saint-Denis Sykina was again sixth over 400 meters in 50.59 s. The relay with Sykina, Pechonkina, Anastassija Kapatschinskaja and Nazarowa won silver in 3: 22.91 minutes behind the US relay with a hundredth of a second ahead of the third-placed Jamaicans.

In Athens at the 2004 Olympic Games , Olesja Krasnomowez , Nazarova, Sykina and Antjuch won silver in 3: 20.16 minutes behind the relay from the USA and ahead of the relay from Jamaica. At the World Championships in Helsinki in 2005 Sykina was in 51.24 s for the third time in a row sixth over 400 meters. In the season it was only used in the run-up. In the final, the Russian relay won gold before Jamaica, and Sykina also received a world championship gold medal.

After Sykina had not competed internationally in championships in the 2006 season, she started again at the 2007 European Indoor Championships in Birmingham. Over 400 meters she won bronze in 51.69 s behind the Brit Nicola Sanders and the Belarusian Ilona Ussowitsch . The Russian relay won silver behind the Belarus relay.

At a height of 1.70 m, her competition weight is 60 kg.

Best times

  • 100 m : 11.84 s (1998)
  • 200 m : 22.55 s (2005)
  • 400 m: 50.15 s (2001)


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