Junkers T 27

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Junkers T 27
Type: Trainer aircraft
Design country:

German EmpireGerman Empire German Empire



First flight:



was never put into service

Number of pieces:


The Junkers T 27 aircraft was a Junkers T 26 with a 96 kW Clerget rotary engine of French manufacture. After the end of the tests with this engine, the type was upgraded back to the T-26 standard engine. There was no approval.

The T 27 was the last model in an unsuccessful series of high-deckers from Junkers.

Technical specifications

Parameter Data
Wingspan 13.15 m
length 7.54 m
height 2.72 m
Wing area 21.50 m²
Wing loading 34.00 kg / m²
Power load 12.20 kg / kW
Empty mass 500 kg
Payload 230 kg
Max. Takeoff mass 730 kg ( single decker )
805 kg ( double decker )
drive a rotary engine Clerget with 96 kW (131 PS)
Top speed 130 km / h
Cruising speed 130 km / h (single decker)
115 km / h (double decker)
Summit height 3200 m

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