Olha Bryshina

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Olha Bryshina athletics
Full name Olga Arkadievna Bryshina
nation Soviet UnionSoviet Union Soviet Union United Team Ukraine
United teamUnited team 
birthday 30th June 1963 (age 57)
place of birth Krasnokamsk
size 173 cm
Weight 68 kg
discipline sprint
Best performance 22.44 s ( 200 m )
48.27 s ( 400 m )
society Dynamo Luhansk
status resigned
Medal table
Olympic games 3 × gold 1 × silver 0 × bronze
World championships 2 × gold 1 × silver 0 × bronze
European championships 0 × gold 1 × silver 0 × bronze
Olympic rings Olympic games
gold Seoul 1988 400 m
gold Seoul 1988 4 × 400 m
gold Barcelona 1992 4 × 400 m
silver Barcelona 1992 400 m
IAAF logo World championships
gold Rome 1987 400 m
silver Rome 1987 4 × 400 m
gold Tokyo 1991 4 × 400 m
EAA logo European championships
silver Stuttgart 1986 400 m

Olha Arkadijiwna Bryshina ( Ukrainian Ольга Аркадіївна Бризгіна ., English transcription Olha Bryzhina, birth name Russian Ольга Аркадьевна Владыкина - Olga Arkadyevna Wladykina - Olga Vladykina ; * the 30th June 1963 in Krasnokamsk , Oblast Perm ) is a former Soviet sprinter and Olympic champion .


Born in the RSFSR , she moved with the family to the Ukrainian SSR . Until 1991 she started for the Soviet Union, then for the Ukraine and at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona for the United Team .

It had its first major appearance on October 6, 1985 in Canberra . In Marita Koch's world record run (47.60 s), she was the only one in the field who was halfway able to follow the German. Koch running on lane two pulled Bryshina (lane one) with it. With a time of 48.27 s, she is among the five fastest runners over the 400 meters to date .

At the European Athletics Championships in 1986 in Stuttgart, she won the silver medal over 400 meters. The following year, she won the gold medal over 400 meters and the silver medal in the 4-by-400-meter relay at the World Athletics Championships in Rome . At the 1991 World Championships in Tokyo, she won the gold medal in the 4 x 400 meter relay.

At the Olympic Games in Seoul in 1988 she won the gold medal over 400 meters ahead of Petra Müller (GDR) and Olga Nasarowa (URS), as well as the team gold medal in the 4 x 400 meter relay together with her teammates Tazzjana Ljadouskaja , Olga Nazarova and Marija Pinigina .

Starting for the United Team , she was able to almost repeat her success of the previous games at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. This time she won the silver medal over 400 meters behind Marie-José Pérec (FRA) and ahead of Ximena Restrepo (COL), as well as the gold medal in the 400 meter relay with her teammates Jelena Rusina , Lyudmyla Dschyhalowa and Olga Nazarova.

Since 1986 she has been married to Wiktor Bryshin , who became Olympic champion in the 4 x 100 meter relay with the Soviet team in 1988. Their daughters Jelysaweta Bryshina and Anastassija Bryshina are also successful as sprinters.

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