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Bezirk Amstetten Bezirk Baden (Niederösterreich) Bezirk Bruck an der Leitha Bezirk Gänserndorf Bezirk Gmünd Bezirk Hollabrunn Bezirk Horn Bezirk Korneuburg Krems an der Donau Bezirk Krems-Land Bezirk Lilienfeld Bezirk Melk Bezirk Mistelbach Bezirk Mödling Bezirk Neunkirchen St. Pölten Bezirk St. Pölten-Land Bezirk Scheibbs Bezirk Tulln Bezirk Waidhofen an der Thaya Waidhofen an der Ybbs Wiener Neustadt Bezirk Wiener Neustadt-Land Bezirk ZwettlLocation of the Scheibbs district in the federal state of Lower Austria (clickable map)
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Basic data
state Lower Austria
NUTS III region AT-121
Administrative headquarters Scheibbs
surface 1024 km²
Residents 41,414 (January 1, 2020)
Population density 40 inhabitants / km²
License Plate SB
District Commission
District Captain Johann Seper
Bezirke / BH-Scheibbs
Gaming Göstling an der Ybbs Gresten Gresten-Land Lunz am See Oberndorf an der Melk Puchenstuben Purgstall an der Erlauf Randegg Reinsberg (Niederösterreich) Scheibbs St. Anton an der Jeßnitz St. Georgen an der Leys Steinakirchen am Forst Wang Wieselburg Wieselburg-Land Wolfpassing NiederösterreichLocation of the municipality of Bezirk Scheibbs in the district of Scheibbs (clickable map)
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District captain Johann Seper at the blessing of the fire station and musician's home in St. Georgen an der Leys on September 10, 2017

The Scheibbs district is an administrative district of the State of Lower Austria .


The district is located in the Mostviertel and is also assigned to the main Mostviertel region for spatial planning . It covers 1,023.65 km². Large parts of the Ybbstal Alps and the Göstling Alps are in the district. The highest peaks are the Ötscher ( 1893  m above sea level ), the Dürrenstein ( 1878  m above sea level ) and the Hochkar ( 1808  m above sea level ), which are also the three highest in the Mostviertel.

Neighboring districts

Administrative division

The Scheibbs district is divided into 18 communities , including two towns and nine market communities.

Municipalities in the Scheibbs district.png

Regions in the table are small regions in Lower Austria
local community location Ew km² Ew / km² Judicial district region Type
AUT Gaming COA.jpg

Gaming in the SB.PNG district 3,021 243.87 12 Scheibbs Great Erlauftal market
Göstling on the Ybbs
AUT Göstling at Ybbs COA.svg

Göstling an der Ybbs in the SB.PNG district 2,025 143.66 14th Scheibbs Ybbstal-Eisenstrasse market
AUT Gresten COA.png

Gresten in the SB.PNG district 1,986 3.84 517 Scheibbs Small Erlauftal market
Gresten Land
AUT Gresten-Land COA.png

Gresten-Land in the SB.PNG district 1,488 55.62 27 Scheibbs Small Erlauftal local community
Lunz am See
AUT Lunz am See COA.png

Lunz am See in the SB.PNG district 1,780 101.66 18th Scheibbs Ybbstal-Eisenstrasse market
Oberndorf an der Melk
AUT Oberndorf an der Melk COA.png

Oberndorf an der Melk in the SB.PNG district 2,954 42.93 69 Scheibbs Melktal market
AUT Puchenstuben COA.png

Puchenstuben in the SB.PNG district 289 41.29 7th Scheibbs Horse country pre-Alps local community
Purgstall on the Erlauf
AUT Purgstall an der Erlauf COA.png

Purgstall an der Erlauf in the SB.PNG district 5,372 55.97 96 Scheibbs Great Erlauftal market
AUT Randegg COA.svg

Randegg in the SB.PNG district 1,877 51.82 36 Scheibbs Small Erlauftal market
Reinsberg coat of arms RGB.jpg

Reinsberg in the SB.PNG district 1,046 29.44 36 Scheibbs Small Erlauftal local community

Scheibbs in the SB.PNG district 4.132 45.96 90 Scheibbs Great Erlauftal urban
St. Anton an der Jeßnitz
AUT Sankt Anton an der Jeßnitz COA.jpg

Sankt Anton an der Jeßnitz in the SB.PNG district 1,179 69.7 17th Scheibbs Great Erlauftal local community
St. Georgen an der Leys
AUT Sankt Georgen an der Leys COA.jpg

Sankt Georgen an der Leys in the SB.PNG district 1,330 23.83 56 Scheibbs Melktal local community
Steinakirchen am Forst
AUT Steinakirchen COA.jpg

Steinakirchen am Forst in the SB.PNG district 2,243 34.92 64 Scheibbs Small Erlauftal market
AUT Wang COA.jpg

Wang in the SB.PNG district 1,369 19.57 70 Scheibbs Small Erlauftal market

Wieselburg in the SB.PNG district 4,252 5.42 785 Scheibbs In-region urban
Wieselburg country

Wieselburg-Land in the SB.PNG district 3,428 33.88 101 Scheibbs In-region local community
AUT Wolfpassing COA.jpg

Wolfpassing in the SB.PNG district 1,643 20.29 81 Scheibbs Small Erlauftal local community

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Coordinates: 48 ° 0 '  N , 15 ° 10'  E