Costa Rica coat of arms

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Costa Rica coat of arms
Coat of arms of Costa Rica.svg
Introduced May 5, 1998
Heraldic shield Mountains, sea, ships
Coat of arms of Costa Rica (1848-1906) .svg

Coat of arms of Costa Rica (1906-1964) .svg
(1906-1994) (1964-1998)Coat of arms of Costa Rica (1964-1998) .svg

The coat of arms of Costa Rica has been the official state coat of arms of Costa Rica since May 5th, 1998 .


The coat of arms was originally introduced on November 27, 1906 . It was reformed in 1964 when two more stars were added to the initial five stars on the upper edge of the coat of arms, and again in 1998 when the images of the three volcanoes were supplemented with clouds of smoke.


Description of coat of arms : The coat of arms is divided into light blue and blue. Three green, white-smoking volcanoes rise from a green ground. In the blue base of the shield a tall ship (three-masted) with silver square sails and jib , on the masts silver pennants, on the stern the national flag with red stripes between silver and blue stripes, the ship again between the right and middle volcano. In the light blue field at the upper edge of the shield, lying on green leaves, is a silver ribbon with the name of the nation in black capital letters , underneath seven silver five-pointed stars in an arch, underneath a golden sun rising to the right without a face. The shield is historicized in gold.

About the tag floats a blue ribbon with the motto in black capital letters " AMERICA CENTRAL ", Spanish for " Central America ".


The seven stars stand for the seven provinces of Costa Rica.

The shield also depicts two ships , one of which is on this side of three mountains, the other on the other side of the mountains. The ships are meant to commemorate the country's nautical and maritime past, while the mountains represent the three largest mountain ranges in Costa Rica (Cordillera de Talamanca, Cordillera de Guanacaste and Cordillera Central). The country they stand out from is consequently Costa Rica. It is surrounded by two seas, one in front - the Pacific - and one in the back - the Caribbean . A sun rises behind the sea.

At the top of the shield is the official name of the nation on a scroll. Above it is a blue ribbon that says America Central , Spanish for " Central America ".

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