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Martin Knosp medal table
Martin Bud
Martin Bud


Federal Republic of Germany
Olympic games
silver 1984 Los Angeles Welter
World Championship
silver 1979 San Diego Welter
gold 1981 Skopje Welter
bronze 1983 Kiev Welter
European Championship
silver 1979 Bucharest Welter
gold 1980 Prievidza Welter
bronze 1981 Łódź Welter
gold 1982 Varna Welter
silver 1984 Jönköping Welter
bronze 1985 Leipzig Welter
Junior World Championship
bronze 1977 Las Vegas Welter Juniors
Junior European Championship
gold 1978 Oulu Welter espoirs

Martin Knosp (born October 7, 1959 in Renchen ) is a former German freestyle wrestler and welterweight world champion in 1981 in free style

German national team freestyle wrestling 1978 (Martin Knosp in the back row, fifth from the left)


Martin Knosp began as a student at ASV Urloffen with the rings . The highly talented athlete became German student champion in freestyle wrestling in 1972 at the age of 12 in the class up to 37 kg body weight. Under the guidance of his trainer Siegfried Stöckel, he developed steadily and in the following years became three times German youth champion and four times German junior champion.

He was also successful in the international field as a junior and took 3rd place in the welterweight division at the Junior World Championship in Las Vegas and was European Junior Champion in 1978 in Oulu, Finland . In 1979 he wanted to start at the Junior World Championships in Ulaanbaatar , but the Mongolian authorities prevented entry by not issuing a visa for Martin.

Knosp was a technically well-versed and extremely fast wrestler who kept moving forward and gave his opponents no respite.

When he first started in the senior division, he became vice European welterweight champion in Bucharest . The finalists in this weight class Martin Knosp, Alexandar Nanew from Bulgaria and Mussan Abdul-Muslimow from the Soviet Union defeated each other, but Abdul-Muslimow had the best points ratio from the preliminary fights and thus became European champion. The 19-year-old Knosp also won the silver medal at the World Championships in San Diego that same year . He defeated five opponents and lost to Leroy Kemp from the USA in the final .

In 1980 Knosp became European champion for the first time with victories over Hannu Övermark from Finland in 34 seconds, Riccardo Niccolini from Italy in 58 seconds, Rüdi Marro from Switzerland in 118 seconds and Reinhold Steingräber from the GDR in 66 seconds. He confirmed his name as the “sprinter on the wrestling mat”, which the well-known sports journalist Karl Adolf Scherer had coined. Only in the final against the Soviet athlete Guren Makarasashvili did he have to go through the full fighting time, but won with 12: 8 points. He did not take part in the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow due to the boycott by the federal government.

At the European Championships in 1981 in Łódź he was injured in the fight against the Czech Holoubek and in the pool final against the Soviet athlete Elbrus Korajew was not in full possession of his powers, so that he suffered a 1: 4 point defeat. Healthy again, Martin defeated all opponents, including Leroy Kemp, at the World Championships in Skoplje that year and became world champion.

In 1982 Knosp won his second European championship title in Varna . In the final he defeated the Finns Pekka Rauhala with 11: 0 points. At the world championships of the same year, he was not well prepared at the start due to professional stress and the associated lack of training. The result were two defeats against Alexandar Nanew and Leroy Kemp, which resulted in his early departure.

In 1983 he was injured at the European Championships in Budapest in his first fight against the Romanian Tamaduianu and could no longer wrestle. At the 1983 World Cup in Kiev he was somewhat restored, but lost on points in his pool final against the new US wrestling star David Schultz , but still won the bronze medal. Before the return flight from Kiev to the FRG, he and his brother Erwin had to undress down to their underpants during an inspection and Martin Knosp had to remove a foot bandage so that the "organs" could convince themselves that he did not want to take any state property out of the country.

At the European Championships in Jönköping in 1984 Knosp shone with four quick wins over strong opponents, but found no attitude in the final battle against the Soviet athlete Taram Magomedow and was already 0:11 points behind before he was even shouldered after 2:02 minutes. At the Olympic Games in Los Angeles , Martin fought his way into the final with five overwhelming victories, where he met Dave Schultz again. The American took a very hard pace that brought Martin a bloody eyebrow injury. Ultimately, Schultz won with 4: 1 points.

Martin Knosp played his last international championship in 1985 at the European championship in Leipzig . He lost it in the pool final against the Bulgarian Padarew and won the bronze medal.

He then finished his international wrestling career at the age of 26 to work on his professional advancement.

The trained businessman Martin Knosp now lives in Urloffen and is married. He has a son, Thomas, who has also become a successful wrestler. Professional Martin Knosp is as an official in the District Office operates Ortenau. He is also still involved in wrestling as a functionary and is currently President of the SBRV (Südbadischer Ringer Verband eV)

International success

(OS = Olympic Games, WM = World Championship, EM = European Championship, F = freestyle, Fe = featherweight, Le = lightweight, We = welterweight, Mi = middleweight, back then up to 62 kg, 68 kg, 74 kg and 82 kg body weight)

  • 1977, 1st place , Grand Prix of the FRG in Freiburg im Breisgau , F, Le, ahead of Eberhard Probst , GDR , Joe Gilligan, Great Britain , Kurt Gansserich, FRG, Esmail Meron, Israel and Gerald Brauer , GDR;
  • 1977, 3rd place , Junior World Championships in Las Vegas , F, W, behind Chusello, USA and Guren Makarasaschwili, USSR and before Kim, Korea , Valentin Raychev , Bulgaria and Catanalo, Italy ;
  • 1978, 1st place , European Junior Championships in Oulu , F, W, ahead of Gudgiew, USSR, Munkwitz, GDR, Sahin, Turkey, Valentin Rajtschew and Barkoczy, Romania ;
  • 1978, 1st place , tournament in Athens , F, We, before Iraklios Deskoulidis, Greece and L. Ordelli, Italy;
  • 1978, 6th place , World Cup in Mexico City , F, We, with victories over Daniel Poza, Cuba , Edy Weber, Switzerland and Iraklios Deskoulidis and defeats against Leroy Kemp , USA and Mohammed Mohebbi, Iran ;
  • 1979, 2nd place , Grand Prix of the FRG in Freiburg im Breisgau , F, We, behind Reinhold Steingräber , GDR and in front of Max Mongeon, Canada , Rüdi Marro, Switzerland and Uwe Meumeister, GDR;
  • 1979, 2nd place , EM in Bucharest , F, We, with victories over Sahin Dogu, Turkey , Istvan Feher, Hungary , Kiro Ristow, Yugoslavia and Mussan Abdul-Muslimow, USSR and a defeat against Alexandar Nanew , Bulgaria;
  • 1979, 1st place , "Werner Seelenbinder" tournament in Leipzig , France, Germany, ahead of Bruce Kinseth, USA, Gerald Brauer and Christoph Baunack, GDR;
  • 1979, 2nd place , World Cup in San Diego , F, We, with victories over David McIntyre, Australia , Remi Myron, Israel, Bartl Brötzner, Austria , Jamtsyn Dawaadschaw , Mongolia and Nikolai Petrenko, USSr and one defeat against Leroy Kemp;
  • 1980, 1st place , EM in Prievidza , F, We, with victories over Hannu Övermark , Finland , Ricardo Niccolini, Italy, Rüdi Marro, Reinhold Steingräber and Guren Makarasachwili
  • 1980, 1st place , tournament in Bucharest , F, We, in front of Niculae Petru and Marin Pirculabu, bde. Romania and Vasily Korenko, USSR;
  • 1981, 2nd place , Grand Prix of the FRG in Freiburg, behind Elbrus Korajew , USSR and in front of Bernd Radschunat, GDR and Bajram Ceroni, Yugoslavia ;
  • 1981, 3rd place , EM in Łódź , F, We, with victories over Ionnis Goneas, Greece, Lubomir Holoubek, CSSR, Istvan Feher, Ryszard Scigalski, Poland and Barjam Ceroni and one defeat against Elbrus Korajew;
  • 1981, 1st place , tournament in Bratislava , F, We, ahead of Bernd Radschunat and Josef Lohyna , CSSR;
  • 1981, 1st place , EC championship, F, Wed, ahead of Günter Busarello , Austria and Kerpes, Great Britain;
  • 1981, 1st place , World Championships in Skoplje , F, We, with victories over Den Walker, Great Britain, Max Mongeon, Georgios Polikronidis, Greece, T. Davajaav, Leroy Kemp and Walentin Rajtschew;
  • 1982, 1st place , EM in Warna , F, We, ahead of Pekka Rauhala , Finland, Juri Vorobiew , USSR, Istvan Feher, Michael Kleinschmidt, GDR and Dan Karabín , CSSR;
  • 1982, 11th place , World Championships in Edmonton , F, We, with a win over Han, Korea and losses to Alexandar Nanew and Leroy Kemp;
  • 1983, 1st place , tournament in Clermont-Ferrand, F, We, ahead of Raymann, Poland and Lubomir Holoubek;
  • 1983, 1st place , "Werner-Seelenbinder" tournament in Leipzig, F, We, ahead of Dan Karabín and Claudiu Tamaduiano;
  • 1983, 3rd place , World Championship in Kiev , F, We, with victories over Tamaduianu, Alexandar Nanew, Damdingiin Bajaraa , Mongolia and Pekka Rauhala and one defeat against David Schultz , USA;
  • 1984, 2nd place , EM in Jönköping , F, We, with victories over Pekka Rauhale, Alcide Legrand , France , Burhan Sabancioglu, Turkey, Dan Karabin and one defeat against Taram Magomedow , USSR;
  • 1984, silver medal , OS in Los Angeles , F, We, with victories over Bogiatzis, Greece, Olawale, Nigeria , Bambe, Cameroon , Rajender Singh, India and Naomi Higuchi, Japan and one defeat against David Schultz;
  • 1985, 1st place , Grand Prix of the FRG in Aschaffenburg , F, We, ahead of Lubomir Holoubek, Adlan Varaew , USSR, Uwe Mauksch and Cengiz, Turkey;
  • 1985, 3rd place , EM in Leipzig, F, We, with victories over Uwe Mauksch, GDR, Variliadis, Greece, Rantala, Finland, Domashin, Romania and Sabancioglu and one defeat against Padarew, Bulgaria;

German championships

  • 1975, 2nd place, F, Fe, behind Eduard Giray , Schorndorf u. before Detlef Schmengler, Witten
  • 1977, 1st place, F, We, ahead of Hermann Lohr , Kelheim and Philip Hofem, Mainz ,
  • 1978, 1st place, F, We, ahead of Hermann Lohr and Herbert Sutter, Haslach im Kinzigtal ,
  • 1979, 1st place, F, We, ahead of Klaus Laier , Reilingen and Dieter Otto, Walheim ,
  • 1980, 1st place, F, We, ahead of Herbert Sutter and Franz Koch, Schorndorf ,
  • 1981, 1st place, F, We, ahead of Klaus Laier and Wolfgang Otto, Walheim,
  • 1982, 1st place, F, We, ahead of Klaus Laier and Wolfgang Otto,
  • 1983, 1st place, F, We, ahead of Klaus Laier and Wolfgang Otto,
  • 1984, 1st place, F, We, ahead of Holger Bisch, Urloffen and Eugen Hirt, Gottmadingen ,
  • 1985, 1st place, F, We, ahead of Andreas Nutsch, Ebersbach an der Fils and Winfried Speicher, Heusweiler ,
  • 1986, 1st place, F, We, ahead of Ingo Manz , Witten and Peter Stark, Wiesental

Quotes about Martin Knosp

"The sprinter on the wrestling mat."

- Bild newspaper

"Elegance and fighting power."

- The sports report

"The freestyle artist from the Ortenau."

"The strong man from ASV Urloffen."

- sport 3

further reading

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