United Nations Development Program

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Development Program of the United Nations
United Nations Development Program
Organization type Committee of the General Assembly of the UN
Abbreviation UNDP
management GermanyGermany BrazilBrazil Achim Steiner
(since 2017)
Founded 1965
Headquarters New York City , New York , United States
United StatesUnited States 
Upper organization United Nations General Assembly

The United Nations Development Program ( English United Nations Development Program , UNDP , French Program des Nations Unies pour le développement , UNDP ) is an executive committee within the United Nations General Assembly .

The leadership of the development program is the third highest office in the hierarchy of the United Nations , immediately after the Secretary-General of the United Nations and his deputy. The UNDP Executive Committee consists of representatives from 36 countries around the world who are appointed on a rotating basis. The United Nations Office for Project Services was spun off as an independent organization UNOPS in 1995 .

Seat and duties

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The headquarters are in New York , with further branches in Europe ( Geneva , Brussels , Copenhagen ), Japan ( Tokyo ) and the USA ( Washington, DC ).

The UNDP is financed entirely from voluntary contributions from UN member states. The organization has country offices in 166 states. From these headends, UNDP works with local governments. In addition, UNDP helps the respective developing countries to achieve the goals of the Millennium Summit ( Millennium Development Goals ).

UNDP promotes by providing advisory capacities , training and grant funds. There is an increasing focus on promoting the so-called Least Developed Countries . In order to achieve the Millennium Development Goals and advance global development, UNDP focuses on poverty reduction, HIV / AIDS , democratic governance, energy and the environment, and general crisis prevention. The cross-sectional task in all programs is the protection of human rights and the equal treatment of women. The 1994 program also coined the concept of human security , which, among other things, influenced the reform discussion about the United Nations. Every year around 62 billion US dollars flow into the development program, most of which is provided by the G7 countries.


UNDP was founded in 1965 to combine the Extended Technical Cooperation Program, which had existed since 1949, and the United Nations Special Fund created in 1956 . In 1971 the two organizations were finally fully integrated.

In 1995 the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) was spun off from UNDP as an independent service organization. UNOPS takes over the management and implementation of programs on behalf of the UN organizations. One example is UNOSAT .

In 1997, the United Nations Development Group (UNDG) was founded with the aim of better coordinating United Nations development projects. The head of UNDP chairs the UNDG.


The total budget of UNDP in 2012 was approximately $ 5 billion.


The largest single donor is Japan with a total contribution of USD 443 million (2012), followed by the USA with USD 325 million and Sweden with USD 216 million. With a total contribution of USD 104 million, Germany is the seventh largest single donor.


Democratic governance
UNDP supports the transition to democratic systems through policy advice and technical assistance. The aim is to strengthen the institutional and individual skills in the respective developing countries . This also includes training broad sections of the population with regard to democratic reforms, promoting negotiation and dialogue, and conveying experiences from other countries and regions.
Poverty reduction
UNDP helps countries develop strategies to reduce poverty. The poverty targets are linked to the overarching development goals of the countries, so that poor sections of the population also have a greater influence in the overall development context. At the macroeconomic level, UNDP works on reforming international trade relations, debt relief and promoting foreign investment.
Crisis prevention
UNDP works to reduce the risk of armed conflict and disputes. As examples of measures to reduce risk in advance, efforts to curb the spread of small handguns were supported, strategies to reduce the effects of natural disasters were developed and programs to promote the use of diplomacy were developed.
energy and Environment
As poorer countries are disproportionately affected by the destruction of the environment and there is no access to clean and affordable energy, the UNDP endeavors to address environmental issues in order to enable sustainable development in developing countries at the same time. This is done, among other things, through innovative policy advice and networking with other partners. The UNDP's environmental strategies focus on efficient water management, access to sustainable energies, sustainable agriculture to combat desertification and land destruction, the preservation and sustainable use of biodiversity , and the development of a policy to control pollutant emissions and substances that damage the ozone layer .


Helen Clark (right) with Sierra Leone's Foreign Minister Zainab Hawa , 2010
Achim Steiner

Helen Clark , the former Prime Minister of New Zealand , has been the UNDP's administrator since 2009. Helen Clark won the election by the UN General Assembly against several candidates favored by the US government .

On April 18, 2017, UN Secretary General António Guterres wrote a letter to the President of the UN General Assembly in favor of German environmental and political expert Achim Steiner as the future administrator of the UN development program. On June 19, 2017, Steiner took up his position as administrator of UNDG.

Previous head of the UN development program
No ladder country Term of office
1 Paul G. Hoffman United StatesUnited States United States 1966-1972
2 Rudolph A. Peterson United StatesUnited States United States 1972-1976
3 F. Bradford Morse United StatesUnited States United States 1976-1986
4th William Henry Draper United StatesUnited States United States 1986-1993
5 James Gustave Speth United StatesUnited States United States 1993-1999
6th Mark Malloch Brown United KingdomUnited Kingdom United Kingdom 1999-2005
7th Kemal Derviş TurkeyTurkey Turkey 2005-2009
8th Helen Clark New ZealandNew Zealand New Zealand 2009-2017
9 Achim Steiner GermanyGermany Germany / BrazilBrazilBrazil  since June 19, 2017


The Executive Board is responsible for overseeing the UNDP . The Executive Board has 36 member states, divided into five regional groups. Germany is the only German-speaking country represented on the board. Fernando Carrera from Guatemala is the President of the Executive Board (as of 2015).


The annual report on human development (English Human Development Report ) is a study of the development program and describes the development of poverty and wealth in the world. The contained therein Human Development Index ranks countries according to a combined value of education degree, life expectancy and average per capita income on.

The report, which became known in November 2010, shows that the living conditions and chances of most people on earth have improved considerably in the last 40 years - but in most cases regardless of the economic development of their home country.

Goodwill ambassadors

There are so-called goodwill ambassador (English Goodwill Ambassadors Global ) which is engaged by virtue of their position in society for the fight against poverty. These include the athletes Didier Drogba , Kaká , Ronaldo , Maria Sharapova and Zinédine Zidane , the actors Julia Ormond , Misako Konno , Antonio Banderas and George Clooney , the actor Harry Belafonte , the writer Nadine Gordimer , the women's rights activist Mona Abu Suleyman , the singer Svyatoslaw Wakarchuk and Crown Prince Haakon of Norway .

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