The City Cobra

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German title The City Cobra
Original title Cobra
The city cobra.svg
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1986
length 83 minutes
Age rating FSK 18
Director George Pan Cosmatos
script Sylvester Stallone
production James D. Brubaker ,
Yoram Globus ,
Menahem Golan
music John Cafferty (theme song),
Sylvester Levay
camera Ric Waite
cut James R. Symons ,
Don Zimmerman

The City-Cobra (also Die Cobra-Cobra ) is an American action film from 1986 with Sylvester Stallone and Brigitte Nielsen in the lead roles. The film was produced by Cannon Films , a production company that specialized in action films in the 1980s.


Lieutenant Maria (originally Marion) Cobretti, known as the Cobra, is a LAPD police officer . While his colleagues are waiting outside with the gun at the ready and negotiating, he goes to a supermarket, where he ends the hostage situation. That doesn't just make friends for him. He has to put up with the accusation of vigilante justice from the press; his own colleagues fear his impulsive behavior and his going it alone. Detective Monte in particular criticizes Cobretti's approach, which repeatedly leads to arguments between the two.

Cobretti fights against the gang led by Night Slasher, a sect -like association that wants to create a new world and assaults and kills numerous innocent people, apparently indiscriminately. The photo model Ingrid Knudsen witnessed one of the robberies and escaped. Cobretti and his partner Gonzales protect Ingrid, but are found by the gangsters because the policewoman Nancy Stalk, who is the Night Slasher's lover, was also deployed to protect Ingrid and can thus inform the enemies of their location without suspicion devices.

Cobretti and Ingrid flee to the country and hide in a motel, they fall in love and spend a few romantic hours. However, Stalk's betrayal leads the gangsters to track them down, so a car chase and shootout ensues, in which Gonzales is injured. Finally there is a showdown in a steel mill. Cobretti manages to turn off most of the gangsters, including the now unmasked Nancy Stalk, until he finally faces the Night Slasher. The latter mocks him and says that the law also protects people like him and Cobretti can therefore only arrest him. Cobretti replies that he deserves no rights and wants to shoot him, but before he can pull the trigger, he is attacked from behind by the suddenly resurfacing Nancy Stalk. While the two are fighting, the Night Slasher shoots Cobretti, but hits Nancy, who is now dead. Then Cobretti fights with the Night Slasher, at the end of which Cobretti hangs him on a metal hook on a rope that goes into the red-hot iron and burns it with it.

Gonzales is then transported away in an ambulance and Cobretti is praised by his captain. Monte also congratulates him, but again criticizes his approach. Cobretti then offers him his hand in reconciliation, but only to knock him down. Then he drives home on a motorcycle with Ingrid.


The German dubbing was based on a dubbing book by Andreas Pollak under his dialogue direction on behalf of Berliner Synchron .

role actor speaker
Lieutenant Maria Cobretti ("Cobra") Sylvester Stallone Thomas Danneberg
Ingrid Knudsen Brigitte Nielsen Heike Schroetter
Sergeant Gonzales Reni Santoni Ulrich Gressieker
Detective Monte Andrew Robinson Norbert Langer
Night Slasher Brian Thompson Helmut Krauss
Nancy stalk Lee Garlington Stefanie Schmidt
Captain Sears Art LaFleur Wolfgang Kühne
Supermarket killer Marco Rodríguez Thomas Petruo
Chief Halliwell Val Avery Alexander Duke
Dan David Rasche Helmut Gauss


Nina Darnton criticized the New York Times on May 24, 1986 for the fact that the violence in the film and the perception represented would interfere. She compared the film to publications that criticize pornography by posting examples of it. The director mainly shows the weapons used. Brigitte Nielsen looks beautiful, but she speaks “monotonously”.

"A blood-soaked action spectacle that spreads its message glorifying violence, partly with a fascist mentality."

David Letterman said, based on the slogan of the film “Crime is a disease. He is the cure. "(" Crime is a disease. He is the cure. ")" Stallone is a disease. Acting lessons are the cure. "(" Stallone is a disease. Acting lessons are the cure. ")


The film was nominated six times for the Golden Raspberry in 1987 ;


The film was based on the novel Fair Game by Paula Gosling . Nine years later, a similar film with William Baldwin and Cindy Crawford in the leading roles was made under the original book title . Stallone was supposed to star in Beverly Hills Cop in 1984 . When his ideas for the script were rejected, he left the production and realized his ideas in Die City-Cobra . The car shown in the film, a 1950 Ford Mercury Monterey, belonged to Sylvester Stallone. For an action scene, demolishable doubles were made.

The film was shot in Los Angeles . It grossed approximately $ 49 million in US cinemas ; worldwide it was about 160 million US dollars. City-Cobra is next to the Rocky and Rambo sequels the third most successful action film Stallones from the 1980s.

The leading actors Sylvester Stallone and Brigitte Nielsen also became a couple behind the camera and married a little later. They were also seen together in Rocky IV - The Battle of the Century . The marriage was divorced on July 13, 1987.

Due to numerous scenes of violence, the film was cut on the cinema and video market in Germany even in the FSK-18 version and was indexed on May 26, 1987. The distributor Warner Bros. later tried to bring an uncut, JK- approved DVD version onto the market; However, due to the violent tendency of the film and the glorification of vigilante justice in the brutal final scene, the SPIO refused to release the film. The uncut version of the film was therefore only released in other European countries; Germany was given a censored version. In 2012, the film was removed from the index and released after a re-examination by the FSK in its uncut version from 18.

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