Junkers Ju 60

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Junkers Ju 60
Junkers Ju 60 left rear L'Aerophile August 1933.jpg
The Ju 60 with the serial number 4201 and the registration D-2400
Type: Express airliner
Design country:

German EmpireGerman Empire German Empire



First flight:

November 8, 1932

Production time:

Was never mass-produced

Number of pieces:


The Junkers Ju 60 aircraft is a single - engine, low- wing aircraft with a sheet metal fuselage. It was designed as an express airliner and took off on its maiden flight on November 8, 1932.


The trigger for the development was the Lockheed Vega type , which reached a cruising speed of 290 km / h in high-speed traffic. Following an order from the Reich Ministry of Transport (RVM) on October 3, 1931, the construction of three Ju 60 aircraft began. Hermann Pohlmann was responsible for the execution , the management was in the hands of Ernst Zindel . A Pratt & Whitney Hornet A radial engine with 404 kW, built under license by BMW, was selected as the drive . In addition to the two crew members, six passengers could be carried.

The test sample Ju 60V1 (serial number 4200) was unsatisfactory and it is not certain whether it was ever completed and tested. The second prototype with the serial number 4201, referred to as the Ju 60/1 in the work documents, met the demands placed on it earlier. It was probably used on the first flight on November 8, 1932 by Junkers' works pilot Wilhelm Zimmermann. After 37 hours of flight it was taken over by the RVM and handed over to Lufthansa . With the registration D-2400 it was used on freight routes for test purposes. From the end of 1934 it was used on passenger routes with the registration D-UPAL. He was given the nickname "Arrow" and was kept in service until 1936. Ultimately, however, the appearance of the much faster Heinkel He 70 caused Luft Hansa to lose interest in this type. The third prototype with the serial number 4202 was not completed and was used as the basis for the improved Junkers Ju 160 .

The Ju 60 was the last type of aircraft to be developed in the Junkers factories under the direction of Hugo Junkers .

Technical specifications

Three-sided view
Parameter Data
crew 2
Passengers 6th
length 11.84 m
span 14.30 m
height 3.90 m
Wing area 31.00 m²
Wing loading 100 kg / m²
Power load 8.30 kg / kW
Empty mass 2020 kg
Payload 1080 kg
Takeoff mass 3100 kg
Engine a Pratt & Whitney Hornet A-2
Short power (5 min) 550 PS (405 kW)
Top speed 280 km / h
Cruising speed 240 km / h
Landing speed 115 km / h
Rise time 3.8 min at 1000 m altitude
13.8 min at 3000 m altitude
Service ceiling 5200 m
Range 1000 km
Take-off run approx. 350 m
Landing runway approx. 450 m

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