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Marija Pinigina ( Ukrainian Марія Пінігіна ., English transcription Mariya Pinigina, birth name Russian Мария Джумабаевна Кульчунова - Marija Dschumabajewna Kultschunowa - Mariya Kulchunova; * 9. February 1958 in Ivanovka , Kyrgyz SSR ) is a former Ukrainian sprinter who - for the Soviet Union starting - was successful in the 400-meter run in the 1980s and became an Olympic champion in the relay.

She won four Soviet national championship titles:

year 1978 1979 1983 1986
Time (s) 50.84 49.77 50.06 50.50


She had her first international appearance when she came in 4th place in 51.25 seconds at the 1978 European Championships in Prague . However, she had to wait a long time for a European Championship medal: It was not until 1987 that she won indoor gold in Liévin, France, in 51.27 seconds. Her successful year was 1983. At the Universiade in Edmonton she won just like four years earlier in Mexico City , and at the World Championships in Helsinki in 1983 she won two bronze medals - one with the relay and one in the individual race, where she won an excellent 49, 19 s ran.

Marija Kultschunowa-Pinigina represented her country four times at cup finals and won the silver medal every time: at the World Cup in Montreal in 1979 and at the European Cup in Turin in 1979 , in London in 1983 and in Prague in 1987 .

She celebrated her greatest success at the end of her career when she won the gold medal at the Olympic Games in Seoul in 1988 with the Soviet 4 x 400 meter relay and set a new world record of 3: 15.17 minutes, which is still today is unbroken.


In 2006, competitions for the Marija Pinigina Prize were held for the first time.

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