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The World Sailing is the world governing body of all sailing sports . It was founded as the International Yacht Racing Union (IYRU) in Paris in October 1907 . Their headquarters are now in Southampton ( Hampshire , UK ).


Since August 5, 1996, the association was called International Sailing Federation (ISAF). In December 2015 it officially changed its name to World Sailing - A Sport for Life and has been using a new logo ever since. The motto "a sport for life" is intended to underline that the association's efforts serve the entire sailing world. The four main goals after the new name are: more transparency, better communication, stronger leadership and greater responsibility.

In 2017 World Sailing has 120 member countries. It carries 82 boat classes , divided into (sword) dinghies , keel boats , multihulls and surfboards and yachts , e.g. B. the eight boat classes in the Olympic category , plus international , recognized and classic.


For international sailing competitions such as World Championships or the Olympic Games , World Sailing trains qualified national race directors, referees and umpires and, if they meet the requirements and requirements, appoints them to International Judges , International Race Officers and International Umpires . These are appointed to the relevant competitions by the ISAF.

Worldwide there are only about 400 sailors who have the authorization to International Judge , as well as about 110 International Umpire and about 210 International Race Officers . The combination of the individual authorizations is possible.

It is undesirable on the part of World Sailing that a race director also has duties as a referee or umpire at the same event. However, it is possible that at a regatta (e.g. the Kiel Week ) referees are umpires at the same time, provided they both have authorizations and have been appointed accordingly.

Prize: World Sailor of the Year

ISAF / World Sailing has presented the Rolex World Sailor of the Year Awards every year since 1994 . This award represents the highest distinction a sailor can receive for outstanding performance in the sailing world. Since 2001 the company Rolex has been added as a sponsor and namesake. The prize is awarded annually in autumn in two categories:

  1. best sailor / male crew of the year
  2. best sailor / female crew of the year

List of award winners

List of award winners

ISAF Sailing Hall of Fame

For the 100th year of the World Sailing Association in 2007, the ISAF Sailing Hall of Fame was brought into being. Particularly deserving sprotsailers should be honored through the honorary membership (inductee) in the "Hall of Honor of Sailing". Every four years new inductees want to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Proposals for nominations can be submitted by World Sailing members, the final decision on an honorary member is made by the ISAF Executive Committee . The second round of admission took place in 2015.

2007 Inductees

DenmarkDenmark Paul Elvstrøm (1928-2016)
New ZealandNew Zealand Barbara Kendall
United KingdomUnited Kingdom Robin Knox-Johnston
United KingdomUnited Kingdom Ellen MacArthur
United StatesUnited States Olin Stephens (1908-2008)
FranceFrance Éric Tabarly (1931-1998)

2015 Inductees

United StatesUnited States Dennis Conner
ItalyItaly Alessandra Sensini
United StatesUnited States Harold Vanderbilt (1884-1970)
New ZealandNew Zealand Peter Blake (1948-2001)
United StatesUnited States Harry Melges
RussiaRussia Valentin Mankin (1938-2014)
BrazilBrazil Torben Grael

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