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Veere municipality
Flag of the municipality of Veere
Coat of arms of the municipality of Veere
coat of arms
province Zeeland Zeeland
mayor Rob van der Zwaag ( CDA )
Seat of the municipality Domburg
 - land
 - water
206.62  km 2
132.65 km 2
73.97 km 2
CBS code 0717
Residents 21,865 (Jan 31, 2019)
Population density 106 inhabitants / km 2
Coordinates 51 ° 33 ′  N , 3 ° 40 ′  E Coordinates: 51 ° 33 ′  N , 3 ° 40 ′  E
Important traffic route N57 N287 N288 N660 N663
prefix 0118
Postcodes 4351-4374
Website Veere's homepage
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Veere (  [ ˈveːrə ] ) ( Ter Veere in Zeeland ) is a municipality in the Dutch province of Zeeland on the former island of Walcheren and is located northeast of Middelburg . Please click to listen!Play

Geographical location

The place Veere is in the northeast of Walcheren on the Veerse Meer across from Noord-Beveland . The entire municipality extends over most of Walcheren, which also includes 34 km of coastline with mostly sandy beaches and dunes in the west. The artificial island Neeltje Jans , which was created when the Oosterscheldekering was built, is also part of the Veere municipality.

Veere harbor view - March 2018


Map by Joan Blaeu , 1652

The prosperity of the port city was based on the cloth and wool trade with England and Scotland. These relationships were in 1444 through the wedding of the city lord Wolfhart VI. Borsselen of the Princess Mary Stewart, daughter of the Scottish king I. James , consolidated. In 1561, the so-called Schottenhäuser of the Scottish trading colony with magnificent Renaissance gables were built at the harbor .

In 1572 Veere took part in the uprising against the Duke of Alba and then played a leading role in the Dutch Republic. The Orange people now used the port as a naval port .

In 1668 a fire damaged the late Gothic cross basilica.

historical town hall

The Napoleonic continental barrier interrupted trade in England and Veere's port only served as a fishing port from then on. In 1809 the city was shelled by the English and the church was further damaged. In 1811 the French converted the oversized church into an army clinic.

Between 1958 and 1961 the Veersegat dam was built as part of the Delta Plan . On April 27, 1961, when the last gate was lowered, the Veersegat was finally closed and the connection between Veeres and the open sea was interrupted. This forced the fishing fleet to move to Colijnsplaat on the Oosterschelde .

Today the Veersemeer, which has been transformed into an inland sea, is used for recreational and leisure purposes.


Distribution of seats in the municipal council

Local election on March 21, 2018
Turnout: 71.44%
n. k.
PvdA / GL
Gains and losses
compared to 2014
 % p
PvdA / GL
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c Dorpsbelangen en Toerisme Veere
g Ouderen Politiek Actief

The Veere parish council has been composed as follows since 2006:

Political party Seats
2006 2010 2014 2018
SGP / ChristenUnie 5 4th 5 5
PvdA / GroenLinks 5 4th 3 5
Dorpsbelangen en Toerisme Veere 1 2 3 3
CDA 5 4th 4th 3
VVD 3 4th 3 3
D66 - 1 1 0
Ouderen Politiek Actief - - 0 -
total 19th 19th 19th 19th

Political structure

After the municipalities of Serooskerke and Vrouwenpolder were merged with the municipality of Veere with effect from July 1, 1966, today's municipality of Veere was created on January 1, 1997 from the former municipalities of Veere (1,590), Domburg , Mariekerke , Valkenisse and Westkapelle . Previously, with effect from July 1, 1966, the municipalities of Arachtkerke , Meliskerke and Grijpskerke had been combined to form the municipality of Mariekerke and the municipalities of Zoutelande , Biggekerke and Koudekerke to form the municipality of Valkenisse.

The municipal administration is located in Domburg. The following districts belong to the municipality:

No. place Residents
00 Veere 1,630
01 Gaping 495
02 Vrouwenpolder 1,065
03 Serooskerke 1,795
04 Domburg 1,675
05 Oostkapelle 2,325
06 Aagtkerke 1,535
07 Grijpskerke 1,400
08 Meliskerke 1,450
09 Koudekerke 3,420
10 Biggekerke 905
11 Zoutelande 1,570
12 West chapel 2,610
local community 21,900
  1. District number
  2. (as of January 1, 2017)

All 13 parts of the municipality were independent municipalities until June 30, 1966.

coat of arms

Blazon : "In blue over five times of silver and blue split waves sign foot , one from growing golden masted cog with masthead and backstays , beseitet two with the cantilevered base the shield edge touching, growing, golden battlements round towers with three (2/1) black-framed golden windows, growing out of both towers, a black-haired and black-bearded man with a green wreath facing each other, naked men in natural colors, a black club placed on the right or left shoulder in the respective hand, with the other a small label in place of the sail holding, in it a silver bar in black, the shield raised by a golden crown of leaves alternately decorated with red oval and faceted green diamond stones in the ring and silver pearls in the center of the leaf . "

Town twinning

There is a partnership with the French community of Coudekerque-Branche .


The community has almost four million overnight stays annually. In addition to numerous holiday apartments, campsites and hotels, the tourist offer includes marinas, a golf course and a large network of cycle paths.

Mill in Veere - De Koe


Veere Church in a painting by Jan van der Heyden (1637–1712)

The picturesque small town has many historical buildings and is therefore a destination for many day-trippers.

  • Gabled houses on the market square
  • Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk , church from 1479; only the choir, which is the remains of the previous building from 1332, is used as a church space. The large building has served various purposes. Exhibitions and cultural events take place in the main room.
  • Town hall; built between 1474 and 1517
  • Defense tower from the 15th century on the lake side
  • Schottenhäuser Museum
  • Medieval market on Tuesday


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