Gold - greed has a new color

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German title Gold - greed has a new color
Original title gold
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2016
length 121 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Stephen Gaghan
script John Zinman ,
Patrick Massett
production Michael Nozik ,
Teddy Schwarzman ,
Matthew McConaughey ,
Patrick Massett,
John Zinman
music Daniel Pemberton
camera Robert Elswit
cut Douglas Crise ,
Rick Grayson

Gold - Greed Has a New Color (original title Gold ) is an American treasure hunt film by Stephen Gaghan , which is loosely based on a true story and was released in selected US cinemas on December 25, 2016. From January 27, 2017, the film was shown there nationwide. A theatrical release in Germany took place on April 13, 2017.


After finding gold, Kenny Wells has to deal with greedy people in the boardrooms of major Wall Street companies . For this purpose, the film was also shot on the original location in Manhattan , such as East 52nd Street

In 1981, Kenny Wells is still a handsome and smart salesman. Seven years later, he's turned into a bald, chain-smoking drinker trying to work as a modern day prospector from a bar in Reno . He comes from a dynasty of gold miners and business people who exploit natural resources. Kenny, on the other hand, is a dreamer and his finances are in bad shape because when he inherited his father's mining company after his father's death his financial situation went downhill quickly and he had to realize that he wasn’t supposed to do either the Patience still has the necessary skill. What Wells has, however, is a tendency to try to test apparent limits. His girlfriend Kay has two jobs to keep them both afloat.

Then he hears that a large gold discovery is said to have occurred in Indonesia. However, the finder does not want to disclose this location. However, after a night of partying, he has a dream of a huge gold deposit in Indonesia, at the foot of high twin mountains, somewhere on Borneo. Kenny then travels to Indonesia with the last of his money to look for the mine on site. He hires the more experienced geologist Michael Acosta to help him orientate himself in the jungle not shown on the map and to find the place on a river with the twin mountains that appeared to him in a dream. Together they travel to Borneo, deep in the unexplored and undeveloped rainforest of Indonesia. The jungle is inhabited by natives. Acosta is confident about the company and brings a little serenity to the search, which Wells approaches like a madman. They hire workers and start digging. They try to find a gold deposit with the help of drilling. The first rock samples, however, are negative, and Kenny also falls ill with malaria. When he finally wakes up from his delirium, Mike announces a sensational find: the largest gold deposit found in a hundred years. However, the local dictator Suhartos and his corrupt government clan also want a piece of the pie and are also getting involved in the project together with the military. In order not to lose the gold again, Wells has to ally with the dictator's family.

However, for Wells, who did not really feel challenged, this adventure was less than satisfying. He is returning to America, where everyone is treating him completely differently than before. Only his girlfriend Kay, who can enjoy a range of designer clothes due to the new wealth, behaves towards him as always. However, it is not so easy for Wells to keep the money. His find throws the stock exchange world into turmoil, and he grapples with greed-for-profit people in the boardrooms and back rooms of major Wall Street companies. Wells soon realizes that finding gold is easier than keeping it.

Shortly after Wells was named "Prospector of the Year", independent analyzes are published that show that the alleged deposit does not contain any gold. Images of the gold grains from the rock samples suggest fraud. The grains are very rounded, which is typical of soap gold from rivers that was added to the rock samples afterwards. After these findings, trading in Wells' shares on the stock exchange is immediately stopped; Cheated investors demand clarification and the FBI is investigating Wells. At the same time, Acosta's body is found in the Indonesian jungle. After Wells has lost everything, he returns to Kay. She hands him a letter from Acosta containing a check for $ 82 million and the contract between him and Wells on a napkin.


The film is loosely based on a true story, the Bre-X scandal , with the action being brought forward about a decade into the 80s, and the Canadian protagonists being made into Americans. The character of Kenny Wells is based on the Canadian businessman David Walsh . Michael Acosta seems inspired by the Canadian and Filipino geologists John Felderhof and Michael de Guzman (whose body was found in the Indonesian jungle after the vertigo was discovered).


Staff, cast and dubbing

The film was directed by Oscar winner Stephen Gaghan , who also wrote the screenplay for the film with Patrick Massett .

Matthew McConaughey took on the lead role of prospector and soon-to-be millionaire Kenny Wells in the film, Bryce Dallas Howard plays his girlfriend Kay. The role of Michael Acosta was cast with Édgar Ramírez .

While McConaughey had to lose weight or gain muscle for previous roles like Dallas Buyers Club , the actor had to gain weight for the role of Wells in Gold .

In the German dubbing, McConaughey is voiced by Benjamin Völz in his role as gold prospector Kenny Wells .


The rainforests around Surat Thani served as the backdrop for the Indonesian jungle in the film

The film was shot in Indonesia , Thailand and the USA . In Thailand, where production started on June 29, 2015, during the monsoons in the cities of Bangkok and Surat Thani and the surrounding rainforest, which served as a backdrop for the Indonesian jungle, in the USA in New Mexico , Albuquerque and Reno where the opening scene and a driving scene were filmed. In early October 2015, the shooting took place on a few days in New York in downtown Manhattan , such as on 53rd Street, Park Avenue and East 52nd Street. Filming was completed in late 2015.

Film music

The film music was composed by Daniel Pemberton . Iggy Pop wrote the title song of the film together with DJ Danger Mouse . Iggy Pop said of his work: "This beautiful and unpredictable film spoke to me about violence, lust, lust and the inescapable confusion of fate."

Jørn Tillnes of speaks of a very good overall listening experience and describes the music in the film is moving between those from the early 1980s over pieces in the style of the 1970s, as well as fleet songs like At The Sound of the Bell were in to hear in which the brass bell of Wall Street was cleverly built as a musical instrument. The music also contains adventurous elements, which, however, differ significantly in their approach from Indiana Jones . In the piece Minecraft and especially in the piece Indo , influences of ethnic music can be recognized, according to Tillnes, who probably come from Indonesia. Tillnes describes the pieces The Ring Of Fire III - The Reveal and The New York Jungle as jungle music .

In December 2016, the soundtrack was included in the list of candidates (longlist) at the Academy Awards 2017 in the category Best Film Music , from which the members of the Academy will determine the official nominations. The song Gold , which is not on the soundtrack, was included in the longlist for Best Film Song .

Marketing and Publishing

The film was released in selected US cinemas on December 25, 2016 and has been shown nationwide since January 27, 2017. In January 2017, TWC-Dimension released a red band trailer showing McConaughey in the role of Kenny Wells nakedly greeting a business partner. A theatrical release in Germany took place on April 13, 2017.


Age rating

In Germany, the film received an FSK 12 rating . The statement of reasons for the release states: “Overall, the film is told rather calmly and with strong dialogue. Occasionally there are some dramatic situations and rough dialogues, but in the context of the calm overall narrative they do not have a negative effect on children from the age of 12. The same applies to the heavy alcohol consumption of the gold prospector, which is portrayed rather repugnant and has no role model. Impairments can therefore be ruled out in children from the age of 12. "


Peter Debruge of Variety describes gold as a vivid portrait of what erroneously often called American Dream is shown, it should be but more described as American fantasy, dream in which people of wealth and success, without having worked for it.

Scott Feinberg of The Hollywood Reporter saw a lot of potential in the film for eventual nominations for the 2017 Academy Awards . He saw a candidate in Robert Elswit for his camera work, but also in Maria Djurkovic for production design. Matthew McConaughey was a suitable candidate in the Best Actor category and Édgar Ramírez as Best Supporting Actor .

Frank Arnold from epd Film says that it is the ambivalence of the main character that gives the film something dazzling and explains: “Who is Kenny Wells? The viewer asks himself this question again and again. ”According to Arnold, the film sometimes seems like a contemporary version of The Treasure of the Sierra Madre , at other times it appears as a song of praise to the perseverance of the pioneering spirit, and the film oscillates between drama and satire. Last but not least, the film also has a surreal side, according to Arnold, and cites the situation as an example when Wells got back on his feet after suffering from malaria in the jungle and gold was found in the meantime. One thinks it is a feverish dream, and the fairytale-like ending underscores the ambiguity of the film, so Arnold.

Knut Elstermann from MDR Kultur believes that Gold's style was constantly oscillating between buddy movies , caustic social satire, gripping adventure stories, great tragedies and black comedies, which is both irritating and fascinating at the same time. McConaughey, misshapen and bald, plays with tremendous force, according to Elstermann, and with his dingy aura, his primeval gold digger instinct, his clumsiness, he works quite anachronistic in the world of modern capitalism.

Annett Scheffel from the Süddeutsche Zeitung says that 47-year-old McConaughey plays himself in gold in the role of the grandiose instinctual man Wells, but you can't get rid of the feeling that the actor is overstepping the curve: “The grand gestures, the boastful method -Acting, the almost comedically exaggerated bald head - all of this is always wonderfully energetic and, to a certain extent, entertaining. This time, however, he doesn't hit the fine line between sympathetic and pathetic, on which he knew how to balance almost like a sleepwalker in earlier roles become a clown. According to Scheffel, the fact that the film, with its ambiguity between capitalism satire and self-made drama, actually cleverly designed by the director Stephen Gaghan , is not only due to McConaughey, because the story, which is based on real events, is told too hard and try to be an emotional illumination of geopolitical and economic power structures, between modern adventure stories such as The Treasure of the Sierra Madre and the stock market gamblings in The Big Short or The Wolf of Wall Street .

Gross profit

The worldwide revenue of the film so far amounts to around 10 million US dollars.


Golden Globe Awards 2017

Hollywood Film Awards 2016

  • Honored with the Hollywood Ensemble Award

Saturn Awards 2017

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