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A book fair provides information about the respective book market. It usually takes place annually for publishers , book stores , authors , literary agents , journalists and the general public. In addition to the classic book , online products, audio books and comics are also on display.

The central business is trading in rights and licenses . Today, book fairs are less order fairs for ordering between publishers and the popular book trade, but rather serve more as information fairs. Publishers use them for PR , service providers for the book trade (packaging companies, mail order companies, IT service companies, etc.) introduce themselves. In addition to the book fairs, there are also literature festivals and book shows in Germany.


Originally, book fairs were a part of general trade fairs . With the beginning of the early modern era and the spread of book printing , independent book fairs emerged. From 1564 Frankfurt became the most important trading center, from the 17th century until the end of the Second World War, Leipzig remained the central exhibition center for the industry after the most important and largest publishers had settled there. Book fairs continued to take place there during the GDR .

After the reunification of Germany, Leipzig gained importance for the entire German-speaking area. On the one hand, it acts as an interface between Eastern European and German publishers and, on the other, as a public exhibition.

Federal Republic of Germany

While the Frankfurt Book Fair takes place in October, the Leipzig Book Fair opens in March. Ausstellungs- und Messe GmbH, a subsidiary of the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels, and Leipziger Messe GmbH for the Leipzig Book Fair are responsible for organizing the book fair in Frankfurt . End users are not allowed to buy directly at both book fairs.

Since the mid-1990s, in addition to books and magazines, exhibitors have increasingly shown electronic media: audio books, literary DVDs , software , electronic teaching aids and digital encyclopedias .

An annually changing guest country (Guest of Honor) presents its book industry and production at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Is in each case at the fair Sunday, the Frankfurt Book Fair St. Paul's Church of the German Book Trade Peace Prize awarded. The international literature award honors authors for their special commitment to peace. The three days of the fair during the week are trade visitor days, Saturday and Sunday are public days.

View of the Taipei Book Fair in 2000
Stand at the Leipzig Book Fair 2005


Book fairs are held in numerous countries, many of which are only of national or regional significance.

At some foreign trade fairs, the Frankfurter Buchmesse provides German publishers with exhibition space for their publications for a title fee as part of a joint stand of the Federal Republic of Germany . The Swiss Association of Booksellers and Publishers, the Main Association of the Austrian Book Trade and France Édition for French publishers organize the same .

Book fairs by region


Frankfurt book fair

The trade fair and exhibition company of the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels organizes this book fair. It includes lectures, discussions, readings, events and, since 2005, the world's largest antiquarian book fair and the traditional Peace Prize of the German Book Trade .

Leipzig Book Fair

In addition to the Frankfurt Book Fair, the Leipzig Book Fair (always in March) has re-established itself as the second largest book fair in Germany. This means that publishers have two appointments a year to advertise their new publications.

didacta (Stuttgart, Cologne and Hanover)

The didacta with changing locations in Germany (Stuttgart, Cologne and Hanover) offers once a year for several days as the largest trade fair for the education industry in Europe the opportunity to gain insights into publications by exhibitors and publishers in the fields of kindergarten, school / university, training / To provide qualifications and further education / training.

Against book mass (Frankfurt am Main and Wiesbaden)

The Gegen Buch Masse (also: Gegen-Buch-Masse , GegenbuchMasse , GegenBuchMasse ) is a series of events in Frankfurt am Main and Wiesbaden that has been taking place every year since 1996 at several venues of the left-wing scene during the Frankfurt Book Fair . The Gegen Buch Masse is also listed in the event directory of the Frankfurt Book Fair and expressly does not see itself as their competition, but as a forum for left-wing, especially anti-fascist authors and their small publishers, who would easily perish at the big book fair.

Left Literature Fair (Nuremberg)

Since 1996 the Left Literature Fair has been held annually in Nuremberg on a weekend in autumn . It is the largest sales fair in Germany for left-wing literature. The program comprises three days and several dozen events from all relevant publishers.

Left Book Days Berlin

Since 2003 the Linke Buchtage Berlin has been taking place in the Mehringhof in Berlin , on a weekend from Friday to Sunday . The initiator was largely Jörg Sundermeier from Verbrecher Verlag , who passed the organization on to a team after a few years. Initially, the events were organized by the publishers. However, after a few years the concept was changed and since then the program has been created by the event team.

Mainz mini press fair

The Mainz Minipressen-Messe (MMPM) takes place every two years for four days in summer with small publishers , hand press printers, book artists and authors .

Bonn Book Fair Bonn

Since 2016, the Bonn Buch fair Bonn Buch has been held annually in October in the Bonn Bread Factory . Participants are publishers , authors and literary institutions from Bonn and the region.

Bonn Book Fair Migration

Read in Cologne Book Fair R (h)

After the book fair "Kölner Bücherherbst" took place fourteen times and was closed in 2003, it has been held annually in autumn on the first weekend in September in the Rheinauhafen since 2009 .

Central German Book Fair

In 2012 the Central German Book Fair took place, at which regional and national small and self-publishers exhibited. In future it will take place every two years on the weekend after Pentecost.

Oldenburg Children's and Youth Book Fair (KIBUM)

The largest non-commercial book fair for children and young people (KIBUM) in Germany has been held in Oldenburg every November since 1975 . In 2013 the exhibits were also presented in Lörrach , Ulm and Mersch ( Luxembourg ).

Rhineland-Palatinate Book Fair

Rhineland-Palatinate Book Fair, 2016 in the Alte Lokhalle in Mainz

The Rhineland-Palatinate Book Fair took place in Mainz (Alte Lokhalle) every year from 2014 to 2017. The fair was organized u. a. by the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels , Landesverband Hessen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Saarland.

Other German book fairs

In Germany there are also many regional book fairs and exhibitions such as B. Buch Berlin for small independent publishers.


Book Vienna

The Vienna Book Fair Buch Wien took place for the first time in 2008. It replaces the previous Book Week , which was held for the 60th time in 2007. The fair no longer takes place in the Vienna City Hall , but on the exhibition grounds . It is two days shorter and, unlike Book Week, costs admission. The Long Night of Books has also been taking place as part of Buch Wien since 2014 .


In October 2013 the BuchQuartier took place for the first time in the MuseumsQuartier Wien , a book fair especially for small and independent publishers. The fair lasts 2 days and admission is free.

Critical Literature Days

Since 2010 the alternative book fair has also been taking place on the premises of the Austrian Trade Union Confederation with free entry.



The BuchBasel sales fair took place for the first time in 2001. In 2007 it had 41,935 visitors, three quarters of whom bought something during the fair.

Salon international du livre et de la presse

The Geneva Book Fair was founded in 1987. It has taken place every spring since then. Around 90,000 visitors are expected in 2014.

Rest of Europe

Fiera Internazionale del Libro (Turin, Italy)

The Fiera Internazionale del Libro is in May, with over 1,400 exhibitors, 800 conferences, more than 2,000 accredited journalists and 304,000 visitors in five days, almost as large as those in Frankfurt.

Bologna Children's Book Fair (Italy)

The Bologna Children's Book Fair is the largest international trade fair for children 's books .

London Book Fair (Great Britain)

The second largest book fair in the world is more of a meeting place for the industry than for the public. Every year in April, 23,000 publishers, booksellers, literary agents, librarians, media and industry representatives from over 100 countries meet. Registered booksellers from the states of the European Booksellers Federation (EBF) have free entry.

Salon du Livre Paris (France)

The Paris Book Fair has existed since 1981. It always takes place in March. In 2009 there were 1,058 publishers with 407 stands from around 40 countries and around 200,000 visitors; Mexican literature was the subject.

Antwerpse Boekenbeurs (Antwerp, Belgium)

This large book trade fair takes place in Antwerp every year at the beginning of November, organized by

Beogradski sajam knjiga (Belgrade, Serbia)

The International Belgrade Book Fair has been held annually in Belgrade in October since 1957 with the participation of around 1,000 publishers from the Southeast European region and around the world. It is visited by 250,000 people annually.

Book fair in Warsaw (Poland)

The largest Polish book fair takes place in Warsaw every May. For over half a century it has been the hub to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, in recent years the book fair in Warsaw has been more centered on Poland. The organizer changed in 2010 and introduced a new count (2012: 3rd Warsaw Book Fair); However, the date and venue have remained the same.

For the German-Polish year 2006, Germany was the host country. Poland had acquired the most German licenses in 2005. 116 German fiction titles were published in Polish, and vice versa only 17. In 2017, Germany was once again the guest country at the book fair.

International Book Festival Budapest (Hungary)

The largest book fair in Hungary has been held in Budapest since 1994, in the second half of April, with the support of the Frankfurt Book Fair organizers. In 2008 there were 61,000 visitors. Since 1995, the International Book Festival's literary prize, the "Budapest Grand Prize", has been awarded at the fair. Prize winners to date have been Ernst Jandl (1995), Ephraim Kishon (1996), Imre Kertész (1997), Salman Rushdie (1998), Viktor Jerofejew (1999), Sławomir Mrożek (2000), Robert Merle (2001), Lawrence Norfolk (2002) , Mario Vargas Llosa (2003), Günter Grass (2004), Paulo Coelho (2005), Jorge Semprún (2006), Umberto Eco (2007), Bret Easton Ellis (2008), Ljudmila Ulizkaja (2009), Amos Oz (2010) , Per Olov Enquist (2011), Claudio Magris (2012).

Svět Knihy (Prague, Czech Republic)

The Svět Knihy takes place every year in May. It is very popular with the reading public because of the events, specialist conferences and seminars, author readings and encounters with writers, publisher presentations and award ceremonies for creative and editorial work. In 2008 (this time in April) 385 exhibitors from 36 countries took part; around 35,000 visitors came.

Moscow Book Fair (Russia)

The Moscow International Book Fair (MIBF) is the largest Eastern European book fair. It offers an extensive program for trade visitors and the public, and also for children on weekends. In 2008, 2,500 companies from 82 countries displayed more than 180,000 books and other products on the six days of the fair at the beginning of September.

Lviv Book Forum (Ukraine)

The Lviv Book Forum is the largest book fair in Ukraine and takes place in September.

Baltic Book Fair (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)

The book fair takes place alternately in the Baltic capitals Tallinn , Vilnius and Riga , for the first time in 1995 in Tallinn. The most recent book fair took place in Vilnius in February 2009 and had 260 exhibitors, 88 of them from abroad.

Istanbul Book Fair (Turkey)

The 26th Book Fair in 2007 had 343,000 visitors and 526 exhibitors from 35 countries.


BookExpo America (USA)

BookExpo America (BEA) usually takes place at the end of May in the USA, alternating between different metropolises, such as 2006 in Washington, DC , 2007 in New York in the Jacob Javits Convention Center, 2008 in Los Angeles , often in Chicago . The BEA is primarily an order fair, increasingly with a training program. 2006: 1,700 exhibitors on 24,000 square meters, 22 percent more than 2005. 2007: over 2,000 exhibitors (including 23 German publishers at the joint stand). 2008: Around 2,000 exhibitors on 23,500 square meters, 28,500 participants.

Salon international du livre de Québec

The Salon international du livre de Québec (SILQ) is an annual French-language book fair founded in 1999 in the Canadian city of Québec .

Feria Internacional del Libro (Mexico, Guadalajara)

The fair takes place annually in Guadalajara (Mexico) and is organized by the Universidad de Guadalajara; It awards the Juan Rulfo Prize .

In 2009 the fair had 2,000 publishers from 40 countries and 600,000 visitors. Germany 2011 was guest of honor at the Feria Internacional del Libro (FIL) be

Bienal do Livro de São Paulo (Brazil)

The Bienal do Livro de São Paulo has been held in Brazil since 1970 in mid-March, among other things to make European books accessible to readers. With 108 licenses in 2004, Brazil is Germany's second most important license buyer on the American continent after the USA with 175 licenses. Since 2006 the fair has been taking place in Parque do Anhembi, near Marginal Tietê na Casa Verde. It alternates with the Bienal do Livro do Rio de Janeiro .

Feria del Libro Internacional (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

The fair takes place annually from April.

Feria Internacional del Libro de La Habana (Cuba)

The International Book Fair in the Cuban capital Havana in February / March is one of the country's literary and cultural highlights. It has been held since 1982, initially every two years and since 2000 annually.


New Delhi World Book Fair (India)

The oldest book fair in India, the New Delhi World Book Fair, has been held every two years since 1972, and every year since 2012. It is a hub in the growth markets of neighboring countries. In 2006 there were 1,294 exhibitors on 38,000 square meters of exhibition space. In 2008 more than a million visitors came from all over the world, more than 1,000 of them every day at the German joint stand; the fair had 46,000 square meters with 2,172 stands for 1,343 exhibitors from 17 countries.

Kolkata Book Fair (Calcutta, India)

"Antarjatik Kolkata Boimela" in Bengali . It is the world's largest public fair, not a trade fair, and the third largest book show in the world. 2005: 75,000 m², 535 exhibitors, over 2 million visitors.

Beijing International Book Fair (Beijing, People's Republic of China)

The Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF) is the largest book fair in China and one of the most important book fairs in Asia.

Beijing Autumn Book Fair (Beijing, People's Republic of China)

Tehran International Book Fair (Iran)

With three million visitors, 2,800 exhibitors and 200 German publishers at the German joint stand, it is the largest book exhibition in the Middle East. It is also an important cultural event, since international literature is otherwise hardly available.

The Jerusalem International Bookfair (Israel)

The international book fair has been held in Jerusalem every two years since 1963. In addition to the numerous Israeli publishers, exhibitors from around 30 countries, mainly from Europe, regularly take part. Some German publishers even have their own stands.

Until 2013, the mass was held in the old Jerusalem Congress Center. The 27th International Book Fair in February 2015 took place for the first time in the renovated Ottoman train station.

Riyadh Book Fair (Saudi Arabia)

The largest book fair in Saudi Arabia has been organized by the Ministry of Information and Culture since 2007. Germany was represented with a stand for the first time in 2008.

Thailand Bangkok International Book Fair

The most important book fair in Southeast Asia has existed since 1972, and since 2002 it is said to have been increasingly international. In 2009 the fair had 427 exhibitors from 19 predominantly Southeast Asian countries and around 1.5 million visitors. Sales amounted to 600 million baht (12.5 million euros) and increased by 25 percent compared to the previous year.

Hong Kong Book Fair (香港 書展)

Organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center , the fair is a sales exhibition with discounts for everyone. For comics there is the Hong Kong Comics Festival .

Tokyo International Book Fair (Japan)

It has existed since 1993. In 2006 there were 53,000 visitors (2005: 48,000), 750 exhibitors (2005: 638), 200 from abroad, 7,000 publishers and 300 literary agents from all over the world.

Seoul International Book Fair (South Korea)

The Seoul International Book Fair takes place in May or June. It presents a book market that is growing by ten percent annually in Germany. It comprises 22,000 publishers with 50,000 new publications and a market volume of 2.2 billion euros per year, making it seventh worldwide. About a third of the new publications are translations (mostly US, Japanese, British, French and German works). Along with China, Korea is the most important buyer of German translation licenses.

Abu Dhabi Book Fair

The Abu Dhabi International Book Fair takes place in March / April. In 2010, according to their information, 840 exhibitors came from 63 countries. 2009: 200,000 visitors and 637 exhibitors from 52 countries, mainly from the Arab region. In 1987 the Authority for Culture and Heritage founded the fair. Since 2007 it has been organized by KITAB (Arabic for “book”), a joint venture between the Authority for Culture and Heritage and the Frankfurt Book Fair. Funding programs and workshops, which also take place outside the trade fair days in the rest of the year, are intended to professionalize the Arab book markets. The Abu Dhabi International Book Fair is all about book licenses.

In the Arab world, conventional book fairs are book sales fairs. The countries have poorly developed distribution systems, censorship, low circulation numbers and a high rate of illiteracy.


Cairo Book Fair

In the past, the Cairo Book Fair was the second largest in the world by its own account. Their size (such as around 1.8 million visitors) and importance dwindled in favor of the Abu Dhabi Book Fair due to the negative influence of the authoritarian government in the years before the Arab Spring . In 2011 it was completely canceled due to the revolution in Egypt . It was reopened in 2012, but it was significantly smaller than in previous years: the Gulf States in particular stayed away from the fair so as not to “import the revolution”. A year later, the 44th Cairo Book Fair took place in its entirety on the exhibition grounds in Nasr City for the first time since the revolution .

Cape Town Book Fair (Cape Town, South Africa)

Conference of International Book Fairs

Since 1994 directors of the 25 most important book fairs have been meeting regularly to exchange experiences. The meeting has taken place twice in Germany so far, most recently in July 2006.

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