Lac de Montsalvens

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Lac de Montsalvens
Lac de Montsalvens seen from the dam
Lac de Montsalvens seen from the dam
Location: Canton of Friborg
Tributaries: Jaunbach , Javro , R. de Motélon
Drain: Jaunbach
Larger places on the shore: Charmey
Lac de Montsalvens (Canton of Friborg)
Lac de Montsalvens
Coordinates 577 080  /  162 404 coordinates: 46 ° 36 '45 "  N , 7 ° 8' 22"  O ; CH1903:  577080  /  162 404
Data on the structure
Lock type: Arch dam
Construction time: 1920
Height of the barrier structure : 55 m
Height above the river bed : 50 m
Height of the structure crown: 801  m above sea level M.
Building volume: 26th 000  m³
Crown length: 115 m
Crown width: 2 m
Base width: 22 m
Operator: Groupe E
Data on the reservoir
Water surface 74 ha
Reservoir length 2.7 km
Storage space 11 000 000  m³
Total storage space : 12 600 000  m³
Catchment area 173 km²
Design flood : 274 m³ / s

Oldest arch dam in Europe

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Detailed map

The Lac de Montsalvens is a Swiss reservoir.

The reservoir is on the way to the Jaunpass , between the towns of Broc and Charmey . Half of the dam is located in the municipal area of ​​Broc and Châtel-sur-Montsalvens . The lake fills parts of the two side valleys Javroz and Motélon below the village of Charmey.


The plant was planned on the one hand by Lausanne Professor Jean Landry (overall planning) and engineer Heinrich Eduard Gruner (and Alfred Stucky from his engineering office) from Basel on the other.

At the Grand Council meeting on 17./18. May 1918 the construction of the dam was approved.

The Montsalvens dam was completed in 1920, and in 1921 the lake was filled with water.

The cost of building the facility was estimated at 11 million SFr. In the end, however, the total costs amounted to CHF 21 million, which is an excess of 91%. This cost explosion brought the Freiburg Electricity Works into severe financial difficulties for a short time.