OKB-1 EF 131

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OKB-1 EF 131
Junkers EF 131.jpg
Type: Experimental bomb plane
Design country:

German Reich NSGerman Reich (Nazi era) German Empire / Soviet Union
Soviet Union 1923Soviet Union 


Junkers / OKB-1

First flight:

May 23, 1947



Production time:

January - August 1946

Number of pieces:


The EF 131 ( E ntwicklungs f lugzeug) was from Ju 287 developed jet aircraft bomb . It was created shortly after the Second World War in Dessau through the work of a German development team under Soviet control, in which Brunolf Baade, among others, also worked.


The basis for the construction of the EF 131 was the Ju 287 V2, which could not be completed by the end of the war. Assembly of the EF 131 began in January 1946, using many parts of the Ju 287 V2. In contrast to the four- engine Ju 287 V1, the EF 131 received six Jumo 004 engines, each of which was attached in two packs of three under the wings. The modified fuselage, tail unit and landing gear were new . The scooter test took place from August 12, 1946. The machine was then dismantled and, from September 16, 1946, transported together with the development team to Podberesje , 100 kilometers north of Moscow , where the tests were continued under the name OKB -1 EF 131.

The flight test of the machine, during which it completed 4.5 hours of flight, began on May 23, 1947 at the Stachanowo airfield with the German pilot Paul Jülge and lasted until October, then it was suspended because of the approaching winter. Since the EF 131 was parked outside unprotected during the cold season, it took until June next year after a few repairs to be ready for further tests. This did not happen, however, because on June 21, 1948 the discontinuation of the program was ordered.

The experiments yielded some knowledge about the flight behavior of negative (forward) swept aircraft. After its demolition in June 1948, the EF 140 with two Mikulin -AM-TKRD-01 turbines was developed using parts of the planned second EF 131 and tested from 1948.

Technical specifications

Parameter Data
crew 3
span 19.40 m
length 20.47 m
height 5.7 m
Forward arrow 19 ° 50 '
Takeoff mass around 23,000 kg
drive six Jumo 004B-2 with 8.9 kN each in two packs of three under each wing
Top speed 860 km / h at 5,000 m altitude
970 km / h at 9,000 m altitude
Summit height 11,100 m
Armament four 13 mm MG 131 machine guns arranged in pairs in two remote-controlled weapon stands (planned)


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