Publishing house Dr. Kovač

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Publishing house Dr. Kovač
founding   1982
Seat   Hamburg , Germany
publisher   Dr. Josef Kovač (partner)
Publisher number   8300
genus   Theses , technical book , nonfiction

The publishing house Dr. Kovač (VDK) is a science publisher or “ specialist publisher for scientific literature” founded in 1982 by Josef Kovač and based in Hamburg , which specializes in the publication of university publications .

In addition to dissertations and habilitation theses, the company also publishes monographs , commemorative publications , yearbooks and conference proceedings , sorted in 280 series according to 23 z. T. several times in subdivided subject areas such as u. a. History , law , business administration / economics or philology . Since 1996 the series “Memoirs” has also been offered, in which around 70 (as of 2016) emeritus university professors have published their autobiographies .

Since its inception, an average of around 300 books have been published each year.

The company has set up an annual development fund since 2002, currently the VDK Development Fund 2020 . According to their own information, around 3 million euros have been distributed to the authors so far, which reduces costs. Depending on the model chosen , their authors may have to pay a printing allowance for publication or 35 author's copies at cost price with the allowance. Depending on the sales expectation, a model with or without an author's fee can be selected. If this is not done, this also reduces the costs. This also applies to "established" scientists and research work, anthologies, conference proceedings, festschrifts or habilitation theses as well as master's theses.


In the publishing house Dr. Kovač published a. a .:

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