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Kiepojcie does not have a coat of arms
Kiepojcie (Poland)
Basic data
State : Poland
Voivodeship : Warmia-Masuria
Powiat : Gołdap
Gmina : Dubeninki
Geographic location : 54 ° 17 '  N , 22 ° 36'  E Coordinates: 54 ° 17 '20 "  N , 22 ° 35' 37"  E
Residents : 91 (2006)
Telephone code : (+48) 87
License plate : NGO
Economy and Transport
Street : Ext. 651 : Gołdap - DubeninkiŻytkiejmy
Rail route : no rail connection
Next international airport : Danzig

Kiepojcie ( German  Eszergallen ) is a small village in the Polish Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship , part of the rural municipality Dubeninki (Dubeningken) in the powiat Gołdapski (Goldap district) .


Kiepojcie is located southeast of the Rominter Heide ( Puszcza Romincka ) on the northern tip of the Jezioro Przerośl (Loyer See, 1938–1945: Loier See), 20 kilometers from the district town of Gołdap (Goldap) .


The small town, then called Ilgaescherey, was first mentioned in 1539. The place name went through several changes in the following years: before 1590 Kipeischen , after 1734 Keppetschen , before 1800 Kepeitschen , before 1820 Essergallen , before 1936 Eszergallen, parish Dubeningken .

In 1874 Eszergallen was incorporated into the newly established Loyen district. It belonged to the district of Goldap in the administrative district of Gumbinnen in the Prussian province of East Prussia until 1945 - renamed the “Loien District” in 1939 .

160 inhabitants were registered in Eszergallen in 1910. Their number decreased to 131 by 1933 and was only 118 in 1939.

On September 17, 1936, the name spelling of the place was changed to "Eschergallen". On June 3, 1938, the name was changed to "Grayling".

As a result of the war, the village and southern East Prussia became part of Poland in 1945 and has been called "Kiepojcie" ever since. It is now the seat of a Schulzenamt (Polish: Sołectwo) and a village in the Gmina Dubeninki association in the Powiat Gołdapski . It belonged to the Suwałki Voivodeship between 1975 and 1998 , but has since been integrated into the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship . In 2006 the population was 91.


Before 1945, a predominantly Protestant population lived in Ezsergallen. The village was parish in the parish of the Dubeningken church, which belonged to the Goldap parish in the church province of East Prussia of the Church of the Old Prussian Union . The few Catholics were oriented towards Goldap in the Diocese of Warmia .

After 1945 the church affiliation changed diametrically: the majority of the Catholic church members living in Kiepojcie now belong to their parish church in Dubeninki, which was a Protestant parish church before 1945. She is the dean's office Filipów in the diocese Elk (Lyck) of the Catholic Church in Poland assigned. The small number of Protestant church members belongs to the parish Gołdap, a branch of the parish in Suwałki in the Masuria diocese of the Evangelical Augsburg Church in Poland .


Kiepojcie is conveniently located on the voivodship road DW 651 , which connects the district towns of Gołdap ( Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship ) and Sejny ( Podlaskie Voivodeship ).

There is no longer a rail link since 1945, the Goldap – Szittkehmen line, also known as the “Kaiserbahn”, with the nearest Dubeninki station, was shut down.

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