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Błędziszki does not have a coat of arms
Błędziszki (Poland)
Basic data
State : Poland
Voivodeship : Warmia-Masuria
Powiat : Gołdap
Gmina : Dubeninki
Geographic location : 54 ° 19 '  N , 22 ° 38'  E Coordinates: 54 ° 18 '54 "  N , 22 ° 37' 47"  E
Residents : 32 (2006)
Telephone code : (+48) 87
License plate : NGO
Economy and Transport
Street : Błąkały / ext. 651 → Błędziszki / Rominter Heide
Rail route : no rail connection
Next international airport : Danzig

Błędziszki ( German  Blindischken , 1938-1945 Wildwinkel ) is a small village in the Polish Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship . It belongs to the rural municipality Dubeninki (Dubeningken , 1938–1945 Dubeningen) in the Gołdap district (Goldap) .

Geographical location

Błędziszki is located on the southeast edge of the Rominter Heide (Polish: Puszcza Romincka) on the right bank of the blind (Błędzianka). The district town of Gołdap (Goldap) is 21 kilometers away.

The Blinde River (Błędzianka) near Błędziszki in the winter of 2008/09


The village, then known as Klein Blinden , was founded before 1539 . In the following years it was also called Blinden (1540), Groß Blinden (before 1785) and Blindischken (until 1938). In 1874 the village became part of the newly established Dubeningken district , which - renamed the Dubeningen district in 1939 - existed until 1945 and belonged to the Goldap district in the Gumbinnen district of the Prussian province of East Prussia .

In 1910, 93 residents were registered in Blindischken. Their number had dropped to 79 by 1933 and was only 66 in 1939.

On June 3 (officially confirmed on 16 July) 1938 Blindischken was in wild angle renamed . In 1945, the village came in consequence of the war to Poland and received the new designation Błędziszki . Today the place with its currently 32 inhabitants is a village in the group of Gmina Dubeninki in Powiat Gołdapski . Between 1975 and 1998 it belonged to the Suwałki Voivodeship , and since then to the Warmia-Masurian Voivodeship .

Winter landscape near Błędziszki


Before 1945, the majority of the population of Blindischken were Protestant and the village was part of the parish of the Dubeningken church. It thus belonged to the Goldap church district within the church province of East Prussia of the Evangelical Church of the Old Prussian Union . The local Catholics were oriented towards the parish church in Goldap in the Diocese of Warmia .

After 1945 the situation changed: the almost exclusively Catholic population of Błędziszki now has the former Evangelical Church in Dubeninki as a parish church. It is part of the deanery Filipów in the diocese Elk (Lyck) of the Catholic Church in Poland . The few Protestant church members now belong to the parish in Gołdap , a subsidiary of the parish in Suwałki in the Masuria diocese of the Evangelical Augsburg Church in Poland .


Błędziszki is located in the touristically attractive Rominter Heide and can be easily reached via the 651 voivodship road . Before 1945 the land route leading through the village ended at the hunting lodge Rominten (Russian: Raduschnoje, no longer existent), although access is now cordoned off through the Polish-Russian border. A railway connection that existed until 1945 via the Blindgallen station (1938–1945 Schneegrund, Polish Błąkały) on the Goldap – Szittkehmen (Wehrkirchen) railway line, also known as the “Kaiserbahn” , is no longer in operation.

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