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Studio album by The Pussycat Dolls


September 13, 2005

Label (s) A&M Records

Format (s)


Genre (s)

Pop , R'n'B , dance , hip-hop

Title (number)

14 (Germany)
16 (Japan)

occupation Carmit Bachar
Ashley Roberts
Nicole Scherzinger
Jessica Sutta
Melody Thornton
Kimberly Wyatt


Rich Harrison
Cee-Lo Green
Polow Da Don
Sean Garrett
Ron Fair
Young Smoke
Siobhan Fahey

Single releases
April 26, 2005 Don't cha
September 20, 2005 Stickwitu
February 28, 2006 Beep
May 2, 2006 Buttons
September 25, 2006 I don't need a man
November 2006 Wait a minute

PCD is the debut album by the US girl group The Pussycat Dolls . It was first released in the US on September 13, 2005 by A&M Records . The album was released in Germany on September 30th. By September 8, 2006, over 5 million copies of the album had sold worldwide.


According to the Allmusic Guide , PCD isa bit of a disappointment, but PCD is still worthwhile because there enough good cuts to make it a fun soundtrack to parties or strip clubs ” ( Stephen Thomas Erlewine , German: “a small disappointment, but PCD is nonetheless worthwhile because there are enough good pieces to make a fun soundtrack at parties or strip clubs ”). Pooltrax says that one would have “thought the album a little more” ( Pooltrax ). According to laut.de “there is a large portion of boredom waiting for the listener, which can only be tolerated by clapping cover versions in between” ( Vicky Butscher ).



In Germany the album rose from 0 to 12. A short time later, the album was awarded gold for having sold 100,000 CDs . To a very large extent, the popularity of the first two singles contributed to this award. With the third single beep album rose again, but fell shortly afterwards out of the top 40. As the fourth single button was released, rose PCD from 39 to 6 and held for six weeks in the top 10. PCD was Awarded platinum by IFPI on August 30, 2006 . On September 29th, a “Special Edition” was released for Germany, which includes additional remixes and mobile phone extras.

United States

In the US, the album went from 0 to 5 with around 100,000 CDs sold. However, PCD quickly fell out of the top 20. With Stickwitu , the album climbed back into the top 20 four months after its release. With the fourth single, Buttons , PCD climbed back into the top 10 on the Billboard 200 after 45 weeks and reached the beginning September double platinum in the US for over 2 million CDs sold.


  • In the UK, the album made it to # 7 and went platinum 3 times.
  • The album went platinum in Australia and New Zealand, peaking at # 1 in New Zealand and # 8 in Australia.
  • In Canada, the Pussycat Dolls with PCD made it to number 12.
  • In Switzerland, the peak position is 9th.
  • In Austria the album made it to number 16 and was awarded gold.
  • In France, the album landed at number 25.

Sales figures and awards

Professional reviews
source rating
Slant Magazine
USA Today
Country / Region Award Sales
Awards for music sales
(country / region, Award, Sales)
Australia (ARIA) Australia (ARIA) Platinum record icon.svg 3 × platinum 210,000
Belgium (BEA) Belgium (BEA) Platinum record icon.svg platinum (50,000)
Denmark (IFPI) Denmark (IFPI) Platinum record icon.svg 2 × platinum (40,000)
Germany (BVMI) Germany (BVMI) Platinum record icon.svg platinum (200,000)
Europe (IFPI) Europe (IFPI) Platinum record icon.svg 2 × platinum 2,000,000
France (SNEP) France (SNEP) Gold record icon.svg gold (75,000)
Greece (IFPI) Greece (IFPI) Gold record icon.svg gold (7,500)
Canada (MC) Canada (MC) Platinum record icon.svg 2 × platinum 200,000
New Zealand (RMNZ) New Zealand (RMNZ) Platinum record icon.svg 2 × platinum 30,000
Netherlands (NVPI) Netherlands (NVPI) Platinum record icon.svg platinum (70,000)
Norway (IFPI) Norway (IFPI) Gold record icon.svg gold (20,000)
Austria (IFPI) Austria (IFPI) Gold record icon.svg gold (20,000)
Poland (ZPAV) Poland (ZPAV) Platinum record icon.svg platinum (20,000)
Russia (NFPF) Russia (NFPF) Platinum record icon.svg 5 × platinum (100,000)
Switzerland (IFPI) Switzerland (IFPI) Gold record icon.svg gold (20,000)
United States (RIAA) United States (RIAA) Platinum record icon.svg 2 × platinum 2,000,000
United Kingdom (BPI) United Kingdom (BPI) Platinum record icon.svg 4 × platinum (1,200,000)
All in all Gold record icon.svg5 × gold,
Platinum record icon.svg26 × platinum


International version

  1. Don't Cha (Feat. Busta Rhymes )
  2. Beep (Feat. Will.i.am)
  3. Wait a Minute (Feat. Timbaland)
  4. Stickwitu
  5. Buttons
  6. I don't need a man
  7. Hot stuff
  8. How Many Times, How Many Lies
  9. Bite the dust
  10. Right now
  11. Tainted Love / Where Did Our Love Go
  12. Feelin 'good
  13. Sway
  14. Flirt (International Bonus Track)
  15. We Went as Far as We Felt Like Going (International Bonus Track)
  16. Don't Cha (Live) (Japan Bonus Track)

PCD Tour Edition

For the November tour, the record company announced a new edition of the album for Germany, which was released on September 29, 2006.

  • CD 1 contains the songs from the international disc.
  • CD 2:
  1. Sway
  2. flirt
  3. Stickwitu (Feat. Avant)
  4. Buttons (Feat. Snoop Dogg)
  5. Don't Cha (More Booty Mix)
  6. Hot Stuff (I Want You Back) (Remix Version)
  7. He Always Answers [cell phone ringtone]
  8. Vibrate off the Table [mobile phone ringing]
  9. Freaky Fun Message (Nicole) [cell phone ringtone]
  10. Alert [cell phone ringtone]


Don't Cha (featuring Busta Rhymes)


According to the All Music Guide , Don't Cha was a "great hit single". The review there also states “ There has never been a sex song quite as knowingly ironic yet undeniably sexy as this ” ( Stephen Thomas Erlewine , German: “There never was a sex song that was so ironic and yet undeniably sexy as this one given "). pooltrax.de describes Don't Cha as a “single high -flyer this year” ( Pooltrax ).


The debut single Don't Cha was number one in the national charts in Germany, Switzerland and Great Britain. It was ranked # 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US, but reached number one on the Pop 100 and Dance Radio Airplay. The remix version was # 1 on the Hot Dance Music / Club Play charts. The song came in at number 2 for the Hot Digital Songs, at number 5 in the ringtone charts and at number 8 for the Hot R & B / Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks.

Don't Cha took first place in the German single charts and was gold-plated for over 150,000 copies sold.



The Allmusic Guide describes the song as “ the inevitable romantic slow jam ” ( Stephen Thomas Erlewine , German: “the inevitable, romantic, slow stagnation”), laut.de describes Stickwitu as a “purring ballad of women” ( Vicky Butscher ), according to Pooltrax Stickwitu calls the song “difficult for Christmas” ( Pooltrax ) and Virginmedia “ a by-numbers ballad ” ( Virginmedia , German: “a ballad by numbers”).


Stickwitu was ranked 5th on the Billboard Hot 100 and 7th on Hot Digital Songs in 2005 . In 2006 it reached number 2 in the Pop 100, number 14 in the hot ringtones, number 63 in the hot R & B / hip-hop songs, number 25 in the hot dance airplay and number 29 in the adult contemporary charts. Stickwitu was ranked 11th in the German single charts .

Beep (featuring Will.i.am)


The Allmusic Guide rates the song as a repetition of the Black-Eyed-Peas-Song My Humps , which, however, in contrast to the original " funny, not embarrassing, and [...] sultrier " ( Stephen Thomas Erlewine , German: "Funny, not embarrassing and [...] hot-blooded "). IGN describes Beep as a combination of various elements such as “ slick strings for that orchestrated pop vibe ” mixed with “ a loping, though downplayed, funk groove ” (German: “a hopping, but downplayed Funk-Groove ”), which is however partly“ a throwback to '80s sterile pop ”( Spence D. , German:“ a step backwards into the sterile pop of the eighties ”).


Despite the support of Will.i.am of The Black Eyed Peas , Beep initially only reached 92nd place in the Pop 100, after all , after the success of Buttons, it was still 13th place in the Hot 100.

Buttons (featuring Snoop Dogg)

Buttons ( dt . Buttons ), was the world as the fourth single from PCD decoupled. The song was released on July 7, 2006 in Germany. The Buttons version published as a single and video with Snoop Dogg , called Final Edit Version , is not on the album. Buttons is used by Deichmann in an advertisement in Europe .


The song has echoes of Middle Eastern and Indian music, which shows parallels to the songs Candy Shop by 50 Cent and Naughty Girl by Beyoncé . Compared to Don't Cha , the band's debut hit, it has a less powerful hook. laut.de states that "oriental tunes (" buttons ") [...] [remind] of other R'n'B ladies" ( Vicky Butscher ). About.com states that the song hardly differs from its predecessors and describes "Buttons" as " acceptable on the radio and in the club, but it is unlikely to linger in your consciousness " ( Bill Lamb , German: "acceptable im Radio and in the club, but it is not likely to linger in your consciousness ”). According to Pooltrax, Buttons is suitable "for a hot video with lots of belly dance inserts, in order to later ensure ecstasy on the dance floors" ( Pooltrax ).


The original text is about the sexually stimulating effect of tight clothing. In a broader sense, it is about seduction or the lack of it so far. The female first person asks a male counterpart to help her open her clothes ("loosen up my buttons baby"). The first person offers himself to the male admirer as an object ("this could be yours"). Snoop Dogg's contribution takes this up and takes a position as a desirable man who wants to be seduced. In connection with the musical references to Middle Eastern music, the song is accused of relying on the misconception of Middle Eastern women who allegedly have " obeisance and sexual servitude towards men " ( WD , German: " Ehrerbung und Sexuelle Diensterschaft gegen Männer") radiated.

Music video

The video was shot on March 20, 2006, directed by Francis Lawrence. The Pussycat Dolls show themselves in black, revealing clothes.



Buttons entered the German single charts on July 21, 2006 as the highest newcomer to number 7. Three weeks later, the song reached its highest position at number 4 and stayed in the top 10 for a total of ten weeks. Buttons was also represented in the top 20 of the German airplay charts and is the second most successful single by the Pussycat Dolls to date after Don't Cha in Germany.

United States

After the comparatively low success of previous single, the record company tried Interscope Records , for buttons to advertise more. Still, it took the song ten weeks to reach the top 10 of the American Pop 100 . In September, after Stickwitu , the Pussycat Dolls with buttons placed first on the Pop 100 for the second time this year . In the official American single charts, Buttons reached its highest position at number 3 in mid-September.

  • In Austria, Buttons was number 1 on the single charts for three weeks.
  • In New Zealand, Brazil and Portugal, the Pussycat Dolls also made it to 1st place.
  • In the UK, the song rose to 3rd
  • Buttons reached number 5 in Switzerland .

At the MTV Video Music Awards 2006 in New York , the video for Buttons , which includes the song in the version with Snoop Dogg, was named Best Dance Video . The Pussycat Dolls were very surprised by the positive comments about the video, which can also be seen in the choice of clothes in the next music video I Don't Need A Man . In MuchMusic's list of the 50 sexiest videos, the video took fourth place

I don't need a man


I Don't Need a Man is a catchy ballad in the style of Beyoncé , which, according to IGN , featuresa shuffling coconut beat ” ( Spence D. , German: “a shuffling coconut beat”).


I Don't Need a Man was the least successful single from the Pussycat Dolls' debut album. It was only 93rd in the US charts.

Wait a Minute (featuring Timbaland)


According to the Allmusic Guide, Wait a Minute isin the same vein ” ( Stephen Thomas Erlewine , German: “in the same way”) as Don't cha and Beep . laut.de, on the other hand, says that one is used to more interesting things from Timbaland and that the song "gets lost in the familiar, cheap beats and unspectacular melodies" ( Vicky Butscher ). IGN says that the song feels “ like a bastard offspring of Zapp , The GAP Band , with some forgotten disco thump thrown into the mix ” ( Spence D. , German: “like a hybrid offspring of Zapp, The Gap Band and some forgotten Disco thump thrown into the mix ”).


The Wait a Minute recorded with Timbaland reached number 28 in the US charts again.

Chart placements

Release (D) title Chart positions Director
05.09.2005 Don't Cha (featuring Busta Rhymes ) 1 2 1 2 1 Paul Hunter
11/25/2005 Stickwitu 11 11 6th 5 1 Nickel thick
03/31/2006 Beep (featuring Will.i.am) 5 7th 6th 13 2 Benny Boom
07/07/2006 Buttons (featuring Snoop Dogg) 4th 1 3 3 3 Francis Lawrence
11/10/2006 I don't need a man 20th 19th 16 93 7th Chris Applebaum
03/16/2007 Wait a Minute (featuring Timbaland ) 27 49 47 28 - Marc Webb
  • na = not published


  • The PCD tour took place in the USA in early 2006 .
  • In the summer the Pussycat Dolls gave concerts all over the world as the opening act for Take That .
  • In November the Pussycat Dolls gave concerts in Germany with Rihanna .

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