Badmintonska Zveza Slovenije

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The Badmintonska Zveza Slovenije (German Badminton Association of Slovenia ) is the highest national administrative organization in the sport of badminton in Slovenia .


Badminton was first played in Slovenia in 1955. The pioneers were active players from Trnovo and Vevče in Ljubljana. In 1955, athletes started playing in Trnovo, including Danče Pohar , Janez Pohar , Tomaž Pavčič and Vida Leskovar . They later founded the now oldest badminton club in Slovenia, BK Olimpija Ljubljana . The first club, however, was the ŠD Papirničar club in Vevče, founded by Leander Bleiweis . On February 16, 1957, the Committee for Badminton at the Tennis Association of Slovenia was created ( Odbor za badminton pri Teniški zvezi Slovenije ), which was renamed the Committee for Badminton of Slovenia on June 10. On November 11, 1964, the committee was renamed Badmintonska Zveza Slovenije . Leander Bleiweis became the first president. The association was the only national badminton organization in Yugoslavia. The association became a member of the World Association BWF in October 1965 and a member of the European Badminton Union on April 20, 1968 .

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