Junkers Ju 287 (Stuka)

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Junkers Ju 287
Type: Dive and attack aircraft
Design country:

German Reich NSGerman Reich (Nazi era) German Empire



First flight:

not happened

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The Junkers Ju 287 was a planned battle and dive fighter aircraft from Junkers .

In the literature it is often incorrectly referred to as Junkers Ju 187 , although the number 187 was already assigned to Focke-Wulf . Heinz J. Nowarra made a major contribution to this false distribution . After the end of the project in autumn 1943, the number became available again and was later assigned to the Junkers Ju 287 jet bomber .


Drawing of the aircraft project with the vertical stabilizer down

The aircraft was designed in 1942 when the unsatisfactory flight performance of the Junkers Ju 87 became more and more obvious and disadvantageous. The design of the Ju 287 represented an aerodynamically refined Ju 87 and had the same structural design as a cantilever low-wing aircraft with bent wings. However, the landing gear should be designed to be retractable, whereby the main landing gear would have been rotated 90 ° when retracting. In order to get a better field of fire for the observer, the vertical stabilizer should be folded down 180 ° around the longitudinal axis during the flight . The aircraft was to be powered by a Jumo 213 with 1750 hp. As with the Ju 87, the two crew members were to be accommodated in a glazed cabin, which, however, was designed as a pressurized cabin for the Ju 287. Only one dummy and several wind tunnel models were made.

Technical specifications

Parameter Data
span 18.06 m
length 11.8 m
height 3.9 m
Engine 1 × Jumo 213A , 1,750 PS (1,287 kW)
Armament 1 × MG 151/20 and 1 × MG 131 as defensive armament,
1 × 500 kg and 4 × 50 kg bombs

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