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Hans Wollschläger's dedication to the Herzgewächse monograph

Andreas Weigel (* 3. October 1961 in Bludenz , Vorarlberg ) is a living in Vienna Austrian private scholar ( literary critic and cultural publicist ), which for its variety of Austria relationships of James Joyce , the criminal case Adolf Loos , the story of the summer Gars am Kamp , Hans Wollschläger's correspondence with Arno and Alice Schmidt as well as Franz von Suppès' biography systematically researched and documented.


After graduating from the “ Higher Federal Teaching and Research Institute for Chemical Industry ” (“Higher Department for Technical Chemistry”), Weigel began a diploma course ( German and theater studies ) at the “University of Vienna” in 1982 , which he began in 1988 with a thesis on Hans Wollschläger's novel " Herzgewächse or The Fall of Adam " concluded. At the beginning of 1990 he completed the subsequent doctoral studies with a dissertation, which was the continuation of his diploma thesis, whereupon both works were published as a two-volume monograph and presented in Vienna by Wendelin Schmidt-Dengler , Hans Wollschläger and Weigel.

After completing his studies, Weigel worked as a Germanist (“ Austrian Academy of Sciences ”) and as a cultural, media and press officer (“ Green Club in Parliament ”, Franz Morak's “culture machine”, “Association of Graduated Occupational Therapists”, “Umbrella Association of upscale medical-technical services ”,“ ÖBB - Rail Cargo Austria ”,“ Vienna University of Economics ”,“ Austrian Veterinary Association ”).

As the cultural advisor of the “Green Club in Parliament”, Weigel and the art historian Walter Koschatzky (chairman of the citizens' initiative “Society of Friends of Schönbrunn Palace ”) successfully campaigned against the privatization variant of Schönbrunn Palace originally planned by the then Minister of Economics, Wolfgang Schüssel, from October 1991 , From which a private operating company (consisting of Do & Co , Erste Österreichische Sparkasse , Kongresszentrum , Mazur, Österreichisches Verkehrsbüro , Wiener Messe , Zentralsparkasse ) would have benefited in particular, with which specific contract negotiations had been going on since spring 1990. On the other hand, the "green" goal from the start was to entrust Schönbrunn Palace to an operating company belonging to the republic, for whom economically and culturally suitable personalities are engaged who run the palace according to modern business principles, taking into account the monument protection requirements, as finally decided by law in 1992 with the "Schönbrunn Palace Kultur- und Betriebsges.mbH" was implemented.

As the project manager of the "umbrella association of the upscale medical-technical services", Weigel planned and implemented a nationwide campaign against the controversial training loans in the field of medical-technical services between 1998 and 2000, and in 1998 also formulated a comprehensive written parliamentary question that was unchanged (the government and the opposition parties ie both) was introduced jointly by the health spokesmen of that time represented in the National five fractions and the first five-party request the II. Republic a Rules premiere was that a joint panel discussion of health spokespersons and health spokesman and The MTD umbrella association was invited to a hearing in the National Council's health committee.

At the beginning of 2008, Andreas Weigel investigated the causes, backgrounds and course of the child abuse trial against the architect Adolf Loos in 1928 for the Ö1 radio program “ Diagonal - Radio for Contemporaries ”, based on around a hundred contemporary newspaper reports and the one in Karl-Kraus -The copy of the final court ruling, which was published in full for the first time on Weigel's website, has been processed. The Ö1 article printed in the “Spectrum” of the “ Press ”, which for the first time provided comprehensive information about the “Loos case” and its well-tinted reception, formed the basis for the Loos part of the official “Commission report to the city councilor for culture” in 2012 und Wissenschaft ”on the“ grave dedications of the Viennese city administration 1934-1938. ”When at the beginning of 2014 the three hundred page long, decades-lost court file of the criminal case against Adolf Loos was found in an estate , Weigel processed it and the result in his own newspaper and magazine articles as well as television and newspaper interviews.

Between 2008 and 2013, Weigel researched and documented numerous neglected “red-white-red spots in James Joyce's life and work” under the working title “James Joyce: Austria (n) matters in his life, letters and works”, relating to Joyce's diverse connections to make known and better known with Austria. Since 2013, Weigel has mainly worked through the neglected history of tourism in the Kamptal -sommerfrische Thunau am Kamp (today zu Gars) and the life of her famous second home, Franz von Suppè. In addition to biographical research on James Joyce, Suppè, Adolph Johannes Fischer , Adolf Loos and Max Riccabona , Weigel's work focuses on Rolf Dieter Brinkmann , Karl Kraus , Arno Schmidt, Hans Wollschläger as well as CD-ROM editions of works and general and literary reference works. His preoccupation with popular culture is for musicians and subjects that, despite their importance, are outside the mainstream : Bob Gibson , Peter Green , Jon Mark , Mark-Almond , John Prine , Billy Lee Riley , Shel Silverstein and others. v. a. m.


Book publications

  • Franz von Suppè (1819–1895). Human. Myth. Musician. Honorary citizen of Gars. Accompanying publication to the anniversary exhibition of the Zeitbrücke Museum Gars. With contributions by Andreas Weigel, Anton Ehrenberger , Ingrid Scherney and Christine Steininger. 424 pages with approx. 200 illustrations. (Gars am Kamp) 2019. ISBN 978-3-9504427-4-8 .
  • Stars in Gars. Create and enjoy. Richly illustrated history of the summer resort Gars-Thunau from its beginnings to the present. In: Stars in Gars. Create and enjoy. Artists in the summer. Published by the Gars Museum Association, Zeitbrücke-Museum Gars (Gars 2017) pp. 9–174. ISBN 978-3-9504427-0-0 .
  • "Jerk against the stream of lines". Reading notes (I) on Hans Wollschläger's “Herzgewächse or The Fall of Adam”. Frankfurt am Main: Bangert & Metzler 1992. ISBN 3-924147-11-6 .
  • "Jerk against the stream of lines". Reading notes (II) on Hans Wollschläger's "Heart plants or The Fall of Adam". Frankfurt am Main / Wiesenbach: Bangert & Metzler 1994. ISBN 3-924147-18-3 .

Selected book chapters

  • Cooking away from soup and falco. What world-famous film directors, composers, writers and visual artists have in common with the Kamptal summer resort. In: praesent . The Austrian Literature Yearbook 2016. Vienna: praesens 2016. pp. 44–64. ISBN 978-3-7069-2016-2 .
  • The summer resort Gars am Kamp through the ages. In: Bettina Marchart and Markus Holzweber (eds.): "Garser Geschichte n ". Gars am Kamp. Thousands of years of cultural landscape (2014). Pp. 521-588. ISBN 978-3-9503541-3-3 .
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Selected radio broadcasts

Selected journal articles

  • “Portrait of the artist as a tourist in Austria. James Joyce's summer stays in Austria (1928 and 1932) and other red-white-red spots in Joyce's life and work. ”In:“ Modern languages. Journal of the Association of Austrian New Philologists. ”Edited by Wolfgang Görtschacher, Wolfgang Pöckl and Bernhard Pöll. No. 62, 2. (Vienna) 2020. pp. 133–158. ISSN 0026-8666.
  • Lost by his student. Hans Wollschläger's investigations into Arno Schmidt's wordless rejection. On the correspondence between Alice Schmidt and Hans Wollschläger (January 1975 - July 1983). In: » Bargfelder Bote «, Lfg. 401–403, August 2016. pp. 3–35.
  • Changing turns. Arno Schmidt's Goethe Prize speech in Hans Wollschläger's correspondence with Alice Schmidt. In: »Bargfelder Bote«, volume 400, May 2016. pp. 32–35. ISBN 978-3-921402-50-4 .
  • Wasted effort. How Adolf Loos once couldn't get himself a birthday present. In: heard. The Austria 1 magazine. February 2008. No. 146. pp. 8-9.
  • A Portrait of the Artist as an Adolf Loos Campaigner. In: James Joyce Quarterly. Vol. 42/43. Nos. 1-4 (2007). p. 315–319 (together with Friedhelm Rathjen ).

Selected reviews

  • Meteorite hits branch. About James Joyce and Stefan Zweig and Salzburg, too. In: "Die Presse", "Spectrum", June 13, 2009. S.IV.
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Web links

Individual evidence

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