Fidentem piumque animum

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Findentem piumque animum is an encyclical and belongs to the rosary cycles of Pope Leo XIII. It was published on September 20, 1896 and deals with the "Rosary Prayer for the Mediator of Graces".

The rosary prayer

With this encyclical he again reminds of the dutiful praying of the rosary and states that the rosary can also be prayed with ease who is only mediocre in the religious truths; Nor does praying take up so much time that one would be delayed in one's professional duties. Whichever form of prayer is chosen, there is nothing complicated or forced about true prayer .

The rosary as a prayer to the mediator

In his remarks he emphasizes the Blessed Mother as a special mediator to God and grants her a special position among the saints . Divine faith and the rosary bind the believers together and are considered a tried and tested means of overcoming worldly difficulties.

Prayer for the reunification of Christianity

He regards the rosary as a form of prayer that promotes Christian unity ; the Pope associates hope and faith with this prayer, just as Christ and the apostles taught him. With the help of the “mediator” (note: the mother of God Mary is meant) the unity of Christians can be achieved. Especially in October, the rosary should be prayed in full so that the mediator can implore and pass on the grace of God.

Rosary cycles

In all of his rosary cycles, Leo XIII. on the month of the rosary in October and on the help of Our Lady: Supremi apostolatus officio 1883 * Superiore anno 1884 * Octobri mense 1891 * Magnae Dei matris 1892 * Laetitiae sanctae 1893 * Iucunda semper expectatione 1894

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