Alexander-von-Humboldt-Gymnasium Schweinfurt

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Alexander von Humboldt High School
former logo (until 2018)
type of school Scientific , technological and linguistic high school
School number 0288
founding 1833

Geschwister-Scholl-Strasse 4,
97424 Schweinfurt

place Schweinfurt
country Bavaria
Country Germany
Coordinates 50 ° 2 '39 "  N , 10 ° 12' 4"  E Coordinates: 50 ° 2 '39 "  N , 10 ° 12' 4"  E
carrier City of Schweinfurt
student 1064 (school year 2018/19)
Teachers 80
management Klemens Alfen

The Alexander-von-Humboldt-Gymnasium (AvH) in Schweinfurt has been one of the largest high schools in Bavaria for decades with 1065 students and over 80 full-time teachers . In the 1970s it had up to 2,000 students, in 1983 it was called "Bavaria's largest grammar school". It offers a scientific and a linguistic branch. Around two thirds of all students come from the Schweinfurt district . The male students outweigh the girls by far with two thirds. The school has been training young teachers since 1967. It is a seminar school for the subjects German, English, French, history, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, male sports and art.


West view of the school building


A cafeteria has been available to the students since September 2007, offering meals between 12 noon and 2 pm. The cafeteria was officially handed over to the school on November 23, 2007 by Mayor Otto Wirth (CSU) and Lord Mayor Gudrun Grieser (CSU). The operator was afz Schweinfurt until 2018 , now it's the connoisseur's work.

Math macchiato

In addition, the new "mathe macciato" school café, which was sponsored by the Bavarian Education Pact Foundation, has been open to schoolchildren since September 2008 . The official inauguration took place on July 10, 2008. This café is run as a student company.


Subject offer

The focus of the range of subjects is on the following subjects:

  • mathematics
  • Computer science
  • Natural sciences (physics, chemistry, nature and technology and biology)
  • modern foreign languages ​​(English, French, Spanish [only as an elective subject])
  • Economy / law

In addition - as at all grammar schools - there is the usual range of general subjects (religion, ethics, German, Latin, history, geography, social studies, art, music and sport)

Language sequence

In principle, English is taught as the first foreign language; In the 6th grade you can choose between French and Latin as a second foreign language. In the 8th grade, the Latins can still choose the language branch with French or Spanish (3rd foreign language). All other students deepen their education in computer science, physics and chemistry from the 8th year in the scientific-technological branch. In the 10th grade it is again possible to choose Spanish as a foreign language that starts late, which can be deepened in the 11th grade. Here, however, the second foreign language is taken.

Computer science

Computer science is taught on the one hand in elective classes and on the other hand in the compulsory classes of the natural science-technological (from 6th year) and the language branch (6th / 7th year).


Sports, musical and artistic activities that the students can take part in offer an important counterbalance to the scientific subjects.


The musical offer of the Alexander-von-Humboldt Gymnasium ranges from musical instrument lessons to the choirs and several orchestral groups , with the brass orchestra , the big band and the percussion group in particular. Since the 2005/2006 school year there has been a cooperation with the Schweinfurt Music School in the subjects of flute and piano . Due to the retirement of the orchestra leader in the 2012/13 school year, the orchestra was decimated. Various concerts are also held regularly.


In addition to classic visual techniques such as painting , drawing , printing , modeling and collaging , the art subject also teaches current methods such as photography , film and digital techniques. The art department also handles the artistic design of the house (wall paintings in the school building, pictures in the administrative area) and takes part in the European competition.


In addition to standard sports ( basketball , football , handball , volleyball , gymnastics , gymnastics , dance and athletics ), hockey , table tennis and rhythmic gymnastics are also offered at the gymnasium . Considerable successes of the school teams can be observed.

Engineering group

The technical group is responsible for the lighting, the sound system and the other use of technical equipment at events such as concerts and theater performances.

Community events

School camp in Eichelsdorf

School camp

A special feature of the school is its own school camp, which was renovated in 1995, with an observatory in Eichelsdorf (Haßbergkreis). Here the students and teachers in the 5th and 6th grades spend one stay per school year. The Eichelsdorf house is also used in the higher grades.

Ski courses

The ski courses take place in the Saalbach-Hinterglemm / Austria ski area in grades 7 and 8. The 8th grade students are accommodated in the Stiegernigg inn, the 7th grade in the Mitterlengau youth hostel.


In the 10th grade, social studies conferences take place on the Sambachshof.

The other joint events held so far (excursions, study trips) will be adapted to the new time frame required by the G8.


By participating in the MODUS F model experiment by the Bavarian Education Pact Foundation, the aim is to increase the quality of teaching and education at the Alexander-von-Humboldt Gymnasium. In addition, the school management should be relieved, since school heads are exposed to a very high level of stress in large high schools.


Research School of the Year 2008

On February 15, 2008, the school received the award "Research School of the Year" in the Lower Franconia administrative region. This award honors the many students at the Alexander von Humboldt Gymnasium's long-standing participation in the youth research and student experiment competitions . The award was accompanied by a cash prize of € 10,000 from the city of Schweinfurt, which was presented by Mayor Grieser (CSU), as well as a further cash prize from Sparkasse Schweinfurt , which was presented by its chairman Jürgen Riese.

Internal school development innovation award 2009

In 2009 the school received the Inner School Development Innovation Award (isi) initiated by the Bavarian Education Pact Foundation . The certificate was handed over by the State Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Marcel Huber (CSU). During the student protest that followed in November, however, there was an increasing cry that this prize could only be won with the help of various productions that did not correspond to everyday life at the school. It is also considered controversial why it was not the incumbent student representative , but his predecessor who signed the application, who was present at the award ceremony .

Youth research school 2010 in Lower Franconia

In 2010 the school was awarded the special prize “ Jugend forscht Schule 2010” in the Lower Franconia regional competition. The special prize includes a cash prize of € 1,000 and the nomination for Research School of the Year in Bavaria.

Research School of the Year 2010

On October 21, 2010, the grammar school received the award “Research School of the Year” in Bavaria. For outstanding performance in the “Jugend forscht” competition, the students were rewarded with prize money of € 3,000, which the jury handed over to the school management in the afternoon.

Controversy over former headmistress

The appointment of a new headmistress who was politically active in the CSU in 2004 led to controversial reactions in local politics, the local press as well as among pupils and parents. At the same time, allegations of nepotism were raised, according to which the establishment was based on party-political relationships rather than technical considerations. When asked by the SPD parliamentary group, the then Bavarian minister of education, Monika Hohlmeier , declared that she was not friends with the new headmistress. Zeyer-Müller was still assumed to skip salary groups because of her proximity to Monika Hohlmeier. She is said not only to have been favored, but also to have supported her own favorites.

Another point of criticism was that the CSU member of the European Parliament, Anja Weisgerber , was able to give a speech in 2007 on the occasion of a school's Europe Day, which was also attended by the then Minister of Economics, Michael Glos (CSU), which she addressed to the students present Words: "[I hope] that you will then elect me as your MEP" ended. Critics saw this as an abuse of this event, since election advertising in the politically neutral environment of a compulsory school event is not allowed. According to Art. 84 (2) of the Bavarian Law on Education and Instruction (BayEUG), political advertising is not permitted in the context of school events or on the school premises.

In 2009 the press also reported on student protests at the Alexander von Humboldt Gymnasium, which were directed against nepotism , video surveillance , insufficient supply of hygiene products and party careers in schools. All these allegations were made against the school by several groups, for which the headmistress was held responsible. In the same year strangers hung up a bed sheet with the inscription “Schule macht frei” on the west side of the grammar school, based on the gate label “ Arbeit macht frei ” at the National Socialist concentration camps . This should denounce the sometimes dictatorial leadership style of the headmistress.

Monika Zeyer-Müller, Werner Zeyer's daughter , was supposed to leave school after the end of the 2009/10 school year. She was to take over the management of the private school at Schloss Salem on Lake Constance. Zeyer-Müller was to take over the overall management there from September 1, 2010. According to her own statements, she would have been politically neutral there. This personnel decision by the Schule Schloss Salem provoked occasional criticism. The appointment to the Schule Schloss Salem has been canceled in the meantime, as various expressions of displeasure were loud and there was fear of damage to the image, so over 200 students in Salem expressed their concern about a feared authoritarian leadership style by Zeyer-Müller, which was already demonstrated by Alexander-von-Humboldt -Gymnasium should have proven. The Bavarian State Ministry for Education and Culture confirmed that Zeyer-Müller could remain director at the Alexander-von-Humboldt-Gymnasium beyond August 31, 2010, and she announced that she would plan to do so. A minimum severance payment of € 500,000 is considered guaranteed. On August 24, 2011, the change of the previous headmistress Monika Zeyer-Müller to the Wirsberg-Gymnasium in Würzburg and her simultaneous appointment as deputy of the Lower Franconian ministerial representative became public. According to press spokesman Ludwig Unger, the position was advertised. Until February 2012, the then deputy headmaster Harald Hirsch took over the management of the school on a temporary basis.

Clarification of the use of remaining ski course amounts

As at two other schools in Schweinfurt (Olympia-Morata-Gymnasium, Wirtschaftsschule Pelzl), small remaining amounts of the ski courses were withheld in the AvH and used for subsequent ski courses. A lawsuit was filed against this practice in early 2009. The proceedings were discontinued in February 2009 and restarted at the end of 2009 at the instigation of the plaintiff.

"According to the documents, there was a surplus that could have been paid to the parents, but the money went back to skiing courses," said the prosecutor who investigated. The only accusation remains that the school should have informed the parents about this procedure.

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