Junkers A 48

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Junkers A 48
(military version K 47)
Junkers A 48 in the military version K 47
Type: Sports and training aircraft
Design country:

German EmpireGerman Empire German Empire


Junkers Flugzeugwerk AG

First flight:

September 15, 1929

Number of pieces:


The Junkers A 48 aircraft is a single - engine , all-metal, low- wing aircraft for two occupants. The military variant of the aircraft was the Junkers K 47 .


The sports and training aircraft was equipped with a radial engine. The first flight took place on September 15, 1929. A total of seven A48 units were built and registered in Germany. Seven more have been delivered in parts to the Swedish subsidiary AB Flygindustri in Limhamn , where they were converted into the Junkers K 47 .

Unlike the other Junkers aircraft since the Junkers J 2 , smooth sheet metal was used here for the planking of the fuselage. The surfaces and the tail unit were still made of corrugated iron.

Engine variants

  • A 48b: Bristol Jupiter VII , 441 kW (600 PS)
  • A 48ba: BMW Hornet, 404 kW (549 PS), was only delivered to Limhamn
  • A 48da: BMW Hornet, 404 kW (549 PS), possibly demilitarized return from a K 47
  • A 48dy: Siemens Sh 20 , 397 kW (540 PS)
  • A 48fi: Siemens Jupiter VI, 375 kW (510 PS)

A few attempts were made with the A 48fi. So the double vertical stabilizer was exchanged for a simple one, a double control was installed and finally air brakes were experimented with for attempts to dive . (DRP 665316: "Travel brake for aircraft")

The A 48 had a noticeably high accident rate for Junkers aircraft. Seven crashes have been proven with the 16 machines.

Technical specifications

Parameter Data
span 12.40 m
length 8.55 m
height 2.80 m
Wing area 22.80 m²
Empty mass 1090 kg
Max. Takeoff mass 1650 kg
Service ceiling 7500 m (Bristol engine)
Range approx. 500 km
Cruising speed approx. 220 km / h
Top speed depending on the engine between 265 km / h and 275 km / h

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