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The former forester's house Hüppelröttchen
The large refuge is also used as a barbecue hut
The orchard meadow at Hüppelröttchen
The restored forest apiary on the orchard meadow at Hüppelröttchen
One of the new information boards on the bee nature trail

Hüppelröttchen is the best-known local recreation area in the municipality of Eitorf . The name comes directly from the forester's house Hüppelröttchen, which stood in the forest area from 1835 to 1972. Hüppelröttchen was also a district of Eitorfs. For 1885 there were two houses and 13 residents here. In 1910, the forester Karl Emig was listed here and could even be reached on phone 45, as was the forest foreman Franz Wilhelm Lichtenthäler.

The Hüppelröttchen area is, although located south of the Sieg , still part of the Bergisches Land Nature Park and the eastern beginning of the Leuscheid .

The Melchiorweg hikers' car park can be reached via the county road between Käsberg and Obenroth . From here you can get to the Melchiorweg and a bee and forest educational trail to Hüppelröttchen. The Melchiorweg was named after the foresters Melchior, who in two generations reforested the forest area that was cleared during the early industrialization . Two shelters were built on the stand of the former forester's house. A marked herb garden has been laid out next door. There is also a large orchard with various types of fruit and a forest apiary with several honey bee colonies belonging to the bee and forest nature trail. In a south-easterly direction you have a good view of the upper Wohmbach valley.

Bee and forest educational trail


The tree nature trail was created in 1975 in the Hüppelröttchen area. Green panels provided information about the characteristics of the various tree species, while small yellow panels named other species. Nature conservation, hunting and animals were also topics of the nature trail. In 1985 it was decided to create an educational trail on the subject of forest beekeeping and forest hygiene, which was opened in September of the same year. It was created in cooperation between the Eitorf Forestry Office and the Imkereiverband Rheinland e. V. and the NABU . He stood out from the tree nature trail with yellow information boards. As the first of its kind in Germany, a bee and tree educational trail informed visitors about the forest and pointed out the honeybees and their importance in nature.

The new nature trail

In 2013 the bee nature trail was completely renewed, as the existing structure was in need of renovation after almost 30 years. The old information boards have been replaced by new ones, and interactive elements make the nature trail even more interesting for children. A riddle can now be solved on the 1.5 km long path between the Melchiorweg hiking car park and Hüppelröttchen. The forest apiary and other elements have also been restored. The new educational trail was created in collaboration between the Rhein-Sieg-Erft Regional Forestry Office , the Eitorf Beekeeping Association and the project office of the Sieg nature reserve. The opening of the new bee educational trail took place on September 15, 2013.

The tree nature trail is also being renewed in cooperation with the regional forest office and the project office of the Sieg nature reserve. As of spring 2014, the new educational forest trail, like the old educational trail, will inform visitors about the tree species that occur, nature conservation, hunting and the animals of the forest, but now via interactive information boards. The 3.5 km long circular route will pass between the parking lot and Hüppelröttchen as well as below the Hohe Schaden , partly on the same path as the bee nature trail.

The bees and forest nature trail is part of the natural trail in Sieg and is connected to it via the Försterweg.

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