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Junkers T 26
Type: Trainer aircraft
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Junkers & Co.

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The Junkers T 26 was a single-engine trainer aircraft made by the German manufacturer Junkers in the 1920s. If necessary, the aircraft could be converted from a high-decker to a double-decker . After only six copies, production had to be stopped due to a lack of demand.


The T 26 is based on experience with the Junkers T 23 . Also designed as a high-decker, a 59 kW Junkers L-1 engine was initially used here. In particular, the aerodynamics of this type had been significantly improved.

As with the T 23 , a second, smaller lower wing could be installed in a short time, so that a double-decker, type T 26D, was created. The high-decker variant was given the designation T 26E. The original plan was to sell this type to flight schools, among others , who could have used the model as a double-decker at the beginning of the training and later as a monoplane. However, the type was too expensive for the flight schools, so that no commercial success was achieved. In 1931 a T 26E with a 70 kW Argus As 8 was built.

A total of six machines were made. Three of them were operated by the " Anhalt Aviation Association ". All three T 26s of this operator crashed. The most serious accident occurred on June 13, 1931 in Dessau , in which both inmates were killed.

Technical specifications

Parameter Data (T 26E) Data (T 26D)
crew 1 student pilot, 1 instructor
length 7.54 m
span 13.15 m
height 2.72 m
Wing area 21.50 m² 33.20 m²
Empty mass 500 kg 575 kg
Payload 230 kg
Takeoff mass 730 kg 805 kg
Wing loading 34.00 kg / m² 24 kg / m²
Power load 12.20 kg / hp 13.4 kg / hp
Engines an air-cooled six-cylinder in - line engine Junkers L1a
Starting power
rated power
85 hp (63 kW) at 1850 rpm,
75 hp (55 kW) at 1700 rpm
Fuel supply 60 l
Top speed 130 km / h 115 km / h
Cruising speed 115 km / h k. A.
Landing speed 80 km / h 60 km / h
Summit height 3200 m 2500 m

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