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Gretl Elb , wrongly listed as Gretl Erb in cast lists , real name since her second marriage Margareta Reyer , (born June 1, 1917 in Vienna ; † October 10, 2006 ibid) was an Austrian actress .


Gretl Elb, born Margareta Elb , was the illegitimate daughter of the actress Anna Elb, who played the role of the salon lady . Gretl Elb grew up in an orphanage. At the age of 18, she decided to go to the theater. Without training, she applied to a Viennese drama agency. Your audition included a. the Gretchen in Goethe's Faust . Then she began to play theater. Her first engagement took Gretl Elb to Leitmeritz in 1936 . She remained loyal to Bohemian and Moravian theaters until all German theaters were closed by Joseph Goebbels for the summer of 1944: Elb then worked in Brüx , Mährisch-Ostrau and Teplitz-Schönau . For the 1941/42 season, Gretl Elb was signed to the German Theater in Prague . She stayed there until 1944. From November 1945 until 1948 Elb was part of the ensemble of the cabaret “Der Igel” in the Roseggerhaus (Annenstraße 23) in the Café Rheingold in Graz . In the 1947/48 season she went to the Wiener Bürgertheater for one season , but left the theater for Graz again in the 1948/49 season. From the 1948/49 season she was permanently engaged at the Landestheater Graz , where, as an established stage actress, she was one of the “audience favorites” of the Graz audience. In the 1954/55 season she was engaged as a “youthful character actress” at the State Theater Graz. During this season she played a. a. the title role in the history of Queen Elisabeth by Richard Flatter (late autumn 1954) and in Arthur Miller's modern play witch hunt . Further stage stops, mostly with piece contracts, were Vienna , Munich and Berlin from the mid / late 1950s . In 1957 she was permanently committed to the Theater in der Josefstadt in Vienna , where, like at the Wiener Kammerspiele , she appeared regularly until the early 1980s.

In the 1957/58 season she played the role of Madame Bouffier (landlady of the Hotel Mon Repos et de la Rose ) in the play Jacobowsky and the colonel by Franz Werfel at the Theater in der Josefstadt as part of the Wiener Festwochen . In 1963 she played at the “Small Theater of Josefstadt” in the Vienna Konzerthaus in the play Eurydice by Jean Anouilh . In the 1964/65 season and in the 1965/66 season she was partner of Johannes Heesters in the tabloid comedy Father of a Daughter by Curth Flatow at the Wiener Kammerspiele . In July / August 1966 she took over the role of “Des Schuldknechts Weib” in the Salzburger Jedermann at the Salzburg Festival . In February 1969 she played the role of matchmaker Jente in the Austrian premiere of the musical Anatevka in the Theater an der Wien . She also took on this role in the other performance series in 1969, 1970, 1972 and 1982/83. In May 1969 she also took part in the German-language complete musical recording of Anatevka, which was released on record by Preiser Records . In August 1981 she appeared at the Bregenz Festival as Mrs. Hollunder in Liliom . In February 1990 she belonged to u. a. next to Erni Mangold , for the premiere cast of the theater play The Presidents by Werner Schwab in the Künstlerhaus Vienna ; the performances took place in February / March 1990 in Vienna.

Many of her later stage roles at the Theater in der Josefstadt and the Wiener Kammerspiele were recorded by the Austrian radio and broadcast on television: Frau Everl in the Nestroy -Posse Die fatal Faschingsnacht (ORF 1965; Theater in der Josefstadt), her portrayal of the "Fiakermilli" Emilie Turecek in Die Fiakermilli by Martin Costa (ORF 1967; Wiener Kammerspiele), the old nanny Marina in Uncle Wanja (ORF 1968; Theater in der Josefstadt), Sophie in Spiel der Herzen by Ferenc Molnar (ORF / ZDF 1972; Theater in der Josefstadt ), Mrs. Helseth in Rosmersholm (1974; Theater in der Josefstadt) and Clothilde in Hurra, a boy (1979; Wiener Kammerspiele).

The first film work on Elbe , with a defector from 1945 ( The Law of Love , with Elb as the chambermaid in the Hotel "Privy"), is documented from the late 1940s. In the 1950s she had small roles in German and Austrian films, often only in tiny appearances, which are largely irrelevant to her acting. In the Austrian problem film Damn the young sinners not (1961), she played the mother of the young Gertraud Jesserer .

From the 1960s onwards, she mainly worked in the film sector for television, mainly for Austrian radio / television , where she was often seen in sophisticated literary adaptations, in television adaptations of plays and in television plays , so u. a. as Mrs. Hudetz in The Youngest Day (1960; based on the play by Ödön von Horvath with Hans Holt as a partner, director: Erich Neuberg ), as Pauline Schamrajewa, the wife of the estate manager Schamrajew, in Die Möwe (1963; based on the play by Anton Chekhov , with Hanns Obonya as partner), as Irma Pistora in The Conversion of Ferdys Pistora (1964; based on the play by František Langer , with Heinz Conrads and Paul Hörbiger as partners) and as Regine Matzner in the posse Der chaste bon vivant (1968; based on the play by Arnold / Bach, with Fritz Muliar and Helga Papouschek as partners).

She also acted in several television films and series. She worked on television a. a. with Rolf Kutschera , Otto Tausig , Wolfgang Liebeneiner , Franz Josef Wild , Karin Brandauer and Walter Davy as directors. In the television adaptation of the musical comedy Das Feuerwerk (1976), in which Erika Pluhar (as Iduna) and Harald Serafin (as circus director Obolski) played the leading roles, she took on the comic role of Aunt Lisa. As Elb's last film appearance, the IMDb performed an episode role as Grandma Schneider in the Austrian family series Der Leihopa (1988).

Gretl Elb also took part in radio plays , recorded records, mostly with Viennese songs and texts, and worked as a reciter .

Gretl Elb's first marriage was to a Romanian actor whom she had met in Prague. In her second marriage, she was married to the Austrian actor Walther Reyer , whom she met at the beginning of his engagement in Graz in 1952. She divorced her first husband shortly after meeting Reyer. Elb and Reyer separated in the spring of 1960. Shortly afterwards, their marriage in Graz was divorced in Vienna.

Elb last lived in a Caritas Socialis nursing home in Vienna . She died in October 2006 at the age of 89. She was buried under her real name Margareta Reyer in the urn grove of the Simmering fire hall in Vienna (Department 6, Ring 1, Group 2, number 108).

Filmography (selection)

  • 1947: Detours to you (movie; defector, production 1944/45)
  • 1949/50: The Law of Love (movie; defector, production 1944/45)
  • 1954: The sweetest fruits (movie)
  • 1958: My beautiful mom (movie)
  • 1959: Jacqueline (movie)
  • 1960: The Judgment Day (television play; theater adaptation)
  • 1961: Tomorrow life begins (UsT: Don't damn the young sinners, movie)
  • 1962: The last masks (TV play)
  • 1962: The lonely way (theater recording; Theater in der Josefstadt)
  • 1963: Die Möwe (TV play; theater adaptation)
  • 1963: Hotel du commerce (TV play)
  • 1964: The Conversion of Ferdys Pistora (TV play; theater adaptation)
  • 1964: The Fourth Commandment (TV movie)
  • 1965: The fateful Mardi Gras Night (theater recording; Theater in der Josefstadt)
  • 1966: Family Schimmek (TV movie)
  • 1966: Father Brown : The Man in the Top Hat (TV series, episode)
  • 1967: Die Fiakermilli (theater recording; Wiener Kammerspiele)
  • 1968: Uncle Wanja (theater recording; Theater in der Josefstadt)
  • 1968: The chaste bon vivant (TV film)
  • 1972: Game of Hearts (theater recording; Theater in der Josefstadt)
  • 1972: The Hatter (TV play)
  • 1973: Die Biedermänner (theater recording; television play)
  • 1974: Rosmersholm (theater recording; Theater in der Josefstadt)
  • 1976: Fireworks (TV movie)
  • 1976: The Muff (TV movie)
  • 1978: The Merian Family (TV series)
  • 1979: Hurray, a boy (theater recording; Wiener Kammerspiele)
  • 1983: Scandal in Lobodau (theater recording; TV theater in the ORF center)
  • 1988: The loaned grandpa : The scars laughs who never felt wounds (TV series, an episode)


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