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The Züssow office does not have a coat of arms
Züssow office
Map of Germany, position of the Züssow office highlighted

Coordinates: 53 ° 57 '  N , 13 ° 36'  E

Basic data
State : Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
County : Vorpommern-Greifswald
Area : 390.18 km 2
Residents: 11,455 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 29 inhabitants per km 2
License plate : VG, ANK, GW, PW, SBG, UEM, WLG
Office key : 13 0 75 5563
Office structure: 13 municipalities
Office administration address
Dorfstrasse 6
17495 Züssow
Website : amt-zuessow.de
Head of Office : Jutta Dinse
Location of the Züssow office in the Vorpommern-Greifswald district
Brandenburg Landkreis Mecklenburgische Seenplatte Landkreis Vorpommern-Rügen Landkreis Vorpommern-Rügen Landkreis Vorpommern-Rügen Landkreis Vorpommern-Rügen Buggenhagen Krummin Lassan Wolgast Wolgast Zemitz Ahlbeck (bei Ueckermünde) Altwarp Eggesin Grambin Hintersee (Vorpommern) Leopoldshagen Liepgarten Luckow Luckow Lübs (Vorpommern) Meiersberg Mönkebude Vogelsang-Warsin Bargischow Bargischow Blesewitz Boldekow Bugewitz Butzow Ducherow Iven Krien Krusenfelde Neetzow-Liepen Medow Neetzow-Liepen Neu Kosenow Neuenkirchen (bei Anklam) Postlow Rossin Sarnow Spantekow Stolpe an der Peene Alt Tellin Bentzin Daberkow Jarmen Kruckow Tutow Völschow Behrenhoff Dargelin Dersekow Hinrichshagen (Vorpommern) Levenhagen Mesekenhagen Neuenkirchen (bei Greifswald) Weitenhagen Bergholz Blankensee (Vorpommern) Boock (Vorpommern) Glasow (Vorpommern) Grambow (Vorpommern) Löcknitz Nadrensee Krackow Penkun Plöwen Ramin Rossow Rothenklempenow Brünzow Hanshagen Katzow Kemnitz (bei Greifswald) Kröslin Kröslin Loissin Lubmin Neu Boltenhagen Rubenow Wusterhusen Görmin Loitz Sassen-Trantow Altwigshagen Ferdinandshof Hammer a. d. Uecker Heinrichswalde Rothemühl Torgelow Torgelow Torgelow Wilhelmsburg (Vorpommern) Jatznick Brietzig Damerow (Rollwitz) Fahrenwalde Groß Luckow Jatznick Jatznick Koblentz Krugsdorf Nieden Papendorf (Vorpommern) Polzow Rollwitz Schönwalde (Vorpommern) Viereck (Vorpommern) Zerrenthin Züsedom Karlshagen Mölschow Peenemünde Trassenheide Benz (Usedom) Dargen Garz (Usedom) Kamminke Korswandt Koserow Loddin Mellenthin Pudagla Rankwitz Stolpe auf Usedom Ückeritz Usedom (Stadt) Zempin Zirchow Bandelin Gribow Groß Kiesow Groß Polzin Gützkow Gützkow Karlsburg Klein Bünzow Murchin Rubkow Schmatzin Wrangelsburg Ziethen (bei Anklam) Züssow Heringsdorf Pasewalk Strasburg (Uckermark) Ueckermünde Wackerow Greifswald Greifswald Polenmap
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The Züssow office is located in the middle of the Vorpommern-Greifswald district in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Germany). In the Züssow office , 13 municipalities have come together to carry out their administrative business. The administrative headquarters are in the municipality of Züssow , branch offices and citizens' offices are in Gützkow and Ziethen . The only city in office is Gützkow.


The Züssow office was formed in 1992 and originally consisted of the six communities Groß Kiesow, Karlsburg, Lühmannsdorf, Ranzin (incorporated into Züssow on January 1, 2005), Wrangelsburg and Züssow. On January 1, 2005, the new Züssow office was formed with the old offices of Gützkow, Züssow and Ziethen.

  • The communities Bandelin, Gribow, Gützkow, Kölzin and Lüssow belonged to the former Amt Gützkow . The municipality of Kammin, which is also part of it, was incorporated into the municipality of Behrenhoff in the Landhagen district in 2005 by a resolution of its members .
  • The communities Groß Polzin, Klein Bünzow, Murchin, Rubkow, Schmatzin and Ziethen belonged to the former Amt Ziethen. In 2005, the Lassan community moved to the Am Peenestrom office .

On May 26, 2019, Karlsburg and Lühmannsdorf merged to form a new Karlsburg municipality.


The administrative area extends from the Baltic hinterland in the north to the Peene in the south. To the east, the office borders the Peene River in a narrow strip .

The office is bounded in the south by the office of Anklam-Land , in the north by the offices of Landhagen and Lubmin and in the northeast by the office of Am Peenestrom . Notable elevations do not go over 40 m and lakes are only in the administrative area with the Kosenowsee in Gützkow, Schlosssee in Wrangelsburg and Küchensee in Murchin and the Polersee of Menzlin. The highest elevation is likely a hill near Moeckow-Berg ( 55  m above sea level.  HN be).

The municipalities with their districts

  • Bandelin with Kuntzow, Schmoldow and Vargatz
  • Gribow with Gloedenhof
  • Groß Kiesow with Dambeck, Groß Kiesow Meierei, Kessin, Klein Kiesow, Klein Kiesow-Kolonie, Krebsow,
    Sanz (Hof I, III, IV, V, VI, VII), Schlagtow, Schlagtow Meierei, Strellin
  • Groß Polzin with Klein Polzin, Konsages, Pätschow, Quilow , Stolpmühl and Vitense
  • City of Gützkow with Breechen, Dargezin, Dargezin Vorwerk, Fritzow, Gützkow Meierei, Kölzin , Lüssow , Neuendorf, Owstin, Pentin, Upatel and Wieck
  • Karlsburg with Brüssow, Giesekenhagen, Jagdkrug, Lühmannsdorf , Moeckow, Steinfurth and Zarnekow
  • Klein Bünzow with Klitschendorf, Groß Bünzow, Groß Jasedow, Krakow, Pamitz, Ramitzow and Salchow
  • Murchin with Lentschow, Libnow, Pinnow and Relzow
  • Rubkow with Bömitz, Buggow, Daugzin, Krenzow, Wahlendow and Zarrentin
  • Schmatzin with Schlatkow and Wolfradshof
  • Wrangelsburg with Gladrow
  • Ziethen with Jargelin and Menzlin
  • Züssow with Nepzin, Oldenburg, Radlow, Ranzin , Thurow and Wilhelmshöh


Coat of arms, flag, official seal

The office does not have an officially approved national emblem, neither a coat of arms nor a flag . The official seal is the small state seal with the coat of arms of the region of Western Pomerania . It shows an upright griffin with a raised tail and the inscription "AMT ZÜSSOW * LANDKREIS VORPOMMERN-GREIFSWALD".

Economy and Infrastructure


Economically, agriculture and forestry are predominant. The Diakonie Züssow with the homes in Züssow and Gützkow and the Karlsburg Clinic are worth mentioning as larger employers. There are numerous commercial and service companies in all municipalities. In Gützkow there are two industrial areas with motorway connections. Tourism still plays a subordinate role with restaurants and hotels. There is almost no industrial settlement.


The federal motorway 20 runs through the west of the Züssow office . The federal road 109 (from Greifswald to Anklam ) and the federal road 111 from ( Gützkow to Wolgast ) as well as the L 35 (former B 96) run through the office.

In 1863 Züssow was connected to the Angermünde – Stralsund railway line . Here the Züssow – Wolgast Hafen railway branches off to Wolgast and has connections through the Usedomer Bäderbahn to Świnoujście (Swinemünde) and Peenemünde on the island of Usedom . Thus, Züssow gained more and more importance as a transfer station in the emerging spa tourism.

Since 1897, the entire administrative area also had a small railway connection of the Greifswald-Jarmen-Kleinbahn (GJK) . A special feature in Züssow was an access ramp where locomotives and wagons of the small railroad could be "piggybacked" onto platform wagons of the state railway. The line was shut down in 1945 and the tracks were dismantled as reparations .

In 1855 today's B 111 was built from Moeckow-Berg to Gützkow-Chausseehaus. The connections from Moeckow-Berg to Wolgast, as well as today's B 109 and the art road (later B 96) from Greifswald to Jarmen had already been built around 1850.

The Federal Highway 20 is on the junction Gützkow reach.

In contrast to the neighboring offices, the modern cycle path network is rudimentary; there has only been one cycle path from Züssow to Moeckow-Berg since 2015.

Culture and sights

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Outstanding features:

  • Architectural monuments - moated castle Quilow, mansions: Gützkow, Ranzin, Wrangelsburg, Karlsburg, Lüssow and Gribow. Churches: Gützkow, Zarnekow, Ranzin, Groß Kiesow and Züssow.
  • Ground monuments - Gützkow Castle Hill, Schmoldow Tower, Menzlin "Old Camp", Klein Polzin large stone graves, Bömitz barrows, Wrangelsburg castle wall.
  • Parks - Wrangelsburg, Oldenburg Forest, Ziethen, Bandelin.

Individual evidence

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  2. Main Statute, Section 1, Paragraph 3 (PDF).